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Textual Analysis

Textual Analysisof existing music magazinesA plug is located in the right third, bottom strip of this magazine cover under the barcode. In this you can see the issue number, the date it was released, the price and the Kerrang website. The issue number is important to the audience who collect the magazine and by including the website the audience is drawn to have a look and it suggests that theres more to it than just the magazine. As well as that its a way of promoting the website.

The masthead is made to look like its been smashed which links to the idea that the sound kerrang is like symbols being hit together. This also suggests the style of music that this magazine talks about and that its quite loud and dramatic. As well as that, the white cracked masthead is well known in the music magazine industry and the majority of people would know what magazine this is even if a part of the masthead was covered, like in this example. Also the white colour of this text stands out against the green and the dull colours around it, making the audience aware what magazine this is.

The main image is a mid shot and a three shot of the band Green Day, this suggests to the audience who the main article of this edition is about. The way that the men are looking directly at the camera with their eyes wide open creates a type of eye contact with the audience and it could suggest that they can relate to each other somehow. However the fact that their eyes are this wide creates a slight feeling of intimidation which shows that this magazine isnt for very young people. As well as that theres quite a dark and depressing feeling towards the image which could suggest the style of the music that they create. The member with the dark hair in the middle is suggested to be the lead member of the band as the rule of thirds is used to define him from the other two and hes stood in front which shows his importance.

The top strip/banner is used to create more attention as to what else is inside, its one of the first things that the viewer sees as its on top and thats where you would typically start reading from. The use of the red starts between the words shows that theres different points to it and more than the audience originally thinks. Also the use of the red for the stars stands out from the white and black around it making it more appealing to the audience.

The word exclusive shows the reader that you will only find this studio report in this magazine which makes it special to them.

This plug makes the audience feel like theyre getting more out of the magazine than they originally thought they are which encourages them more to purchase the magazine and have their favourite band on their wall. The bold white text also emphasises the fact that you get free posters to catch the audiences attention.

The fonts are fairly bold but basic and no silly or inappropriate ones have been chosen, this could suggest that the writer of this magazine wanted the audience to focus on the contents of this and actually absorb what theyre trying to tell you rather than be distracted by different font designs.

The use of alliteration for this story is quite appealing to the audience as it creates a rhythm and a particular mood. Also the use of S in this alliteration could suggest some snake like qualities about this article so it could imply that perhaps Marilyn Manson is a sly character and shows danger. This would be more appealing to older audiences or goth-like audience as Marilyn Manson is a dark and gothic person so it could relate to them. Also the colour scheme in this is quite interesting as it alternates between the colours green and white after a certain point and the word Satan stands out as its white and surrounded by green and black.

The other images have been placed at the bottom half of the cover so that the audience arent distracted too much from the main image. As well as that the two images in the centre and the right third at the bottom are both samples of the free posters that you receive in this edition so if those posters appeal to the audience then it gives them more reason to purchase the magazine.

KERRANG! Front Cover KERRANG! Contents PageThe title for the contents page is bright, bold and yellow with a similar cracked effect that the Masthead Kerrang has, this links the contents page to the actual magazine so they fit together. As well as that the contrast between the yellow and black makes this title stand out and the reader would be attracted to this page fast and would instantly know what this page is about.

As well as that, right under the title contents page, there is the issue number and the date that this specific edition was published. This is helpful because just in case the front cover is lost then you can still see what issue it is etc. this would appeal more to the collectors of this magazine.

The main image for this contents page is of a band holding the United Kingdom flag. This suggests that theyre a British band and that theyre proud of it.

The top image on this page also has a bold title of the name of the band just in case the reader has never heard or seen the band and wants to find out more about them. This is helpful because the reader can quickly find what theyre looking for.

The editor of the magazine gives a message to the audience which gives the magazine a personal element and the reader can find out what she was intending to do with this edition. As well as that there is a picture of the editor which allows the audience to put a face to the creator of it and makes the reader realise that shes just a person too.

All the articles and pages in the contents page of Kerrang are all separated into different categories like, feedback news, live reviews, features, albums, gig guide and the K! quiz, by doing this the reader can easily find what theyre most interested in and can find what articles are in that section and the page numbers (which are all to the left of each of the article headlines). As well as the, under most of the article headlines there is a little section with extra information about the article. This is in a small grey font to not draw too much attention to them as theyre not the most important feature of the contents page or the articles.

All of the important cover stories have their own small symbol next to them to show the audience that these articles are big at the moment making the reader interested and forces them to read those pages first.

The contents page also gives the reader an opportunity to sign up for a monthly subscription of the magazine and delivery, this allows the reader to keep up to date with the monthly issues without having to leave the house to buy one from the shops. This has a different coloured background which is very dark to contrast the white and make it stand out more and so the reader gives it more attention than they would if the colours were all the same. But it also keeps with the colour scheme of the magazine; red, black and yellow.

KERRANG! Double Page SpreadThe main image is a medium close up of an ex-actress and now singer which takes up the whole of the left hand side page and a bit of the right hand side page (2/3 of the whole double page spread) which instantly suggests that this is the main cover story of this edition of the magazine. The image is placed on a black background which makes a huge contrast between the singers bright blonde hair making the whole image stand out catching the readers attention immediately. The singers black eye make-up also contrasts with her hair and face making it look like her actual eyes are black, making them pop out at the reader and catching eye contact with them, which makes the reader feel like they can connect with her and the story feels more personal to each reader. The reader can easily get an insight into the article just by looking at the image as she looks careless and rebellious which is also reflected through the articles headline, Wild Child.

The heading of this article is Wild Child which may confuse the reader if they know this woman from The Grinch as the innocent little girl. They will question what she did that now shes considered a wild child and see whats changed. The wild part of the heading is almost in a care-free font style which adds to the fact that the reader can instantly assume what the article is actually about and what is happening.

The colour scheme of this double page spread is black, pink and white. These colours combined create a girly yet rebellious look which reflects the actual content of the article. As well as that the white not only allows the reader to be able to read the article easily but it also connotes her innocence and that it still could potentially be there but shes just trying to cover it up for a better image.

The editor has included a pull quote in the corner under the main image so that the reader can see it first and can get a rough idea about what theyre about to read. They have used the same colours for this as they have for the rest of the article but the way that they have used it makes it stand out because its all on her black jacket background and the fact that the word mistakes is filled in a black colour shows that her mistakes are bad and potentially reckless and its almost as if shes admitting it to herself too.

The editor has included a rhetorical question which makes the reader feel more involved with what is going on and will be drawn to read the whole text to see what their decision is.

In the first paragraph of the text, its all in a while colour except for her name and her band name which are bot in pink. This stands out from the white text and the reader can immediately identify who she is and what she does. As well as that