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Music Video Textual Analysis_________________________________________________

Shot type and camera movement

Long shot showing friends together and a tracking shots. Analysis

This long shot helps to establish the setting, which is a diner and the friendship between the six men. They are all walking quite close together which signifies that they are a close friendship group. As we see them walk in together, it makes the audience feel like they are there with them. The long shot makes audience feel like they are walking behind them, therefore feeling included within the video.The lighting is low key to show that it is set at night however; it is lit up by the diner sign.The mise-en-scene used in costume is very casual and laid back, showing that this group of friends are stereotypical young men who are going out to chill together, making the setting more relatable for the audience.

The audience can only see the back of the friendship group in this shot, which adds an element of mystery because we are not able to identify anyone, other than Nick.


Pretty mind, silk thoughts

Start a fire when you turn the lights offEdit/transitions

A lot of cuts to show how time is passing and then cuts to a man in the diner eating.

Shot type and camera movement

Close up of a piece of bacon, because thats also the title of the song. Shallow focus.Analysis

The music video is set in a diner, so showing food cooking helps to establish the setting and make the audience feel like a part of the setting.The close up shows quite dull colours, showing that the diner is nothing fancy, therefore the audience can relate with the artist, as the music video is low-middle class.This represents Nick as a normal person, instead of the audience seeing him as a celebrity, who we would imagine to eat at posh 5* restaurants.



2 second shot of the bacon to help enhance the song lyrics and also the break to where the next verse begins cuts to mid shot of ordinary man in diner.

Shot type and camera movement

Long shot and panAnalysis

Having a pretty girl is a convention of the pop genre and the shallow to deep focus allows the audience to concentrate on her whilst Nick is singing.The camera is only on her for a short amount of time but the take is long enough for the audience to understand that Nick has an interest in her, as it also goes with the lyrics of the song.


Youre perfect, but Im notEdit/transitions

Pan to another part of the diner

Shot type and camera movement

Long shot of TVAnalysis

When Ty Dolla $ign comes into the song, the music video cuts to a long shot of a table in the diner with a TV on it. This goes with the lyrics as the first lyric he sings includes the word movie which you would associate with TV.


Girl every time we get together its a movieEdit/transitions

Cuts to long shot of setting originally shown on TV

Shot type and camera movement

Long shot and low angle Analysis

The smoke from the cars and the low key lighting gives this clip a party vibe and there is a strong focus on male gaze, as there are girls in a lack of clothing surrounding Ty Dolla $ign.The camera is quite unsteady, which tells the audience that the situation is out of control, further showing the party setting.


And its hard to just let go like thatEdit/transitions

Cuts to mid shot of male gaze

Shot type and camera movement

Long shot with shallow focusAnalysis

A slow motion tilt is used to show male gaze, which is a common convention for the pop genre. A shallow focus is used to bring the audiences attention to the male gaze however, this is slightly to the right of the screen and not in the centre, therefore it is also important for the audience to notice the other girls out of focus who are also in a lack of clothing, further emphasising the rebellious side of this song, as Nick Jonas is usually seen as innocent, so he is clearly trying to change his image.


And you love what keeps you coming backEdit/transitions

Cuts to low angle mid shot of Ty Dolla $ign