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Textual analysis

Textual analysisLewis Hardy

Front Cover The main image is a medium close up shot which fills the majority of the page, with the artist in the center of the page looking directly into the camera, making it appear the subject is looking at the reader. The background of a concert and lighting brings the attention to the subject, This suggests the image was either taken at a performance or in the studio and a backdrop was added digitally.The subject is reaching out to the camera suggesting she is trying to connect out to her audience. The colours are typical colours of an indie genre magazine, being red, black and white they allow the audience to recognize the genre and house style.The masthead is the largest and most colourful to make it stand out against the image and background, The main sell lines are more prominent to the other sell lines as they are white on a darker part of the background, and in a much larger font than the rest of the sell lines so that it stands out that that is the main article of the magazine. The main image and the main sell line featuring a popular celebrity attracts the target audience. All the sell lines are on either side of the page. The font matches the same kind of font as the masthead, being bold to stand out.

Contents page The masthead is the same colours as on the front cover, this shows continuity throughout the magazine and the 3 colours pallet, it is spread across most of the page making it stand out.Like many other contents pages, this page has a large main image which takes up nearly a full side of the page, this again is to show the main feature of the magazine, used to attract readers, like many of the images used in magazines, The subject is in medium close up and is wearing sun glasses and a suit this makes him look smart and cool.The contents page uses the same colours as on the front page..To the right hand side of the page, there is font titled features which shows the different articles in the magazine, which some may have been featured on the front of the magazine. This allows the reader to find certain articles and the most popular ones.

Double page spreadThe first page features a large article about a music artist, the colours being simplistic black and white draws the reader to the text and keeps them focused on the article as this is the main focus of the page. The mast head is much larger than the other text making it immediately stand out when the page is opened.

The second page however is a full page close up of the artist, showing detail of her facial features and appearance, the subject is again looking directly at the reader which makes it easier to connect with the audience as it appears she is looking at them.