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Textual analysis

Textual analysis-the script the man who cant be moved

Genre characteristics A common convention of pop/rock culture is that there is a live performance of the band included in the music video. In the music video for The Man Who Cant Be Moved there is live performance snippets throughout the video as well as the added focus of the band playing musical instruments in the background. They do as well follow the convention of the pop genre with having the lead singer at the front with the two guys playing the instruments in the background of the clips where there is live performance. This can show the split between the two genres by still including the live clips but with putting the lead singer at the front.The costumes that the band are wearing, fit the convention more so of the rock genre. They are wearing dark colours such as black and dark grey, but the colours associated with pop are also fit in with the props they use such as the sleeping bag that he carries with him throughout the music video.Most pop music videos touch on serious situations and interpret them within there music videos, for example in The Man Who Cant Be Moved there is references in the narrative of homelessness, as the audience of The Script is mainly younger people it can show awareness to the audience about the topic and how they can help.

Lyrics and visuals

Throughout the video there is a lot of connections between the visuals and the lyrics; at the beginning of the video it starts with going back to the corner where I first saw you and in the narrative it shows one of the band members going to a corner of a street and looking around for someone. This is done in an illustrative way, the way the director of the video presents it in a really simple way this can make it easier for the audience to follow the narrative.

Another example of a connection between the visuals and the lyrics is when the song says if you see this girl can you tell her where I am? and to match the lyrics you can see Danny (the lead singer) talking to a man as if he is asking him to tell the girl where he is, while looking at him in a conversation manner. This is an example of amplified lyrics and visuals by taking the lyrics of him saying in the song tell her where I am and matching it with him saying this to an elderly man.

The final example is another example of an illustrative way of presenting lyrics and visuals is when during the video the song says policemen say son you cant stay here and it is then matched with the visual of a shot reverse shot of the lead singer and a police car; there is no speech coming from the policewomen just a shot reverse shot as it is imitating a conversation between the two, as it is then followed by Danny ODonoghue saying there's someone I'm waiting for if its a day, a month, a year reinforcing the conversation style.

Music and visuals

They use mostly natural light throughout the majority of the music video. Parts of the film is set on location of the busy streets of a city where they are using natural lighting which is a common convention for pop videos. The lighting throughout rock videos tends to be a lot darker, they have tried to fit it in when the band plays live it is darker but you can also see the natural light coming through the windows merging both conventions together. The use of natural light is to show the audience that the band/artist is naturally talented.

The overall pace of the music video fits with the music; at the start of the music video the tempo is very slow, so the pace of the shots at the beginning are matched with the tempo. As the music gets faster throughout the video the shots get quicker also. This makes it more enjoyable for the audience with it not being the same tempo throughout it gets quicker making it a little bit more exciting.

Close ups

During the music video there is a lot of close ups used mainly of the lead singer Danny. The close ups used during the narrative part of the video show the emotion of the story and link with the tone of the lyrics and how he is looking for someone he loves. As well as using close ups of the people passing him in the narrative, this could replicate the audience response to the music video but they are also bringing in different diversities.

They also use close ups during the live segments of the video, this gives the audience of the music video a closer connection to The Script and making the video more interesting to watch. A lot of the close ups as well, have the actor or the band members during the narrative to look into the camera, this can be direct address to the audience and making it more personal. It also gives them as an audience a chance to connect with the artists and the song that they are singing giving them a personal preference. It gives the audience to connect and feel emotion for the artists. Using close ups also adds a more dramatic effect to the song by showing his desperation while he is looking, as well as his passion for music when they use close ups during the live performance parts. It gives the audience chance to see the facial expressions of the artist as they are communicating the song to the audience giving the music video more of a meaning.


On the cover of the digipak there is an image of the band The Script, the lead singer Danny is at the front of the image and is the main focus of the cover; the rest of the band is placed behind him. The image is set of a location setting making the image seem more natural. Also with including the band on the cover of the digipak can attract the audience more and more personal, it also gives the audience more chance to recognize the band instead of just having some art work and not knowing who they are. On the cover of the booklet inside the digipak and on the back of the case, there are two images of hands both in different positions, but both portray a strong message of being together and the idea of coming together. The writing on the back of the cover the writing of the song order is very small and doesnt really catch the eye the attention is more on the image of the hand, for our digipak I think we will use a bigger text and stretch it out longer to take up more room and use a plainer background than what is on this one. The CD design has an image on it making it very attractive to the eye instead of just having a plain CD, however the image doesnt really have any connection to the rest of the theme of the digipak; it is a very nice design and is very eye-catching.

Album posterOn the album poster in the top left corner is the name of the band, this acts as advertisement for the band as it instantly tells you what the name of the band is. When someone sees this poster the first thing they will be wanting to know is who the band are. It is also in a place where your eyes naturally fall, in the left hand corner.The name of the album is in the top right hand corner; there isnt much surrounding it but the size and the font are still eye catching and the colour fits in with the colour scheme of the poster. The image of the band themselves is quite unusual and is very eye-catching to people who are passing the poster, by combining all three of the band members they have manged to make it look like just one head, when it is really three. This can also link into the name of the album #3 as that is the number of people in the band. At the bottom they have the main information from the poster. It is presented on a black rectangle with the date the that the album will be released. They havent put a lot of information just the basics of when the album is released and thats it. At the very bottom in very small writing they have the official website for the script. This gives the website advertisement as well as giving the audience of the poster who maybe dont know that much about The Script, the chance to find out more.

Textual analysis- Lawson Juliet

Genre characteristics

In the Lawson music video for Juliet they include the common convention of a live performance within their narrative, they are playing in the bar looking towards the women whom the audience would assume was Juliet. The lighting is dark and by using dark lighting that follows the convention of rock music videos and the costumes that they are wearing follow the time that they are aiming their video to be around. The same as in The Script music video the lead singer for Lawson is placed at the front with the band playing the instruments behind him. Even though the majority of the colour scheme is very dark colours, there is the placement of the colour red which is shown throughout the music video; in the curtains and Juliet's dress is red also, this can be the pop genre coming through adding a bit of colour to the music video as well as the colour red has connotations for lust and love and a lot of the song is about the love for the girl Juliet. Another convention of the rock genre is the close ups of the musical instruments and of them singing, there is a series of these throughout the music video showing the audience that as a band they are talented. This is also a common convention for pop but it is mainly known by rock bands to use their musical instruments.

Lyrics and visuals

During the first round of the chorus no body does it like Juliet a shot of a female, who the audience will assume is Juliet, is shown. At the start of the music video they dont mention any name they just refer to her as her there is no image given to the audience as to who she is just extreme close ups of her face. By giving the audience and image of her it makes the music video a little bit clearer and easier to understand giving it more of a narrative. Without any narrative it makes the music video harder to understand but having a hard narrative is a convention