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Soap Opera Genre

Independent Textual AnalysisName: Abigail Ronald Candidate Number: 2121Center Name: St. Andrews Catholic SchoolCenter Number: 64135OCR Media Studies A2 Level

Unit G324: Advanced Portfolio

Trailer 1 EastEnders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oYy5TUqMXAVerbal Codes in this advert there is no dialogue present, the only verbal code used is a soundtrack and the traditional EastEnders theme tune at the end. The Soundtrack is Lana Delrays Gods and Monsters. There is a major significance in the lyrics in which the producers chose to cut into the trailer, the following lyrics are presented throughout:In the land of Gods and Monsters, I was an angel, in the garden of evilThe trailer shows the several different suspects involved with the murder of the female protagonist Lucy Beale, these lyrics denote how one of the characters shown is innocent surrounded by the murderer/murderers of Lucy, However in order to keep the viewers involved with the storyline the faces shown are those whom you wouldnt expect to have been involved in the murder e.g. her dad, brother and step mum. The use of the original EastEnders theme tune helps to keep the brand identity of the soap.

Non-Verbal Codes The use of setting in this trailer is effective because the different suspects are located in the square which means that the viewer is given no hints as to if the suspects are in or around the place of the crime, therefore not knowing who may be guilty. The lighting throughout the trailer is extremely dark and low key which adds to the mystery, the costumes in which the protagonists are wearing are not significant in this trailer as the outfits are the same as the ones that they wear regularly in the soap besides the storyline they are advertising. The facial expressions in which the characters are portraying make them all look guilty of the crime, this is done too baffle the viewer yet again so they do not know who murdered Lucy. The characters whom which are presented in the trailer all have some significance to the victim, from her Dad to her Best friend, at the end of the trailer the viewer is presented with the faces of all the characters who appear on EastEnders all looking up, at the very end of the trailer there is a shot of Lucy stood at the top of a building looking down at all these characters, this not only creates a sense of pathos from the viewers who liked the character of Lucy, but makes them even more eager to know who killed her. Technical Codes By using close up shots of each of the characters, which in turn all have straight faces which could all be perceived as guilty, the trailer is confusing the audience so that there are no hints as to who killed Lucy Beale. The over shoulder shot of one of the female characters holding a top with blood on it is also effective because before the shot reverses, the audience doesnt know which character is holding the bloody top, creating more suspense. There is then a broken frame shot of Lucys brother Peter, by using a broken shot it portrays his brokenness, fragmented emotions after his sister has been murdered, yet there is later a close up shot of the same character holding a shovel, which sparks further questions. At the end of the trailer when there Birdseye View shot of the square, depicting all of the characters it creates quite an emotive feeling for the viewer as the shot shows every single character that features on the show all looking up. This shot type makes all the characters look helpless, as they are no closer to finding out who the murderer is than the audience is.

Trailer 2 Hollyoaks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIg64PbVRjgVerbal Codes throughout the trailer, the soundtrack is very fast paced and dramatic, which makes the viewer feel very on edge as you dont know what storyline is going to be presented to you next. The use of this non diegetic sounds adds to the dramatic feel of the trailer, the producers did this to keep the audience intrigued in the soap. Another way in which the producers used sound to keep the audience intrigued was through the use of dialogue. Unlike the EastEnders trailer, this trailer has dialogue, this is very effective as it gives the viewer a snippet of of the storylines and what they entail, this is because you witness the characters discussions, which, reveal very little which in turn keeps the viewer interested in the soap. Conversely, the Eastenders trailer uses no dialogue which is not as effective as the use of dialogue in this trailer.

Non-Verbal Codes Setting is a key feature in this trailer, this is because a variety of different locations are featured, this makes the trailer more relatable and realistic for the viewer. The more diverse settings such as the hospital, and prison make the storylines and trailer more interesting as these are more serious. Furthermore, the trailer fails to elaborate on each setting, only showing snippets which makes the viewer even more intrigued as they question why the characters are where they are presented. By also including both sexes of varied ages the trailer is also widening its potential audience as its allowing more people to relate to it. If they were to only present only one particular age group they would limit the audience as only that age group would be interested in watching the soap.Technical Codes the use of shot types is also very effective in this trailer, one shot type which was used particularly well was the crane shot. This is shown when two characters are presented in a filed, but the use of this shot type makes these characters look extremely vulnerable because they are very small compared to the space around them. The use of high and low angle shots are also present in the trailer when a character is presented on the floor while the low angle shot reveals someone looking down on him. These shot types make the person on the floor look threatened and weak compared to the other character. Long shots are also used in this trailer, the use of this is to emphasis a particular character and draw attention to them. An example of when this shot is used in the trailer is when a bride is walking down the aisle. Finally, close up shots are used frequently to portray the characters facial expressions, ranging from shocked to admiringly.

Evaluation of Textual Analysis Compare and ContrastTrailer 1) there are many strengths within the Eastenders trailer in which I analyzed that I want to Repeat (Neale). Some of thee features include camera shots such as over the shoulder shots, extreme close ups and still shots. I wish to repeat these features because it increases the level of dramatic presentation of the trailer and therefore makes it more gripping. Another convention I wish to repeat is the use of no diegetic sound, by incorporating no dialogue into the trailer it makes it more dramatic and confusing for the audience as it is harder to determine the questionable murder suspect with no dialogue amongst characters. The use of the non-diegetic soundtrack of Lana Del-Rays Gods and Monsters is a convention I will also be repeating in my trailer as it is extremely effective. However there is a convention I will not be repeating but instead exploiting (Abercrombie), this is the use of so many characters in the trailer. I will not be using so many narratives as I feel that this may be confusing for a potential audience.Trailer 2) In this trailer there are also conventions in which I would repeat, one of which being the crane shot used. I will be repeating the use of this camera shot as it is extremely effective using this Birdseye View at it gives the audience a different perspective of the shot. Another convention I wish to repeat is the use of a dramatic, ambiguous soundtrack. The reason I wish to use this convention in my own trailer is because if an effective soundtrack is used it can add to the mysteriousness and suspicion of the audience, therefore not revealing too much information about potential upcoming storylines. Much like the other trailer, I will be exploiting the use of several amounts of narratives, instead of using 10-12 different suspects/narratives, I will be using 3-5 so I can focus on the narratives in detail.