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  • Soap Opera Genre

    Independent Textual AnalysisName: Lucas KirklandCandidate Number: 1159Center Name: St. Andrews Catholic SchoolCenter Number:OCR Media Studies A2 Level

    Unit G324: Advanced Portfolio

  • Trailer 1 Hurricane Sharon trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1v_2Xf7XssVerbal Codes Comment on the use of Dialogue, Voiceover, Sound Effects or Soundtrack

    The Non Diegetic soundtrack that is present throughout this trailer, connotes a sinister feel during the set up of the text. Additionally the sound effect of the Queen Vics sign screeching back and fourth, signifies (De Saussure) that the plot of this trailer is dark, dystopian and ominous. The verbal code of the diegetic soundtrack oh, a storm is threatening suggests the eventual climax, of the intertwining plots within the soap opera. The verbal code Storm further illustrates the atmospheric disturbance, which is manifested by the characters featured on screen. Additionally the verbal code gimme some shelter within the soundtrack (Gimme Shelter The Rolling Stones 1969) demonstrates that some characters may be forced to hide away from the storm which is about to occur. The lack of diegetic dialogue within this trailer connotes, perhaps the calm before the storm within the plot. Additionally this lack of dialogue provides the audience with hook into the forthcoming episodes. The soundtrack itself is very reflective of the themes and issues that could appear in the text, For example the verbal codes Rape, Murder, War. Ambient sound such as lightening, thunder and rain also creates an eerie feel to the square. Non-Verbal Codes Comment on the use of Setting, Lighting, Costumes, Facial Expressions and Characters

    The setting for this trailer is a very familiar place for Eastenders fans. Albert Square is the epicenter of all the drama and sub plots within the text. Typically the square is pictured in high key normal lighting throughout typical episodes, however the setting is plunged into a low key dystopian setting which shocks fans as their familiar setting is completely different. This connotes the shift in storylines that is about to occur. In addition, the non verbal code of Kats purple dress has juxtaposition of the white wedding dress connoting purity and the dystopian setting signifies (De Saussure) the uproar the wedding may cause. Connotations of royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. This represents the female gender as standing strong and proving all stereotypes wrong. The non verbal code of Sharon's wedding dress provides an enigma clue (Roland Barthes) to the main plot of the upcoming episodes. The Wedding (Propps narrative functions) is a key theme within the soap opera genre, which is stereotypically an event of happiness, however the complete juxtaposition of the storm surrounding the wedding dress represents evil and pain.Technical Codes Comment on the use of Camera Angles, Shot Types and Camera Movement

    Initially the trailer opens with the technical code of a slow zoom into the sign of the Queen Victoria. This provides the audience with a setting they can Personally identify (Katz) with. Additionally this could be suggesting that the multiple sub plots will revolve around this key location in Eastenders. The technical code of fast paced cuts to match the action on screen represents the chaos which is unfolding. Furthermore an establishing long shot of the whole square being attacked by a hurricane, connotes how the whole of albert square will be affected by the drama which will unfold. The technical code of four close ups cutting to each different characters facial expressions, represents the shock and horror of the events that will unfold. However the technical code of a high angle medium long shot of Kat represents weakness in a very strong character. The closing shot is on Sharon, the returning character to the soap opera. The technical code of a slow zoom in to a extreme close up as the character lifts up her Vail, provides the audience with a shock as this shot suggests the chaos is revolving around Sharon.

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  • Trailer 2 Official Hollyoaks Trailer: Love Lies & Betrayalhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BLcFyuJqdM Verbal Codes Comment on the use of Dialogue, Voiceover, Sound Effects or SoundtrackThe set up of this trailer from the soap opera, Hollyoaks opens with a foreboding non diegetic soundtrack which resembles the pulses of a beating heart. This instantly creates tension for the audience. Anchored by the diegetic verbal of were getting married answered by the verbal code Id rather die than watch her marry Jason represents the first theme and issue within this trailer, love. The dialogue Id rather die has connotations of evil and lust for a woman who is already tied to another man. This provides an enigma clue to perhaps the theme of adultery within the text. The non diegetic soundtrack transitions into a more upbeat rock song as various other sub plots begin to be revealed in the trailer. This change to a more upbeat fast paced track, signifies the chaos as multiple plots intertwine with each other. In addition the verbal code Celebrating what? The fact that shes got cancer connotes another theme within the trailer, which is death. This creates dark themes and issues In which audiences can be hooked into watching. At a key moment in the text the soundtrack stops synchronously with the sound effect of a head hitting the floor. This signifies the death on screen as everything stops. The soundtrack kicks in again, this time even faster as the plots all start to get chaotic and reach their climaxes. The scene ends with the verbal code I'm just like everyone else I want to know who the killer is. This provides the audience with a returning character which hooks them into watching the latest episodes.Non-Verbal Codes Comment on the use of Setting, Lighting, Costumes, Facial Expressions and CharactersThe setting of this trailer features multiple areas within the Hollyoaks set. The fans of the show can personally identify (Katz) with these key areas shown in the trailer. Key areas featured include the police station, school and hospital. Certain characters are pictured wearing clothes which match the drama on screen. For example the character Maxine is wearing a pink dressing gown. The color pink represents the character as a Princess (Propps character roles) which needs saving from the other characters. Additionally the character who has fallen to the floor, is wearing black and red which connotes death and pain. Technical Codes Comment on the use of Camera Angles, Shot Types and Camera Movement

    Throughout the course of the trailer there are title screens which feature heavily. Each title screen reads a key theme present in the text. The technical code of the postproduction editing of the title screens Love, Lies and Betrayal plunge each white word into a bloodied background. This connotes how purity can so easily be consumed by evil within the soap opera genre. Additionally the technical code of a close up of a character in deep focus looking shocked and terrified, with a plaque in shallow focus reading In loving memory of Patrick Blake. Could be an enigma clue to the murderer of this character. Furthermore the technical code of a low angle long shot of a character at the top of a building with an ecstatic facial expression, connotes that there is some happiness within the themes and issues within the soap opera. The technical code of an eye line match between two characters involved in the adultery plot, connotes the betrayal that will unfold. This is anchored by a close up zooming into the characters kissing. The technical code of a quick tilt upwards from a medium close up of a baby monitor to a shocked expression of a character, connotes the shock and horror the voice gives the character. The scene ends with a slow zoom into a returning character which provides a hook for audiences.

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  • Evaluation of Textual Analysis Compare and ContrastTrailer 1) Areas of Strength and what you would repeat (Steve Neale) or exploit (Abercrombie 1995)

    After analyzing the Hurricane Sharon trailer from Eastenders, there are multiple areas which I would like to repeat (Steve Neale 1980). For example I really likes the metaphorical aspects featured within the trailer. Instead of reveling too much with actual clips from episodes the trailer explored the use of a Hurricane to signify the dynamic change in storyline. Additionally by plunging the setting all Eastenders fans know and love into utter chaos, hooks the spectator and keeps them guessing as to what the plot will entail. Areas in which I could exploit (Abercrombie 1995) are the lack of dialogue. I feel featuring some dialogue acts as a subtle hook into the storyline. I feel that the simplistic, stylistic approach hooks the audience well and I will strive to repeat (Steve Neale - 1980) this in my own trailer. Trailer 2) Areas of Strength and what you would repeat (Steve Neale) or exploit (Abercrombie 1995)

    After analyzing the love, lies and betrayal trailer from Hollyoaks. There areas in which I would like to repeat (Steve Neale) in my own trailer. For example the use of editing within the trailer reinforced the key themes that are present in the upcoming episodes. To perhaps exploit (Abercrombie 1995) This feature even more in my own trailer I could think of a way to connote the themes and issues using a more creative technical feature. Additionally the use of lots of different story lines provides a hook for fans of the show, however for new fans this can be overwhelming and confusing, I will as a result make sure this does not happen in my own trailer by keeping the storylines simple.