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Text analysis 1The Indie magazine mast head is often placed in different areas of the front cover, here it used in the top left; in a way the composition of the girl shows that she is looking at the title to make it seem important. The masthead is in a sans serif font that makes it bolder and important to its looks. The colour also contrasts the colour of the girls hair, not only does this make the colour stand out more it can also show connotations of bad and good or right and wrong; the use of binary opposition can give us an insight on their style and also their type of independence. The main image is a close up that takes up most of the front cover. The shows a girl looking up with a soft in an innocent look to her. From the image we can see that a shallow depth of field is used with a metal background, this shows the shot is meant to be abstract and different to catch the audiences attention. The main image has high key lighting that appears to be coming from the top left, this can give us a feeling that the girl is shot to seem pure and innocent in a way. The image could have been edited to look brighter to make the girl seem brighter, this can attract the readers eye but also give a sense that the band/singer has a happy style of music to it. The close up of the girl is shot to be attractive and abstract with its positioning, this gives us the style of the image of the singer/band and makes it look more appealing to the front cove.

Often with Indie magazine, there is little sell lines that tell us what content there will be inside. However, with all Indie magazines they use one sell line that may some up or describe a band/singer. In love with Daisy is wrote in a more stylish font that can show the personality of them, sometimes a more aggressive style font is used to show their band may be rock but here a softer font is used to enforce the image of innocence to the audience. Because of the use of no sell lines, it focuses our attention on the close up of the girl, this gives us the thought that the girl is the main attention but also makes the cover seem less cramped to look at.The date and sell lines are positioned to the bottom left hand side of the magazine, giving more space for the main content to be shown.

The title of the contents page does not use the Indie title of the magazine to put on its content page, their font also is changed with different colors and spacing. The placement shows the style of the magazine as it sticks out making the page seem more vivid.

1.The use of color within the contents page is simple but attractive to the eye. Having different colors on the page makes it seem more vivid and have life. Indie music producers are very passionate about music expressing it through this intriguing style, the colors enhance their passion as it gives it life. Adverts are placed in an Indie magazine to promote new music or festivals of indie bands. The use of a colored back ground with a colored font makes it stand out from the rest of the magazine; this is often to shows the businesses style in their advertisement. Within the contents page there conventionally is a main image that focuses on the main content. However, in an Indie magazine it focuses on many contents, each of them have their own personality backing up that convention of having a different personality in the indie genre. Each image brings the readers eyes to them, this can make the reader examine the entire page making them want to read whats on it. The layout of the images is in different shapes and at different angles, this is not regular to other magazine layouts making this look alternative and have personality; this adds further detail to the conventions of the indie genre. Having the layout of putting the images at the top indicates to us that she is the main focus of the article. Furthermore, the placement of her eye level is higher up giving us the indication that she is a strong female character.

The double page spread gives us more text than image. Next to the main image we see pull quotes that are in a large white font with a black background, this makes the quote stand out from the rest of the magazine grabbing our attention to read it. A pull quote can be something important from the main person that will often link in with the article, this gets us to grasp the main persons personality that helps us link with the article. The layout of the article columns them self are very formal; they have a standard form to them as they are laid out in a structured way with no back image or font change. This can show that the singer is very passionate about her work as it is laid out to be formal that represents her professionalism in music. The main image takes up the top of the magazine and varies from studio backgrounds to shoots of her singing. There is a two uses of shots, close ups and medium shots. Having variation shows different experiences of the singer, showing of her emotion and style that makes her different. Editing the images to be black and white helps the color scheme and can gives us connotation of mystery, this can invoke the reader to be involved with the text more as they want to know what it is about. Furthermore, the color scheme is very formal but has style through its images and text, this can give us the impression that the singer is dynamic or a powerful female figure. The columns use the same black text with out to give the page some continuity without. The only different font is the title to show the individuality of the singer The title is writing in the style of the singer Lykkel li which can show her identity. Having the font larger draws the readers attention so that they know what the article is about. The font has its own style and the second part is cut off, editing it like this can make it seem more edgy or alternative like the genre.

The main cover line is used to advertise the singer Solange. The text is the second largest font and is white, the white color contrasts the background colors therefore making it stand out to the audience.The medium shot of the girl has been positioned to make it look like she is looking at the Fader mast head, this makes it the centre of attention as we not only get a prime colour to grab our attention, but the main contents eyes looking up at it. To further add to this, the womans eyes are positioned higher to make her have a strong authority on the page adding stronger meaning to her looking up at the Fader masthead. The Fader mast head is always placed at the top symbolising its importance to the reader. The first letter of the mast of a Fader magazine is always with a back ground border with a colour that matches the main image. Here, the medium shot of the girl shows that she is wearing blue as a prime colour that links with the Fader title; this shows the involvement of the magazine with the singer adding to passion that indie music developers have and their passion. The issue date allows the reader to keep what magazine they are on.Spring style is used as a sell line on the front cover or an anchorage. The anchorage helps bring meaning to the image for the audience to understand. Spring style can symbolize a new beginning or the fashion term for spring clothes, this can connote that the magazine is fresh and joyful from its meaning of Spring.

The spring style The Fader magazine often has a studio setting making the main image important, but can also add a colour to connote the singers style. High key lighting is used to symbolise a lighter feel to the cover which is further enhanced by the yellow giving us connotations of joy or happiness. Editing may have been used to bring out more colours in her clothes which may have been done to make the cover seem eye catching. Overall, the colours show the happy feel to singer Solange, this may also have been used as Fader is a hip hop indie magazine; this type of indie genre expresses their self through explosive expression through dancing and singer, the lighter feel helps us understand this further.

The main image is a long shot that shows two women posing through the expression of joy. The image takes the whole top part of the cover up leaving little room for text; this draws our attention to it making it important to the audience.

Faders contents pages always use a simplistic but dynamic style. The use of the black and white colour scheme give the page a sense of continuity as it kept up throughout the page. To add to this, the colour shame makes us intrigued as it looks dynamic giving us the sense of professionalism. The colours themselves give us connotation of mystery, it also makes the dresses feel overpowering to look at making the two women seem strong. Overall, the abstract style of simplicity gives us further detail of the indie genre, as they have their individual image to them.

The date and issue are put on the contents in a different font to add alternativeness to the cover.

The covers contents are kept on one page with the same colour scheme. Faders contents are much smaller but contain lots of detail on their subject; this makes the page look more simplistic with its image. The contents are labeled with numbers and blend into the natural cover of the page using the same text.

The contents are broken up using a grid like lines, the lines divide the contents up making us focus on text that is wrote in between; editing the contents like this make them seem important as we drawn to them.

The issue number is printed on the contents page with an edgy font, this can further show the personality of the magazine/

The background location looks like a studio; the studio looks less expensive than other professional shoots. This gives us the impression that the producers are indie as it can show the main person is a rising singer, this links in with the indie genre as its about being new.A