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2. Q MAGAZINE ANDNME MAGAZINE.Circulation Circulation64,59623,924ReadershipReadership 371,000 289,000Gender RatioGender Ratio 67% MaleUnknown33% FemaleMission statement Mission statementWe draw together the mostTo Provide up to date and newexciting phenomena, the newinformation, reviews and listingsartists that matter to create an of the best new music. Theirunmissable widescreen pictureslogan is "first for music newsof whats really happening inrock and roll right now. 3. Q MAGAZINEREADER PROFILE.Chris is 29 years old and lives in Leeds. Music is more important to him than anythingelse. Its at the centre of his social life. It soundtracks all the best moments in his life. Itshis identity, his social currency and his world.Chris lives for gigs, festivals, and those electrifying moments of togetherness that onlymusic can provide. He is the one who sorts out gig tickets for his friends, turns them onto new bands and sets up the big festival weekend. His tastes are mainstream eclectic the big stadium acts like Muse or Noel Gallagher mixed with the best of genresspanning rock and electronica, plus the finest discoveries from musics past.Chris works in a professional job and finally has the money and time to indulge his musichabit to the full. He lives with a partner (no kids yet) who is similarly music- mad. He isdiscovering quality in all areas, from sound systems to deluxe reissues to cars, traveland clothes.Chris loves technology he was first with the iPod, iPhone, iPad and now streamingmusic services. He downloads music but still prefers to own CDs. And he spends moreon music than anything else: a big-ticket gig every week or so, six albums a month plusa Spotify subscription and countless on-the-go downloads. 4. NME MAGAZINEREADER PROFILE.Going out and spending is all part of the new music scene.They spend a lot of money on clothes 45%Its important to be well informed about things 92%Its worth paying for extra quality goods 71%They like to try new drinks 75%Its important to them to look well dressed 71%NME readers spend 152 on footwear per year532 on clothes per year1229 on audio equipment per year52% own a digital camera 170 on digital cameras per yearBuy an average of 5 DVDs per yearSpend 66 on DVDs per year94% use the Internet76% have Broadband197 spent on consoles in the past108 spent on games84% receive digital TV or satellite channels 5. ABOUT THEPUBLISHERS.Bauer Media IPC PublishingBauer Media is a division of the With more than 60 iconic mediaBauer Media Group, Europesbrands, IPC creates content forlargest privately ownedmultiple platforms, across print,publishing Group. The Group isonline, mobile, tablets anda worldwide media empireevents. As the UKs leadingoffering over 300 magazines inconsumer magazine publisher15 countries, as well as online, we engage with 26m UK adultsTV and radio stations.- almost two thirds of UK women and 42% of UK men.Bauer Media joined theIPC Media is committed toBauer Media Group in January working in partnership with its2008 following acquisition ofconsumers, advertisers,Emap plcs consumer andbusiness partners andspecialist magazines, radio, TV,employees to deliveronline and digital businesses. exceptional value, service,Collectively, the Group employs innovation and creativity.some 6,400 people. 6. Q MAGAZINEFRONT COVER.ISSUE MARCH 2012 Colour The colours used on this particular front cover are copper, a sky blue and white. The extensive use of copper and sky blue would have been used as they contrast well against each other. The white and blue are used mainly for the cover lines and inserts included on the front cover. The white has been used because it symbolizes cleanliness, purity and innocence. Sky blue would have been used as it represents peace, calm, freedom and serenity. These two colours would have been used as a contrast to her apparent mental state; I feel so alone and A woman on the edge. White and blue may also have been used as this is theimage Florence and the Machine portrays to her fans through her music whichwould be a contrast to how she really feels. The main colour of the front cover iscopper. The colour copper symbolizes wealth and fieriness which would havebeen used to represent her success as a singer and her vibrant personality. 7. Q MAGAZINEANALYSIS.LayoutanddesignThe main image featured on the front cover is directly in the centreof the page which suggests that this is what they want you to noticeand look at first. The cover lines have been placed around the edgeof the page ensuring that no text or inserts are covering her skin.This also emphasizes that she is the centre of attention and is seenas the most important feature on the page. I feel that the words andimages fit well together as the shape of the inserts and text seem tomatch the shape of certain features on her. For example the circleinsert is positioned where a circular shape formed in her hair.All font used is a sans-serif font, very simple and basic with arounded affect to it which makes it feel more feminine. The onlyuse of a serif font is on a quote which she herself has said. Themasthead of the magazine is positioned in front of the image ofher which suggest that the title of the magazine is moreimportant than the main image as it identifies the magazine.However the title is positioned in front of the main image foreach issue of Q magazine and is part of their house style. 8. Q MAGAZINEANALYSIS.ImagesThe main image is a medium close up of Florence and theMachine, a current artist featured highly in the charts. As thetarget audience for Q magazine is Males aged 15 to 24, the mainimage would have been used to attract the male readers. In 1975,Laura Mulvey stated that women were only used in mediaproducts to be looked at by males. This is known as the malegaze. I agree with this theory to some extent as the image ofFlorence would have been used to attract the male readers of Qmagazine, however, I feel that nowadays females would also beattracted to this magazine because of the image as they wouldaspire to be like Florence, therefore wanting to purchase themagazine to read the double page spread article about her. As amajority of Florence and the Machine fans are female, I feel thatby featuring her on the front cover, even her fans who do not readQ magazine would be tempted to by this particular issue as she isseen as an inspirational artist. 9. Q MAGAZINEANALYSIS.The poses featured in these images suggest that she isdefensive of herself. This is symbolized by her havingher arms almost cross across her body and her handsplaced up to her chin. In one image she is seen ashaving quite bright vibrant make-up for example themetallic blue eyeliner with heavy mascara suggeststhat she is a vibrant and outgoing person. This isbacked up by her bright, bold volumized hair which alsois a contrast in colour to her make up and skin tonewhich is very pale. However, the image of her on thecontents page is very different. She has veryminimalistic make-up on, a very small amount of eyemake-up is worn with a natural skin tone. She has verytamed simple hair which is tied back to show her facemore clearly. This represents her innocence and puritywhich is reinforced by the use of white text on the frontcover. However, her outfit in the image is quite vibrantand bold; the gold represents her wealth which againreinforces her success. For each image, there is nobackground which again supports that she is the centre 10. Q MAGAZINEANALYSIS.Written codesThe cover lines tend to leave the reader questioning or wonderingabout something, for example, meet the new Simon Cowell willleave the reader wondering who this person is. The cover linesgive very little away about what is inside the magazine, often onlyrevealing who is featured or a summary of what will be coverede.g. Gig blow out only tells the reader that there will besomething about gig included. I feel that or this particular issue,the cover lines dont fit in with the genre of the magazine which isindie. The inclusion of Simon Cowell and Skrillex, a drum andbass artist wouldnt be in the interests of indie rock fans. Thecover lines I feel are readable from a distance and can clearly beseen due to the contrast in colours used against the background.The use of the blue will make the magazine stand out againstothers on a shelf as I feel it isnt a common colour to be used on afront cover. Also the size of the Q magazine logo will also be akey feature that will enable the magazine to stand out on a shelf. 11. Q MAGAZINECONTENTS PAGEThe contents page has a very simple colourscheme or red and white which is sued as itrelates to the Q logo. The main source of coloursoutside of red and white comes from the images,however these are very minimalistic as well. Thecontents page doesnt give much away as to whatis included in the magazine due to the fewfeatures mentioned only having a basic summaryof what they include. The basic layout and colourscheme I feel works to their advantage as itensures that the main features stand out and caneasily be read. I feel this page doesnt include eyegrabbing features except the images and brightred page numbers. The language used on thispage is simple and basic sentences. This is sothat the magazine can be understood by thelowest common denominator to maximize itsappeal to all members of the target audience. 12. Q MAGAZINE DOUBLE PAGE SPREADThe double page spread is about a day inthat Florence spent in New York whilst onher world tour. The article is linked to theheadline and quote featured on the frontcover; I feel so alone and woman on theedge as it explains why she is feeling theway she does. The article is written in thirdperson and in the style of a ghost writtenbiography account. The language used itquite complex compared to the contentspage and front cover due to the use of longsentences and some words that some readers may not understand. In this case, thisar