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  • 1. Textual Analysis By Clara Rodrigues

2. The main tittle matches Nickis hair and, which makes it look really organised. Nicki Minajs name stands out as its the same colour as the main tittle and all the other writing in in black, and this shows how important she is by having her name the same colour as the tittle. This shot Mid-shot of Nicki and she is also overlapping and this shows that the magazine cover is confident and popular enough to have the tittle being cover and still believe that the magazine will be recognized. Shaqs name is in bold compared to the rest of the writing because it the magazine want the reader not to skip that bit whilst looking at the cover. Making a short sentence also makes the reader want to read more, so they will have to buy the magazine.The plain background contrasts with the main image and makes Nicki stand out more as her hair is a bright colour, so as soon as you look at the magazine the first thing you see is Nicki.Nicki is being represented as a strong powerful women, as she is fully clothed it shows that she can be powerful without showing any skin, and because she is normally not fully clothed, it shows that she is just as powerful. Also because her the crown on her head and her pose, what she is doing is showing that she can be on the cover on the magazine and do any pose and still look powerful. The 13 is in big bold orange writing because it makes the reader want to know 13 ways to dress like a man! so they put it the same colour of the tittle to make it look more important than what it is. All of the names on the cover are all in bold which conveys that they are all quite famous and powerful and can even though Nicki is the main person on the magazine cover, you still want to read about the other peopleNickis posture shows how powerful she is now in the music industry. 3. The main image is Beyonc which will attract a lot of peoples attentions, such as teenagers people in their early twentiesBeyonc is covering the tittle of the magazine which shows that they are confident with the tittle being covered because they know they will still be recognised.Beyonc is representing women by the way she is posing, and she is doing a very common sexy pose, so showing that every woman can be sexy. Beyonc's name is the biggest writing on the cover to show how powerful she is and to show that the main article will be about Beyonc. The clothes that she is wearing is very revealing so this is suggestion that the magazine company are hoping to attract an older audience. The top that Beyonc is wearing matches some of the writing, and the shorts she is wearing is matching the tittle and also some of the writing, this makes the magazine cover look more organized and also makes the layout of the magazine cover look more presentable.The main tittle is in a different colour to everything on the cover to make it stand out more, as Beyonc is covering most of it they still want to readers to recognise the magazine The background of the cover is a simple light colour which makes Beyonc stand out even more because she is wearing bright colours, so the first thing you see when you buy the magazine is Beyonc. Beyonc is being represented as strong powerful woman because of the way she is posing and what she is wearing, she may not be wearing a lot of clothes but if you bought this magazine you would still look at her and think she is powerful, also because she s taking up most of the page. And the brown sugar written on her top must be about her, so its kind of showing a sexy side of her.The writing What makes the shy girl so hot this is suggesting that they might be talking about Beyonc, and because it doesnt say anything, so it makes you want to read it, and also because its a question, it makes the reader want to know the answer. 4. The main image is Bruno Mars and as he is smoking the audience will be a much older appearance because Im sure the magazine dont want the influence young children to smoke. This is a mid-shot image so it makes Bruno look more powerful and also the look on his face is an aggressive look.Rolling Stone is in bright red which also contrasts to the rest of the writing on the cover, but tis I done because half of it is covered so they made sure its still recognisable . The background of this cover s plain white which makes Brunos and the tittle stand out even more and also makes Bruno stand out even more as he is wearing dark clothing. The clothes that Bruno contrasts to the main colours on the screen, but also it has some bits of yellow which go with his title that is written in yellow.All of this writing is in small writing because its not as important as the main tittle and the subtitle, and also because they are just names so its not an actual article so its not worth reading. Bruno Mars name is in yellow which contrasts with the main tittle and the rest of the writing, and this was obviously done because they want his name to stand out, so people know the article will be about him.Pops golden child links to the fact that his name in written in a yellow/gold colour, they might not have intended to do that, but it makes the magazine look organized.On this magazine cover there isnt mane subtitles for stories that will be featuring in the magazine, this suggests that by having just Bruno Mars on the cover will make the reader still want to buy and read the magazine even though dont know what will be featured in it. And it also makes the lay out look more presentable