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  • 1. Katie MouldTEXTUAL ANALYSIS

2. NME 3. The colours in this magazine are very neutral with pops of colour here and there. Themajority of the colour comes from the images with the writing being mainly black.On the front cover we can see the the focus point of Muse is in yellow writing whichsuggests to people looking at it, that this is the main focus point of the magazine,this is then reinforced by the main image. In the contents page all of the colour iscoming from the photos which means if you take those away you are left with basicblack writing. On the double page spread there are a lot more colours used, with redhighlighting important areas and a yellow circle around an interesting area to draw inattention to that particular area. In the bottom right of the page there is also a redbox that may mean it is something of importance and you need to read it.COLOUR 4. The layout of the front cover makes it easy to look at without being overpowering withinformation. I think that this type of layout is the best if you want to draw in a goodaudience. The design is very simple as well, they have put the coverlines in specificplaces so that it doesnt overpower the main image. The layout of the contents pageis fairly structured and you can easily navigate around the page but it still has amessy essence which makes it easy to relate to and so that it can appeal more tothe majority of its target audience. The design is nice with a bold title. However, itmay be slightly too large and bold because it seems to overpower everything else onthe page. The double spread has a layout that I personally really like and I thinkmost other people would relate nicely to it. With the majority of the images on theright hand side of the page and all of the writing on the left hand side so that it is aneasy interface.LAYOUT & DESIGN 5. The main image is used to represent the type of information youre most likely to seein the magazine. He is obviously a famous musician so it will appeal to a largeamount of people. The contents page uses happy, vibrant pictures of popularmusicians which is used to try and make the reader feel more comfortable readingthe magazine. The images in the contents page also give you a glimpse of what youwill see inside, much like the image on the front cover. On the double spread, theimages are used to coincide with the main image on the front cover. The doublespread will always be a story on the main image on the front cover because that iswhy the reader buys the magazine. They back up the story you are reading so thatyou get a good idea for the type of person youre reading about.IMAGES 6. The pose of the artist on the front cover shows the reader that they feel powerful anddominant because of the way that they are looking down towards the camera ratherthan face on. This kind of pose is staged to make the reader feel a certain way aboutwhat they are looking at. The hair is very casual and relaxed, not overly styled tomake the reader feel at one rather than feeling alienated by him. His make-up isvery natural, he may not even be wearing any, which makes the reader feel more atease when looking at the cover. This is because when an artist or band looks morenatural, they feel like they can relate a lot more than if they were wearing lots ofmake-up.POSE, STYLE, HAIR, MAKE-UP 7. The shot used on the front cover is close-up to make the picture feel more personaland though you are at one with the artist. I think that this type of framing, ratherthan a long shot or mid shot might be less personal to the reader. The background isclear so that the focus is not taken away from the main artist. If there was too muchin the background then it would look too confusing and busy. When you look at thefront cover your attention immediately goes to the main image because I think that iswhat the creator wanted to make the reader focus on. On the contents page, yourattention is immediately drawn to the pictures that are scattered across the page. Ithink that is so you can easily get an idea of what will be included in the magazine.The double spread page has images that highlight what the story will be about withsmaller supporting images that also emphasise what sort of information will be inthe main story.COMPOSITION & FRAMING 8. The main coverline on the front on the front of the magazine reads MUSE whichsuggests to the reader that the main story in the magazine will be based around theband Muse. Some of the other coverlines show you what else you can find inside,things such as Reading and Leeds festival line-ups. This would appeal to people froma 16-18 year old target audience because they would be the most likely people toattend festivals. The straplines at the top of the page also show the reader what sortof muscians and artists they are likely to see throughout the magazine. Some of thecoverlines standout much more than the others simply because they have brightercolours and more interesting fonts. Some of the coverlines and straplines would notbe that noticeable from a distance which could cause diversions when looking at itfrom a distance.WRITTEN CODES 9. The language used in the magazine is very relatable and laid back with someformality to appeal to a wider audience. I think that this type of language is betterthan if it was just to be formal or just to be laid back because I think that if you useda very specific type of language, then it has a tendency to alienate certain groups ofpeople. The double spread in this particular magazine is an interview with themembers of Muse which means the language that is used in the interview will berelaxed and relatable. I think that having these types of features in magazinesmakes it easier for the reader to relate to the story. Most of the questions on theother hand are formal so that the reader can get the sorts of answers they arelooking for from the artist. Captions on photos are also laid back and relaxedbecause they aim to reflect the photo which I think is a really interesting way toappeal to the target audience. Also the language used on the contents page is alsoeasy to read and to relate to. This makes it easier for the reader to navigate theirway around the magazine.LANGUAGE 10. This magazine is really interesting and appeals to myself and I would think manyother people my age. Its strengths are mainly the layout and design. The layout ofthe front cover, contents page and double spread are not completely structured andare slightly scattered to represent their type of reader. The way in which they haveput this idea across is really intriguing and I think that they have done a good job inappealing to a certain audience. Some of the weaknesses in the magazine wouldhave to be things such as the coverlines and straplines. To me they would not helpthe magazine stand out on a shelf amongst lots of others. If some of the featureswould either be bolder or in brighter colours I think it would help the magazine tostand out a lot more. I think this is how the magazine could be improved along witha simpler contents page that would be easier to navigate through to find where youwant to get to. Sometimes if you put too much on a page itll confuse the reader andmake it harder for them to find what theyre looking for. For my own magazine I am going to use the double spread as influence because Ireally like the way that they editor has set everything out with the interview on oneside and the images on the other. I personally like the way that this looks and thinkthat it will work well with the festival magazine I am creating.OVERALL IMPRESSION 11. THE FLY 12. COLOUR The colours used on the front of this magazine are bold and would stand outamongst others. The bold, black title of The Fly is in black so that it is simple andcan appeal to more than just one specific audience. The splash of orange on thepage as well shows that the magazine is trying to incorporate something that reflectsthe person in the main image. They have done this well with the orange colourbecause it works with the statement hair colour that the artist has. The colours usedin the contents page are very simple which reflects the type of magazine it is alongwith its contents. I think this black and white effect works really well with the tone ofthe magazine because it makes it easier to read what is going on. On the soublepage spread the magazine is keeping the orange tone so that it reflects from thefront cover and keeps in key with the rest of the magazine. 13. LAYOUT & DESIGN The images and text work together really well on the front cover, contents page anddouble spread. The simple photograph on the front works well with the font and thestyle of writing that is used on the front of the magazine which means that it canappeal to its target audience in the way that they want it to. The type of writing thatis used on the front cover suggests that the magazine is aimed at a youngeraudience rather than the audiences magazines such as MOJO target. I think thatusing the right fonts on the front of the magazine is key when you are trying to targeta specific audience and I think that The Fly does this really well and easily targets acertain audience. The house style of this particular magazine is black, white andorange, which the magazine clearly follows well. I think that this type of colourscheme works well with the tone of the magazine because it is simple yet it has abold splash of colour. The layout and design doesnt particular follow the rule ofthirds yet the layout still has certain certain areas that you are specifically drawn towhich makes the front cover still easy to view. I think that simple front covers arealso much more interesting to younger people because they dont want to work tohard to understand the information that will be in the magazine. 14. IMAGES The image on the front of the magazine is taken straight on so that you feel at onewith the artist