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  • 1. Main Image(s) Masthead The mastheadThere are lots of images on thisuses a sans serif font and isfront cover and not one mainand abbreviation of Newimage, there are lots of shots ofMusical Express, The use offamous musicians performing orthe abbreviation makes the posing creating variation andname easy to remember. adding to the scrapbook look of the front cover.Layout Heading The layout of this front cover The heading uses a sans serif fontis very messy yet organised at and its bold and stands out. It looksthe same time, it creates alike it has been cut out of ascrapbook look and the newspaper article and stuckpictures and text look liketogether so the size is differentthey have been cut out of aslightly on each word.newspaper. Peoplesometimes cut pictures oftheir favourite bands andartists and stick them in abook, this recreates this look Colour scheme the colours onon the front cover. this front cover are bright and vibrant, the yellow and red stand out and the brown of the cardboard adds to the scrapbook look again.

2. Band Index This contents page has a bandindex listing all the bandsalphabetically with a pagenumber of where you can findthem. This would be useful forpeople who are searching forPage numbers The magazineonly the articles on theirlists a few important articles thatfavourite bands and artists.may be advertised on the frontcover plus some more importantarticles, it doesnt have a list ofevery page, just the ones thatthey want to focus on.Style This contents page has asimple style with only 4colours, black, red, white anda little bit of yellow. There areonly three pictures and thepicture has a small descriptionunderneath.Plug The magazine has a little plugpromoting its self at the bottom of thepage, the yellow makes this stand out. 3. FontsThere are two fonts in this DPS,The main headline font is a Sansserif font and is all in capitalletters. The second font is Serifand used for the main context ofthe page. The sans serif fontmatches the image with thebands ALT J letters scatteredaround. The article starts offwith off with one big letter fromthe sans serif font then changesto the serif font, it is also adifferent colour, this could beused to draw the reader in andshow them where the articlestarts.Text/Picture ratio This DPS relies on the big imageto take up space with a little bitof reading at the side. This couldbe related to the audience andhow much time they would Photography The photograph used is taken atColour Scheme Thespend reading an article. Or itone looks like a venue where the band may be colour scheme othercould be the fact they are performing. The letters with lights on look like than the photo is 3looking at the magazine to see lights that would be on a board outside a venuecolours of white, bluenew pictures of their favouriteor old style cinema advertising a film. The band and black. These areband.are wearing smart casual clothingquite light plain colourswhich are clean andsimple. 4. Buzz wordFreebie- The magazine offers 5 free MastheadWords like Win! attract attentionposters which is another way to get The mast head uses a Sans serifand is another way to involve thethe reader to buy the magazine. font which has lines cutting throughuser. It also is another reason to it, Its bold and stands out evenbuy the magazine, not only do youthought the image is over the topget the content, you also get aof part of it. The word Kerrang!chance to win something they may comes from the noise of a guitarwant.being strummed, this reflects what the magazine is going to be about. With the image over most of it, it would seem that this magazine is popular as readers only need to see part of the word to recognise the magazine.HeadingUses bold sans serif font similar to Main Image Uses a picture of Paramoresthe masthead and one of the OsHayley Williams with a shocked holding ahas been replace by a camera lenspicture of herself. This relates to thewhich is related to the word heading emphasizing on the they didntphotos. It claims that they arewant you to see. The colour of her hair andphotos people wouldnt want youclothes also match the colour schemeto see, which makes you want toused.see them as its human nature toknow other peoples secrets. Thismay also be attracting a younger Layout The layout only uses the 4audience who would care more colours, yellow, red, black and white apartabout photos as well as the music. from the pictures. The layout is quite messy, which is a convention of the rock and roll look with lots of pictures going on which relates to the heading. Its previewing the pictures to you.Sub Heading Uses alliterationwhich is catchy and drawsattention. 5. Main image The magazine Quote A quote from an article is usedprobably used this image as itto draw readers in. They chose a funnystands out from the rest, it is a caption from the article that would makereference to Shaun of the deadyou want to read more.(Movie), this is intertextuality.The image is quite dark, butalso quite comical. The guy inthe white shirt stands out atthe front so it implies he is themain person in the band.Page numbers Pages are placed intocategories giving you an order to themagazine. Some pages numbers are leftout and are placed on pictures. Style Black, white and yellow colour theme, The black and white are quite plain but the yellow highlights certain bits that are important and they stand out. Kerrang keep a similar style in all their magazines with lots of images and two columns, either with the page numbers on the right or left so readers will understand this house style. 6. Fonts There are two Text/picture ratio In this DPS there are a lot of images used of the band to filldifferent fonts used in thisspace, the main article is quite short and the sidebar contains nearly as muchDPS. In the main article andinformation. This could tell us that the audience is not looking to read lots ofside column they use a sans text but are there to see pictures of their favourite bands with some little factsserif font which is easy to and information.read. The heading and subheading are two variationsof the same font exceptone is distressed. Thisdistressed style is aconvention of the musicgenre.Photography Thephotography in this photoshows the band in arecording studio rehearsingand recording a newalbum. The shots are amixture of close ups andmid shots which createsintimacy with the audience.The photos are all in blackand white which gives it apunky and journalistic look. Colour Scheme The colour scheme on this double page spread is Black white and red. These colours are generally associated with emo/punk bands which is relatable to Kerrang! Readers as these are the magazine focuses on these genres. It helps the audience see that the magazine is made for them. 7. Masthead Uses the singlePuff THE UKS BIGGEST MUSIC MAGAZINEbrand name Q which is in 3d Emphasises its importance to the market, bycompared to the heading and saying this is what everyone else is buying, sosub headings. It is also has ashould youlook like it has just beensmashed by Matt Bellamy in the Main Image The picture of Matt Bellamy ismain picture. The Q logo is in taken on a dark background and he isSerif font and has designed to wearing black with bits of red and holding abe recognisable. black guitar. The darkness of this image could relate to the grunge, progressive rock/metal and alternative image of Muse. In the image he seems to be Smashing the Q logo with hisHeading The headline is just guitar. This matches the Matt Bellamy is outMuse which is the largest sans of control sub heading underneath theserif font on the cover. The heading. This is also relating to Muses musicsimplicity suggests that thisstyle which is different/alternative andmagazine is more formal and to breaking the mould of most rock bands.the point. Compared to Kerrangmagazine which is talking aboutLayout There is a mix of Sans serif and serifphotos, this magazine is fonts in the layout, the sans serif fonts arefocusing more about questionsused for headings/ sub headings as they areolder readers would like to hear.bolder and stand out. The overall colour is quite dark with white and red text which stands out and matches the logo. TheSub Heading Also in Sans serif magazine appeals more to an older audiencefont. as the bands listed are relatively bands that attract an older generation of people yet muse attract a wide range of ages. They may be using Matt Bellamy to attract everyone to their magazine.Sub image The sub image is another reason why this magazine may be for anolder audience as they havent released a record in 30+ years. The caption of200 things you didnt know is attracting attention to fans who want to learnnew things, which is quite rare as they are an old band. 8. Style Main Image This magazine has a black,The main image is of a band called Thewhite and red colour schemeCourteeners, It is a long shot includingwhich is simple, clean andall the band standing on top of a hill.modern. It uses a sans serifThis use of height and length couldfont for all the headings andimply the band are doing well and aresub headings with a serif fonthigh up in the music industry at theunderneath giving a brieftime. The main singer is pictures at thedescription. It only has twofront slightly higher than the otherspictures, one large focusing oninsinuating he is the talent of the band.The courteeners which grabsyour attention instantly.Page Numbers The contents includes mainarticles and features. There isalso a special sectiondedicated to an Oasis Special.At the bottom is a everymonth section where regularReview section users would recognise theseAt the bottom is a special sectionfamiliar articles. dedicated to reviews and guides showing you the latest music, for people interested in new music this could be very useful. 9. Text/Picture ratio The ratio on this article is pretty much 50/50 with one large image on one page a