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  • -Akshay dudhagara

    Tesla model - s

  • History:TeslaMotors Inc.is an American automotive And energy storage company that designs, manufactures and sells electric cars ,electric vehicle powertrain components and battery products.

  • ELON MUSKElon Musk, an American engineer and entrepreneur is the CEO and founder of Tesla Motors Best known for co-founding PayPal, and Tesla Motors.


  • Design for performance:Media : AM/FM/HD radio, online radio, on-demand Internet radio, Bluetooth, and USB audio devicesControls : Driving personalization, climate controls, and cabin controlsCamera : High definition backup camera, optimized for visibility and safetyCalendar : Calendar synchronization for daily schedule and tap to navigateMap : Simple, intuitive Google Maps with real time traffic informationEnergy : Real time energy consumption and range estimationPhone : Bluetooth-enabled, voice controlled handsfree phone system

  • Design for safety: In emergency conditions, Model S safely brings itself to a full stop.

    Automatically change lanes by tapping the turn signal.

  • Design for Ergonomics:Four Drive(Dual Motor):

  • Four Drive(Dual Motor):

    Dual Motor ModelS is a categorical improvement on conventional all-wheel drive systems. With two motors, one in the front and one in the rear, ModelS digitally and independently controls torque.

  • Autopilot:

    Autopilot combines a forward looking camera, radar, to automatically drive Model S on the open road .Changing lanes becomes as simple as a tap of the turn signal. ModelS will both detect a parking spot and automatically park itself.

  • The touchscreen:

    The ModelS 17 inch touchscreen controls most of the car's functions. Opening the all glass panoramic roof, customizing the automatic climate control

  • Super charger:

  • Super charger:Charging adapters can be plugged in to any household outlet.

    There most high efficient charging adapter has a charging rate of 56 miles range per hour.

    This car is powered by lithium ion battery cells.

  • map

  • How it Works:

    ModelS uses its onboard charger to convert alternating current (AC) from a wall charger to DC thats stored in the battery.

    Using a Supercharger is as easy as using a Wall Connector.

  • Aesthetics:

  • AestheticsInteriorAvailable in many coloresStylish door lock handleSporty lookAttractive lightsWell-finished edgesAttractive logo

  • Design for Manufacturability & Assembly (DFMA)

  • Motor construction

  • Partnerships As part of its collaboration withMercedes-Benz, Tesla is building electric powertrain components for theMercedes A-Class E-Cell, anelectric carwith a rangeof 124miles Tesla Motors and Toyota announced in July 2010 that the two companies have signed an agreement to initiate the development of a second generation of the compactToyota RAV4 EV.

  • Competitors Main competitor is Fisker Karma starts at $96,000

  • Comparison with Market

  • Aluminium coil blanking

    98% of the Tesla Model S body is constructed from aluminium and is produced from between 50 to 60 separate coils of aluminium each for various components.

  • Manufacturing videohttp://www.teslamotors.com/blog/factory-upgrade

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