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  1. 1. TERMWIKI PRO CASE STUDY Increased Productivity Through Terminology Management 29,000 Words across 32 Languages in 6 Days
  2. 2. Introduction One of the top ten smartphone manufacturers approached CSOFT for a solution to theirOne of the top ten smartphone manufacturers approached CSOFT for a solution to their terminology management challenges. Plans were tailored to the clients needs and took shape over the following months, and officially kicked off with a TermWiki Pro pilot project designed specifically to meet those needs. Involving resources from four different language service providers and an ever-increasing number of languages, the project ran through several phases over the following year. The Need The manufacturers existing procedures for creating, validating, and managing targetThe manufacturers existing procedures for creating, validating, and managing target terminology involved the manual distribution of Excel files to worldwide resources. Once completed, the files would be collated and entered into a global MultiTerm XML import file. The process was technically difficult to secure and required too much manual intervention from project managers. This resulted in discussion and decision paths that were particularly cost and time inefficient. The company wanted a solution that could fundamentally change the way they approachedThe company wanted a solution that could fundamentally change the way they approached terminology management, helping them move away from a reliance on Excel towards a centralized, tool-driven approach. The tool had to be capable of supporting multi-party terminology management workflows, and needed to incorporate change tracking mechanisms, effective discussion and decision paths, and leave stakeholders feeling confident. They wanted the solution to be fundamentally cloud-based, but at the same time to support offline editing for those languages common to areas with connectivity issues.
  3. 3. Solution CSOFT International proposed a solution using TermWiki Pro, our innovative cloud based terminology management system. Capable of meeting all of the manufacturers requirements, it is the ideal tool for terminology creation, management, and dissemination. TermWiki Pros Functionality Centralized, Accessible System TermWiki Pro delivers a centralized systemTermWiki Pro delivers a centralized system which can be accessed by authorized parties from anywhere around the globe. As such, it frees PMs from time consuming file-collection and data-entry tasks, cutting down on workloads and improving efficiency. As the system is cloud-based, it also requires: No installation No installation No local maintenance Workflow-Driven TermWiki Pro drives the entire terminology workflow through a system of automatic notifications and personalized task listings. As TermWiki Pro is cloud-based, users can work seamlessly as a team without worrying about handover times for documents and updates. The real-time and fluid nature of the system means that the entire terminology process, which may have previously taken months, could be completed in a matter of days. Source Creation Translation Validation Sign Up
  4. 4. Collaborative Support The dispute resolution process was one of the primary issues impeding productivity with the manufacturers prior workflow. In TermWiki Pro, each term, in each language, is accompanied by a discussion page, particularly useful for dialogue between translators and validators, although it is open to all. Is this a feminine name? No. Router is masculine, so wireless router should be also. Whenever a comment is left, term contributors (translators and validators for target terms, editors for source terms) were informed via automatic notifications. They could then return to this centralized platform to leave their reply. By having the system effectively drive the discussion process, and by allowing the conversation to take place in real-time, disputes about terms were quickly resolved.
  5. 5. Secure Data Security is a priority when providing an accessible portal. In TermWiki Pro, the data is protected by the following functions: Password access only Strict user permissions. For example, an editor, responsible for managing source terminology, would not be permitted to enter target terms. Notifications to term stakeholders whenever modifications are made. Detailed change tracking pages for each term, noting all changes made, including the user, time, and the modification made. All changes can be rolled back quickly and easily. Easy to Use Built to be accessed by linguists, project managers, reviewers, and other stakeholders who may not have technical backgrounds, TermWiki Pro is extremely easy to use, and requires little training. Its simplicity has been achieved by: With its intuitive interface, TermWiki Pro is instantly familiar and designed for openness and ease of use. Allowing all work to be conducted in simple online forms, with drop-down menus where appropriate. Supporting the quick location of relevant terms through a powerful search engine, capable of pulling relevant terms based on all fields, including parts of the definition. Providing notifications and task listings, telling users exactly what to do, and where to do it.
  6. 6. Offline Editing Through TermWiki Pros innovative My Tasks feature, which lists all the tasks which a particular user is required to complete, project managers were able to create exports of all the tasks for translators or validators with connectivity issues. Having filled out their translations, comments, and validations on an Excel file, the user would send the file back to the PM to be imported directly into the system. My Tasks My Tasks
  7. 7. Conclusion Through their adoption and incorporation of TermWiki Pro, the smartphone manufacturerThrough their adoption and incorporation of TermWiki Pro, the smartphone manufacturer realized tremendous savings and efficiency improvements in their terminology management processes, while enjoying much higher translation quality. By removing the need for all procedures to be conducted via project managers, the fluid TermWiki Pro workflow has revolutionized the process through which target terms are created and validated. Fully supported by notifications, the entire process, including term creation, review from endorsers and validators, discussion between all parties, and eventual validation, can be potentially cut to a matter of days. TermWiki Pros excellent change tracking and rollback functions, combineda matter of days. TermWiki Pros excellent change tracking and rollback functions, combined with the granular user control and permissions, as well as the stakeholder notifications, ensure the protection of the data in the system. No changes or comments made in TermWiki Pro are ever lost, and mistakes can be quickly reversed when necessary. Employing TermWiki Pro has opened up new possibilities for our client, possibilities that previously would have been too costly to implement. For example, during the third phase of the pilot project, the number of parties involved in the creation of each target term was increased from two to four, with no attendant price increase. The additional two parties were charged with supervising theattendant price increase. The additional two parties were charged with supervising the translation and validation of terms, thereby catching any mistakes and vastly improving overall terminology quality. Now, the manufacturers glossary is truly reliable, a resource to be confidently used by translators engaged in the localization of documentation. Thanks to its reliability, future translators are also far more likely to use the glossary consistently, resulting in consistently excellent, cost- effective localized documents. If you are interested in doing a test run of TermWiki Pro, or receiving more information, please contact info@termwiki.com. Alternatively, visit the TermWiki Pro website at pro.termwiki.com.
  8. 8. Contact Us World Headquarters: asia@csoftintl.com +86-10-5736-6000 North American Headquarters: northamerica@csoftintl.com +1-415-889-8989+1-415-889-8989 European Headquarters: europe@csoftintl.com +49-211-239-2200 www.csoftintl.com
  9. 9. TERMWIKI PRO Get Your Games Jumping Over All Langauges Barriers. Implement Consistent and Multilingual In Game Terminology Terminology Made Easy Developed by CSOFT International Ltd.