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Transcript of terawatt-groupazov-controls.com/wp...of-the-TeraWatt-Group-eng.pdf · The history of TeraWatt Group...

  • http://terawatt-group.com


  • Azov Controls LLC http://azov-controls.com

    Automation TeraWatt Group LLC


    Automation equipment delivery, engineering, design documentation development, APCS means supply

    M TECHNOLOGY LLC http://m-technology.com.ua

    Design documentation development; cooling system, water recycling system,

    and metallurgical process planning

    TeraWatt Solutions GmbH


    Products and services for industrial and process automation worldwide

    Group structure


    Solutions in control systems design and supplying

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  • Brief information about the Group of companies The history of TeraWatt Group began in 2004 by founding Azov Controls LLC. We have been through a long way from component supply to turnkey overall automated process control systems (APCS). Solutions provided by TeraWatt Group include instrumentation, software and electric parts. All the items supplied and produced has met Customer requirements since the foundation. Our current activities include the following areas: 1. Engineering Development of design documentation for APCS, control instrumentation. Commissioning works for APCS, control instrumentation. Comprehensive supply of the APCS means. Implementation of APCS on the “turn-key” basis. 2. Dealing with Rockwell Automation hardware and software Promotion, sale, service, warranty service for hardware and software manufactured by

    Rockwell Automation Inc. Training on operation with hardware and software manufactured by Rockwell Automation Inc.


    Solutions in control systems design and supplying

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  • Headquarters: 56, Italyanskaya street, Mariupol, Donetsk region

    Project office: 9, Krasnopolskaya street, Dnepr Offices: 43/2, Gagarina avenue, Kharkov 78, Juzhnoe highway, Zaporozhye

    Sales engineers: Service engineer: Kharkov Sumy

    Brief information about the companies in Ukraine


    Solutions in control systems design and supplying

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    Yenakievo Kamenskoe


  • Our companies are in constant dynamics. There were 3 of us who started the activity and today we have a team of more than 50 highly skilled professionals. Our employees are constantly improving their skills, getting trained in leading educational centers of Ukraine, Russia and other European countries.

    Having qualified specialists, our company continuously expands and increases the volume of sold goods and provided services as well as a complexity of delivering solutions.

    Brief information about the companies in Ukraine


    Solutions in control systems design and supplying

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  • In 2015, M Technology LLC headquartered in Kharkiv joined TeraWatt Group. M Technology LLC

    specializes in designing of steelmaking, mining, electric power and other comprehensive industrial plants.

    M Technology LLC monitors a specific customer’s industrial requirements to upgrading and modernization. The company manages the projects up to delivery of the required equipment integrated into production process.

    M Technology LLC experts have deep understanding of importance of operating expense control. Therefore, competitive solutions offered by M Technology include investment, maintenance, energy costs and operation time calculations for the benefit of our customers.

    Brief information about the companies in Ukraine


    Solutions in control systems design and supplying

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  • Based on the best practice, M Technology LLC offers solutions in the following areas:

    1. Blast furnace facilities designing.

    2. Blast furnace cooling systems and power production facilities designing.

    3. Water reverse cycling and water treatment systems development.

    4. Water recycling (zero-liquid discharge) systems.


    Solutions in control systems design and supplying

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  • Our main business is development and implementation of design solutions on the “turn-key” basis. We are represented in the following areas: metallurgical industry; oil / Gas; chemistry; power industry; CPG; automotive industry

    Our company has been active both in Ukraine and abroad. In particular, we have projects carried out in Russia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Republic of Belarus.

    Particular characteristics of our activity The list of projects carried out by our companies includes comprehensive solutions for: blast Furnaces (cooling systems, gas treatment

    facilities, casting yard, energetics, archiving of technological parameters, Automatic process control systems etc.);

    converter production (APCS, gas treatment facilities, accounting systems);

    waste heat recovery boilers (APCS, control and measurement instrumentation);

    detergent, building mixtures, food production (HVAC systems, chemical cleaning systems, dosing systems).


    Solutions in control systems design and supplying

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  • Our key clients METINVEST HOLDING, LLC - “Azovstal Iron&Steel Works” PJSC - “Ilyich Iron And Steel Works” PJSC - “Yenakiieve Iron & Steel Works” PJSC - “Zaporizhstal” PJSC

    ISD Corporation - “Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works” PJSC - “Dneprovskiy Metallurgical plant” PJSC

    ArcelorMittal Group - “ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih“ PJSC - “ArcelorMittal Temirtau” РJSC

    EVRAZ LLC - “EVRAZ-DMZ Petrovskogo” PJSC

    Procter & Gamble Corporation - Procter & Gamble Plant, Boryspil - Procter & Gamble Plant, Ordzhonikidze - Procter & Gamble Plant, Karachi, Pakistan

    “Mondelez Ukrainа” РJSC - Trostyanetskaya chocolate plant “Ukraina” LLC - “Chipsy lyuks” LLC

    “Sumy NPO” PJSC

    “AVK” Confectionery Company - “Confectionery factory AVK Donetsk”


    PSA Peugeot Citroën - PSMA RUS, Kaluga

    KOKS Group - “Tulachermet” OJSC

    Gas Turbine Research & Production Complex “Zorya-Mashproekt” SOE

    “Kosaya Gora Iron Works” OJSC



    ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation

    Solutions in control systems design and supplying

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  • Priority brands we use in our projects and have established partnerships with:

    Rittal Hengstler

    Phoenix Contact IFM Electronic

    Our main vendors


    Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley)

    Solutions in control systems design and supplying

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  • In 2015, Azov Controls LLC was granted Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrator (RSI RA) status.

    Azov Controls LLC is the only RSI RA partner in Ukraine.

    As a result of getting RSI RA status, Azov Controls LLC has implemented a wide range of workout portfolios based on the usage of Allen-Bradley products.

    The RSI RA status indicates that Azov Controls LLC holds leading market positions and is highly qualified in technological process automation based on Rockwell Automation Inc. solutions.


    Solutions in control systems design and supplying

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  • To improve our partnership with all our customers we deliver the equipment from all over the world.

    Russia USA Germany Italy China Netherlands Japan

    Our company has an experience in delivery of goods from the following countries:

    Foreign trade activities

    Our company has its own logistics department. Our specialists provide a comprehensive “door-to-door” equipment supply with the following advantages.

    control of transportation ; self carried customs clearance; control of non-tariff regulation (certification, metrological

    certification, licensing).


    Solutions in control systems design and supplying

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  • Assembling the control cabinets

    Our production technology department manufactures control cabinets that meet any customer's needs.

    The process of control cabinets assembling takes place under constant quality assurance by the specialists of design department.

    Each control cabinet is fully tested before being delivered to customer.

    Only high quality materials are used for the assembling. This provides high level of manufactured products.


    Solutions in control systems design and supplying

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  • THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Automation LLC 56, Italyanskaya street, Mariupol, Ukraine, 87515 Phone: +38-(0629)-410-500, +38-(0629)-410-501 E-мail: [email protected] www: http://automation-twg.com

    High skilled English spoken design, commissioning and start-up engineers.

    Possibility to act as supplier of engineering services for projects of Partner both in the CIS countries and worldwide.

    We can offer our partners the following benefits

    Vast experience in metallurgy and CPG, experience of cooperation with P&G.

    Knowledge of the CIS market specifics.

    Good contacts with key customers.

    Network of Sales Engineers.

    “Embedded engineer” service.

    Azov Controls LLC 9, Krasnopolskaya street, Dnepr, Ukraine, 49033 Phone: +38-(0629)-412-424, +38-(0629)-410-124 E-мail: [email protected] www: http://azov-controls.com

    M TECHNOLOGY LLC 43/2, Gagarina avenue, office 604 Kharkov, Ukraine, 61001 Phone: +38-(0577)-281-079 E-мail: [email protected] www: http://m-technology.com.ua

    TeraWatt Solutions GmbH 365, Erkratherstrasse, Düsseldorf, Germany, 40231 Phone: +49 (0) 211-247-907-51 +49 (0) 211-247-907-52 E-мail: [email protected] www: http://terawatt-solutions.de

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