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2. TENNYSONBORN : 6 AUGUST 1809Died : 6 OCTOBER 1892 3. TENNYSON AS AREPRESENTATIVE OFTHE VICTORIAN PERIOD As a poet who expresses not so much a personal as a national spirit, Tennyson is probably the most representative literary man of The Victorian era. - W. J. Long Tennyson on his country is that she is a land of settled government where freedom is ever broadening down from precedent to precedent 4. ROMANTIC ELEMENTS IN TENNYSONS POETRYEXAMPLESRomantic atmosphere of nature: The lady of shallot The dream of fair womanLove of human life : Gardeners daughterMillers daughterRomantic poetry was characterized by a note of melancholy. In someof the poems of Tennyson the melancholy can easily be detected. : Childrens hospitalIn memoriam 5. TENNYSONS LYRICAL EXCELLENCEThe product of pure poetic energy unassociated with other energies-John DrinkwaterA lyrical is essentially a spontaneous expression of the powerful feelingssurging in poets heartHis example of lyricism : Break-Break-Break Mariana Ideal Tears Merman And Mermaid 6. Even the music of Tennysons loveliest songs is somewhat languorous. Music that gentlier on the spirit liesThan tird eyelids upon tird eyes 7. Tennyson as an arTisTAs a metrical artist:-Tennysons mastery of rhythm and metre is commendable I sing to him that rest belowAnd , since the grasses round me waveI take the grasses of the graveAnd make them pipes whereon to blow 8. Tennyson as a love poeTThe following line from this poem represent Tennysons handling ofpassionate love:-O love, O fire ! Once he drew With one long kiss my whole soul thro My lips, as sunlight drinketh dew 9. Tennysons characTer drawing in poeTryTennysons character are not living individuals , but incarnatequalities -RickettExample: Millers Daughter Gardners Daughter 10. ThanK yoUSOURCE:STUDIES IN POET: TENNYSON-J.N.MUNDRA