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  • 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUPD4dKp14&feature=fvwrel

2. VocabularyBone VertebraeSkeleton HeadSkullSpine 3. VocabularyMuscle Joint leg armTrunkLimbs 4. S K E L E T O NOur body has more than 200 bonesThe bones form the skeletonhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIjj0rC7wcQ&p=7DE38D15EC21B42B&playnext=1&index=5 5. Bones have different shapes longshortflatHumerus is a Vertebrae are Frontal bone is short bones long bone a flat bone 6. The funtions of the skeleton The skeleton has three functions1 The skeleton holds up our body.spine bones 7. The skeleton protects the most delicate parts of the body 2Ribs protect : The lungs and the heartlungs heart 8. 3 The skeleton helps move our bodymove 9. musclepullThe muscles pull on the bonesJointThe joints permit bones bones to move 10. Some bones of the skeleton The skeleton has bones in the head The skeleton has bones in the trunk The skeleton has bones in the limbs 11. skullOur head has the bones of the skull. Frontal bones Nasal bone 12. TrunkThe bones of the trunk are:ribs vertebraeThe vertebrae form the spine 13. Our limbs have bonesarmlegThe ulna is in our armThe tibia is in our leg