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Transcript of Tel Aviv-Jaffa Fellowship Launchbook


2. We believe that social involvement is the key to helping the Israeli community grow stronger and more!"#$%&(#!%" vibrant. Tonight, the journey that began six months ago at the start of the inaugural PresenTense Tel Aviv-Ja a Fellowship will culminate in Launch Night, and the Tel Aviv community will gain twelve innovative and passionate community leaders. ese twelve entrepreneurs have shown tenacity, enthusiasm, excitement, and vision, and have worked tirelessly to grow their ideas into real ventures. And, the support from dozens of experienced professionals, who have volunteered their time and knowledge to serve as mentors, coaches, subject matter experts, and steering committee members, has been invaluable in helping fellows reach this point today. e entire PresenTense community wishes the fellows much success as they take their rst steps to transform the Tel Aviv-Ja a community. Erez Marchini, PresenTense Tel Aviv-Ja a Fellowship CoordinatorPresenTense 3. BEVERLYN BAER>> Hemshech >>Beverlyn was born and raised inChicago. She holds a BA in sociolo-gy from the University of Illinois anda MA in Public Policy and Admin-istration from the InterdisciplinaryCenter in Herzliya. rough com-munity work during her BA studiesshe saw rsthand that not enoughresources were getting to poorercommunities and wanted to createa framework that would better allo-cate resources to those struggling tosurvive day to is a directoryof non-pro t organizations in TelAviv, o ering humanitarian aid andservices free of charge. Hemshechis creating a booklet and hotline toincrease accessibility of existing re-sources for those in need. 4. >> Bringing Eden Back to Israel >>Moran was born in Israel and raisedin the United States. Followinga year at Rutgers University, shevolunteered as a lone soldier inthe IDF where she served as a drillsergeant in basic training. She wenton to travel the world, working andstudying for over seven years and isnow a trained chef and manager inthe food and beverage industry.Bringing Eden Back to Israel willinspire and in uence people to respectone another by rst respecting nature. 5. >> Shem Zmani >>Gil was born in Rehovot, Israel.!"#$She has degrees from David YellinAcademic College of Education, theMusrara School in Jerusalem and aMasters degree from Tel Aviv Uni-versity. Gil is currently studyingat Beit-Berl for an M.Ed in arteducation. Gil works as the artcoordinator and teacher of HavrutaSchool for Leadership and Culturein Emek-Hefer, and she is the co-founder, director, and co-curator ofthe Phantom Gallery in Tel Aviv.Shem Zmani Pop Up Art Exhibitions is a temporary pop-up exhibitionof contemporary art held in locations around Tel Aviv such as vacant store-fronts and unused spaces. e project strengthens relationships between art,community, and businesses, providing access to contemporary art within theurban texture and enabling broad exposure for emerging artists. 6. NITZAN WOLANSKI>> Shem Zmani >>Nitzan holds a BA in Literature !"%"from the multidisciplinary programin the arts from Tel Aviv University.She studied for her MA at eCohn Institute for the History andPhilosophy of Science and Ideasalso at Tel Aviv University. She isthe director of international rela-tions at the Fresh Paint Contem-porary Art Fair, Tel Aviv, and sheis the co-founder, director, and co-curator of the Phantom Gallery inTel Aviv. 7. >> Open TLVJesse was raised in Raleigh, NorthCarolina and moved to Israel in hislate teens. After volunteering onkibbutzim, he went on to earndegrees from Tel Aviv Universityand the Technion. Jesse has workedas a freelance journalist and bloggerwhile volunteering with Africanasylum seekers. Currently, he ishoping to democratize urban plan-ning in Tel Aviv through greatertransparency. He lives in Ja a.Open TLV is about making urban :Open TLVplanning accessible to everyone bytranslating plans and policies intoa simple, graphic language, whileproviding people with the tools Open TLVto get involved. Over time, it willgradually evolve into a policy thinktank. 8. >> Ten Linshom >>Efrat was born in Israel but grewup in several di erent countries.She studied at Bar Ilan University,and and received a Masters inPublic Health from Hebrew Uni-versity. Efrat has worked at theIsraeli Ministry of Health. Sheis interested in promoting andimproving health, and believes thateliminating smoking and second-hand smoking is one of the toppublic health priorities in Israel.Ten Linshom is a health educationand health marketing campaignin Tel Aviv, particularly targeted atparents and children. 9. >> PAVIAbby was born in Baltimore, Mary-land, but is now a proud Tel Avivi-an. Since university, she has workedat NGOs and human rights thinktanks in Tel Aviv and Buenos Ai-res. She is also the co-director ofCamp PALS for teens with Downsyndrome.PALSProgressive Activism and Vol-:PAVIunteering in Israel (PAVI, connectsEnglish-speaking students and young professionals with activism and ad-vocacy opportunities in Israel andglobally promotes organizationsworking for a more just, democratic,and peaceful Israel. 10. >> Beta >>Anat graduated from the Technionwith a degree in architecture. Shecurrently works as a regional de-velopment analyst with the ReutInstitute. Previously, she workedon urban planning teams and wrotepolicy papers on local urban plan-ning. Anat also has a rich back-ground in informal education.Beta is a cultural-educational cen-!ter that will provide accessible in-formation about architecture andcity planning in the Tel Aviv metro-politan area. e center will includea model of the city with existingand planned buildings; exhibitionson past, present, and future devel-opment; and educational programsfor the public. 11. KATE ROSENBERG>> Tov Ladaat >>Kate grew up in Melbourne, Aus-!"tralia. After a few long stints in Is-rael and time spent in Krakow, shemade Aliyah in 2008 and now livesin Tel Aviv. Kate is working toward!##$making Israel the democratic, plu-ralistic, and inspiring country sheknows it can be.Tov Ladaat will provide ho-listic support and communityleadership training for Africanrefugees and asylum seekers hopingto reach institutions of higher edu-cation in Israel. 12. >> IdealTLV.comStephanie made Aliyah from NewJersey in 2007. After two years as !##%a Hummer instructor in the army,she is currently working as a paralegalin Herzliya. She lives in Tel Avivand enjoys running, sur ng, andher dog, creates deals that !IdealTLV.comprovide large discounts at sociallyconscious businesses in Tel Aviv.IdealTLV also informs the publicwhich businesses employ sociallyconscious business practices. 13. >> One for oneAvi grew up in Ramle and Rehovot.After high school, he deferred hisarmy service to participate in an Is-raeli Scouts service program as partof Young Judaeas Year Course. Hethen served in the Nahal Brigade asa squad commander. After his militaryservice, Avi traveled to the Far Eastwhere he worked with Nepali streetchildren. Avi now lives in Tel Avivwhere he works in telebanking atMizrahi-Tefahot and studies eco-nomics and political science at TelAviv University.One for one will bring TOMS Shoes to Israel and, through a one-for-onedeal, donate one pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair bought on theTOMS website. 14. >> One for oneAvner Gvaryahu is a social workstudent in Tel Aviv. He served ina paratrooper unit and afterwardsbegan working with Breakingthe Silence, an organization thatpromotes moral discussions aboutservice in the territories. Avner isa shift manager for Nalagaat, atheater group for the deaf and blindin Ja a.! 15. THANK YOU! Steering Committee: Kevin Nafte (Chair), Inbal Baum, Michael Freedman, Mati Gill,Neta Goldshtein, Shira Goldestky, Tess Lehrich, Marni Mandell, Michal Rubin, Marla Schuchman Coaches: Romit Barratson, Michael Freedman, Carmel Graber, Shira Goldetsky, Erin Kopelow,Andrea Kruchik, Maureen Meyer, Marla Schuchman, Freda Surka, Julie Wyler Mentors: Itay Ben Horen, Gidon Bromberg, Dafna Danenberg, Mati Gill, Terry Newman, Eli Novershtern, Eran Sha r, Jay Shultz, Oren Simanyan, Ruthie Sobel Luttenberg,Amir Mizroch, Debbie Stein, Lydia WolfSubject Matter Experts: Doron Biber, Tomer Tveria, Suhey Fogel, Oren Simanyan Case Study Teachers: Gidon Bromberg, Esther Cohen, Shuey Fogel, Neta Korin, Oren Magnezy, Mati GillPartnership: Tel Aviv Municipality Beit Hatzeirim !"#$%&()*+((",-$"( !"#$#%%$# ./012