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Presentación de Birgitta Persson, Secreataria General de TEH [Trans Europe Halles] red europea de centros culturales independientes en el marco de la jornada #lantegiaksarean desarrollado en Pabellon6 de ZAWp el 13 de octubre de 2011.

Transcript of TEH Birgitta Persson

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Founded in 1983

52 members and 16 associated members in 28 countries


"Trans Europe Halles is a network of independent cultural centres offering a dynamic forum for ideas, collaborations, and mutual support in the pursuit of intercultural exchange, understanding and artistic freedom".

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Metelkova, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland

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OZU, Monteleone Sabino, Italy

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Schlachthof, Bremen, Germany

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TNT, Bordeaux, France

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A38, Budapest, Hungary

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Village Underground, London, UK

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Squatting a house in Lund, Sweden in the 60-ies

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Independent, not-for-profit, multidisciplinary and initiated by grass-roots

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ufa-Fabrik, Berlin, Germany

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Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland

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Stanica, Zilina, Slovakia

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Trans Europe Halles is a not-for-profit organisation registered in Sweden

Every member appoints a delegate who at the General Assembly elect an Executive Committee for a term of 2 years

The Executive Committee delegates the operational work of the network to the TEH Coordination Office

Membership fees are €275, €770, €1100 per year

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TEH Coordination Office hosted by Mejeriet in Lund

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Communication &Marketing

Plan TEH Meetings

Lead projectsHelp new members

Facilitate cooperation

TEH Coordination Office

Strategic planning

Organise support actions

Manage the network

Advocate for the independent cultural sector



World peace

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Advocacy – influencing cultural policies

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• To foster and build closer, longer-term relationships between TEH members, both at an organisational, as well as an individual level.

• To facilitate and promote increasing joint activities between TEH members, both artistic and managerial.

TEH Key Strategic Objectives

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TEH Key Strategic Objectives

• To provide TEH member centres with relevant and practical capacity building activities and support that will result in developmental benefit for their organisations.

• For the next generation of TEH people to shape the network through involvement in the activities

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TEH Meetings twice a year

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Training workshops

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Working-the-Net and discussion groups

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General Assembly, Tartu, Estonia April 2011

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Who you gonna call?

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EVS – Exchange of volunteers between the members

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Joint Projects

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Changing Room Project 2008 – 2010

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Benefits and results from Staff Exchange programme

• More integrated membership

• People value networking more

• A true knowledge exchange took place

• Sparked a process of new projects between members

• Mobility and exchange has really worked as a tool for intercultural dialogue

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Engine Room Project 2011 – 2014

Staff Exchange

Professional development:

Leadership programme and workshops Creative Strategies for


Methodology for Intercultural Dialogue

Empowering volunteers

Artistic Community Projects

The Convention

“Independent culture is the research and development engine of European civic life and this project, Engine Room Europe, will contribute to its sustainability and vibrancy into the future.”

Meetings & Conferences

Alternative Architecture

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Leaders Lab

Next Leaders Lab

Leadership Programme

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Alternative Architecture & Creative Spaces in Zilina, SK

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