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  • 1. Monday, August 22nd, 2011
  • 2. Secretary
  • 3. Students who did not vote for secretary Antonella Mazzotti Arianna Sacchi Ana Soa Hibon Felipe Ossio Maria Marta Rey Heechae Chon Camille Jackson Naomi Quispe Adriana Lassus Ale Gavonel Natalia Cuglievan Sheba Vohra Isa Paino Georgia King Maria Ferrari Lorena Delgado Paloma Santa Cruz Diego Fiemeyer Alessa Esparza Pilar Dasso Josie Chapman Juanita Gonzalez Maria Gracia Echevarria Nicholas Arnovitz Ernesto de Losada Juan Diego Vidaurrazaga Valentina Penaloza Ximena Delgado Alessia Carriquiry Florencia Lechin Celine Fort Patrick Hancock Daniela Lopez Alana Sacio Adriana Cordova Joan Hoefsloot Matias Rey Franco Scamarone Hanna Dandanell Claudia Davila Jose Ignacio Odiaga Daniel Gavidia Natania Ferreira Seung Joo Lee Maria Gracia Santa Cruz Cody Alba Arianne Carrillo Rafaela Nogueira Janice Macara Tania Villagomez Axelle Daelemans Valeria Alvarez Karla Kaplan Matias Castro Bobby Lee Walker Caterina Brescia Karla Hernandez Carolina Hines Macarena Duharte Alexandra Philco Soo Min Jang Marimi Martinez Michelle Furman Camila Ayres Vincenzo Calvi
  • 4. We Build TogetherFACEBOOK Over the next few weeks, a lot of information will be sent to you through Facebook. Please READ IT CLOSELY! Message Headings: Last Years Members: All Members:
  • 5. We Build TogetherRevision Terreno or Separation of Supplies Saturday, August 27th, from 9-1:00 (Separation of supplies in the UTPMP ofce) Sunday, August 28th, from 8-2: visit the place where we will build and meet the families Neither event is mandatory, but if you want to volunteer and get involved, sign up on Facebook and bring the permission slip
  • 6. We Build TogetherNEW CABINET POSITIONS 4 Vice-Presidents One per grade level so ALL grades are represented Responsibilities: 1. Motivate your grade level to fund raise and take part in important events--encuestas, etc. 2. Post reminders about important events on Facebook. 3. Attend ofcer meetings on Thursdays during break. 4. Be comfortable presenting during meetings and in front of high school. 5. Replace the president when he is absent.
  • 7. We Build TogetherGIN CONFERENCE: Presentation Jose Ignacio, Jessica & Natania 40-45 minute presentation 6 people from our club! Discuss the issue of Poverty in Peru, UTPMP, Techo Club, and what were doing to help! (VIDEOS, IMAGES, LECTURE, ETC...Think TED TALK) Submissions are due SEPTEMBER 1st. Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in Mr. Topfs room. E-mail Mr. Topf if you are interested in presenting
  • 8. We Build TogetherSEPTEMBER BUILD - Villa Maria del Triunfo (Gosen) 11 homes 10 student homes = 80 students who can go and build 72 members last year 5-6 presidents from other clubs Some of our members who cant make it. If you are interested in building this September 9th-11th, and you are over 15 years old, e-mail me.
  • 9. We Build TogetherRequirements to remain in the club: (friendly reminder) You can only miss three meetings a semester You must attend at least 1 encuesta (these happen every Sunday) You must go on one build a year (Either the Sept. build or another one) You must visit the UTPMP ofce at least once Finally, you must raise at least S/. 438 to build in September of 2012.
  • 10. We Build TogetherGoals for Next Meeting Groups! Continue thinking about fundraising ideas for our club Saturday: sorting of supplies Sunday: trip to Villa Maria del Triunfo! Start raising money$$$$$$