Technology Trends for 2014 and Beyond

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Learn about various technology trends that will take us beyond 2014 and into the future. This includes various crowd funding campaigns, the internet of things, and wearable technology.

Transcript of Technology Trends for 2014 and Beyond

  • 1. Technology Trends 2014 and Beyond! Josh Murdock @ProfessorJosh

2. 3D Printers The Buccaneer Fabtotum RidgidBot 3D RoBo 3D 3. 3D Printing Pen 4. Smart Watches 5. Location Devices Chipolo Tile 6. Panono Micron Pixelstick 7. Internet of Things 8. Internet of Things 9. WeMo 10. Home Car Anything 11. IFTTT 12. Wearable Technology 13. Growth of Wearable Technology @ProfessorJosh 14. Growth of Wearable Technology @ProfessorJosh 15. The Future of Wearable Technology @ProfessorJosh 16. @ProfessorJosh 17. Pebble- 2013 raised via Kickstarter $10 million Samsung Galaxy Gear 2013 Apple iWatch ???? @ProfessorJosh 18. App Development - Various eco systems for developing Marketing - Connecting wearable tech with unique marketing strategies. Opportunities @ProfessorJosh 19. Fitness Market 61% of all devices in the wearable market are fitness or activity trackers. @ProfessorJosh 20. FitBit Flex Nike Fuel Band Jawbone Up @ProfessorJosh 21. Basis @ProfessorJosh Misfit Shine Garmine vivofit 22. FitBark AiQ BioMan Smart Monitoring Fabric Solar Bikini @ProfessorJosh 23. Health Care Market By 2016, wearable wireless medical device sales will reach more than 100 million devices annually. $2.9 billion in sales, almost half of all wearable technology sales. Metria Wearable Sensor Imec EEG Headset @ProfessorJosh 24. The first eyeglasses were not made of glass, but out of crystal. The lenses were set in bone, leather, or metal. 1200s Eyeglasses @ProfessorJosh 25. @ProfessorJosh 26. Google Glass @ProfessorJosh 27. @ProfessorJosh 28. @ProfessorJosh 29. KitchMe GlassTesla SocialRadar Crystal Shopper @ProfessorJosh 30. Google Glass Ads @ProfessorJosh 31. Meta GlassUp Recon Jet Glass @ProfessorJosh 32. @ProfessorJosh 33. @ProfessorJosh Oculus Rift 34. Augmented Reality @ProfessorJosh 35. @ProfessorJosh 36. Privacy Issues @ProfessorJosh 37. Orlando Tech 38. @ProfessorJosh