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Technology Trends 2014 - Alba Incubation Service

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  • 1.Technology Trends 2014

2. What We Will Cover 1. Internet of things 2. Big Data 3. 3D Printing 4. Wearable SE Report-Scotland Technology for Digital Health and Care, from electronics through to informatics and systems 1,2,4 Smart Mobility systems to keep people and goods moving within and between cities 1,2 Sensor Systems, particularly for challenging environments and applications 2,4 Big Data techniques applied to real world problems from oil/gas to finance - 1 Smart Built Environment, both commercial and residential buildings 2,3 Commercialisation Funding Market Awareness 3. Bodies Homes Communities Environment Goods and services The Internet of Things Will Thrive by 2025 Pew Research Center By 2015, according to Bosch, not only will 75 percent of the worlds population have access to the internet. So will some six billion devices Worth $1000billion Electrification for 21st Century 4. sensor proliferation, cloud computing, big data, and faster communication standards Major smart devices used in Internet of Things such as smart thermostats, meters, plugs, hubs, locks, and many more. The major segments that have been building automation, industrial, consumer, wearable electronics, automotive & transportation, and agriculture Its about Interconnections 5. Big data Big Data digital asset management Storage capacity rises 40-50% each year 2020 50x larger Personalisation of consumer experience Companies personalising show 19% growth Government data and security 6. Data is the new science. Big Data holds the answers. Pat Gelsinger, COO, EMC Information is the oil of the 21st century and analytics is the combustion engine Peter Sondergaard, Gartner Big data is at the foundation of all the megatrends that are happening today, from social to mobile to the cloud to gaming. Chris Lynch, ex-CEO Vertica Data are becoming the new raw material of business. Craig Mundie, The Economicst 7. Market Opportunities Security market opp $110 bn cost in cybercrime, 19% of data is protected Business solutions (online software) 32% of users purchase on smart phone Social Data Retail/B2B/Finance Machine Data- Utiliites/Logistics/Transport Location Data All of Above 8. 3D Printing 3D printing is changing the way we produce objects, from tools and toys, to clothing, and even body parts. Mashable, 9 May 2014 RAF Bikes- Houses phone cases Printing devices scanning equipment Phone cases 9. Enablers for new opportunities and technology Crowdfunding platforms raised $5.1billion (an 81% increase) and funded more than 1 million campaigns in 2012. Kick starter alone had 3m people pledge $480m, 214 countries A/B tests Momentum LeanStart Up Expert Help - SE-Alba Innovation Service 10. Points to consider as a Tech start up Internet of things Get to market quickly/Traction multiple markets Is it Scalable? Do not underestimate social media Remember Best Customer Outcome Unregulated vs Regulated market New platform or target improvements Product Driven Technology Fastest growing tech businesses last year House Trip (website) online rental - 60m Swift keyboard app - 20m Hailo taxi app - 80m Affectiv social data - 3m find your furniture buyer - 10m All t/o > 550k in 2013 all started after 2010 11. Alba Clients to Watch Tantallon Systems EnergyFusion Delivers Energy Savings of More Than 60% Physiomedics Clinical testing & piloting with NHS Scotland due for summer 2014 Spoonfed 250k co-investment opportunity with Equity Gap and Scottish Investment Bank to be secured by summer 2014 EPIPOLE 400k to support a hand-held eye- scanning camera to prevent blindness in millions of diabetes sufferers Cobra Launch first 4k simulators around the world 12. Technology Trends 2014