Technology Advancement After 25 Years

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Funny Role Play support Slide best suited for mini skits comedy The Role play reveals a New technology advancement, of creating babies in box.

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  • 1. The Robokid DATE: 25/5/2040Theme by BLACKBOX Entertainments

2. At Home 3. Husband : HARI Wife : PROF. JAYASREEGrandpa : NITHIN Grandma : RAMILAAt Home 4. Bedroom 5. PRODUCT MANAGERS NETHAN & NIMISHABIO BOX OFFICE 6. Artificial Life Process Clinically Proven and Tested No Hospitalization WE PROCESS HUMAN ELEMENTS LIKE Baby Drivers Engineers LecturesFeatures 7. 100% Human High I.Q Babies Highly Responsive Resistive to Diseases Premeditated Life time Guarantee Age OptionsBaby Processing by BIOBOX 8. $500$500Make the PaymentBaby 9. SELECT: GENDERBoyBABY PROCESSGirl 10. Boy1month6months1yearBaby Process- Select Age 11. Boy6 MonthsPROCESSINGBaby Process 12. Baby under Process 13. $1000IntegrationModellingBabyBaby Processed 14. RoboKid Welcome to the World 15. PRODUCT MANAGERS NETHAN & NIMISHABIO BOX OFFICE 16. Shahina & Aswathy in search of a Body GuardApproaching Biobox 17. $800$800Make the PaymentBody Guard 18. Body Guard25 Yrs35 Yrs50 YrsBaby Process- Select Age 19. Bodyguard Under Process 20. $1600IntegrationModellingBody guardBody Guard Processed 21. Please contact our M.D Mrs.Elizabeth George for any custom orders Please Note: Tomorrow New technologies might evolve, but none can replace your mother, her pain sacrifices and efforts in making us what we are todayThank You for using BIOBOX services