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Techno Music Lovers Daniel Antonio Pasin Ovalles April 22, 2012

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Techno Music LoversDaniel Antonio Pasin Ovalleswww.technomusiclovers.comApril 22, 2012

PerspectiveThe internet is one of the most efficient and cheapest ways to promote information. In the next few years, millions more will get connected to the internet, it will become an even bigger force and many more people will look and find what they need online.Social media has become very important in the world of marketing. Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked it, YouTube, and Pinterest are helpful to connect people, and to promote and spread information trough internet.

OverviewTechno Music Lovers is a blog that was created to that entire people who enjoy listen Techno music and go to Techno music festivals around the world. This topic was selected because I am a huge fan of techno, so it would be easy and fun to do it about this topic. Also, I think that techno music is getting more popular thought the years so people who doesnt know much about this topic can learn a little bit about this culture.

Persona Persona:Daniel Pasin Daniel Pasin is 19 years old young man who studies at Humber College; he is studying his first year of business marketing.Daniel is a person that likes every kind of music, but since he entered to the college. He started to enjoy electronic music that are played at night clubs. He is knows the popular djs and song of the moment. He enjoy going to night clubs where electronic music is displayed such as Theguvernment, Brunswick or cobra.

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The Facebook Page was the most effective social media element I used. The reason of this is because people could see photos and videos that I shared and spread them right away.Twitter was less successful but I was a good tool to retweet what the djs tweeted right away.I really liked that both medias can be combined Its more efficient and save you time.

Youtube and Pinterest were the media that I used less. I think that they are not enought strong comparing to other media elements; for that reason, I focused in use Fb and Twitter

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I think that If I would have chosen a more specific topic, I would have gotten more visits; for example, I think would have been better make a blog with news about techno music in Toronto instead of techno music in general

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The Facebook page was very consistent. I would have posted more often and I would have better results.


Twitter was very consistent also. It was combined with FB so that make my work easier haha

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FB: Like people similar to your topic and share, post and comment in other people pages

Twitter: have Frequently tweets and follow people similar to your topic.

Youtube and Pinterest: these media are good to share pictures and videos


I am not planning in having a website for the moment Should post more frequently to get more traffic in my blog

I recommend create a massive social media with FB, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and book marks and use them all consistently togetherSEO: Metatags, Keywords, More pictures

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The use of apps is growing and its expecting to grow in the the next years

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