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Magazine created for my senior project

Transcript of Techno Cute

  • Introduction Photographer: Joanna Barber Hello and welcome to Techno Cute magazine!

    My name is Tempest. I am the writer, editor and sometimes photographer of this magazine. I cre-

    ated this magazine with the hope of exposing peo-ple to alternative and cute culture in an unbiased,

    unslanted way. Lolita, cosplay, goth and punk fashions have all been unfairly represented and

    sterotyped in the media. This magazine is by alter-native people, for alternative people. This magaine

    is the fruit of months of programming, editing, photoshopping, photoshooting, writing and learn-

    ing. Im very proud of this and I hope you like it ! Thank you for reading this and enjoy the maga-


    Special Thanks I would like to thank my parents, for driving me to all these places and

    keeping me from procestinatingtons of thanks go out to my very talented photographer friends Joanna Barber and Tiffany Spauling for letting me arrange shoots for them and

    let me use and edit their photoslots of thanks Nicky Hwang, JizzaBella and Robin JooBin for taking the

    time out of their busy days for letting me interview them Thank you to my friends for also keeping me focused and ontrack and

    helping me decide on a name for my magazineExtra special thanks to Mrs.Shortino and Mrs.Conners for being the

    best advisor and monitor a Spencerport student could ask forAnd thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to read this novice


    Table of Contents

    Page 1 - Cover

    Page 2- Table of Contents (you are here)

    Page 3- Introduction & Thanks

    Page 4-9- Sex, Drugs Rock, Rave!: Brittany Bors shows off her style

    Page 10-11- Interview with Pinkly Ever AfterPage 12-13- Lifes a Drag: Insid

    e the mind of JizzaBella

    Page 14-15- Tora-con 2013 Photo Spread

    Page 16-18- Interview with Nicky Hwang of Re-fuse to be Usual

  • SexDrugsRock and RaveRochester-area model and co-splayer Brittany Bors shows off her hot many alternative styles

    Photographer: Tiffany SpauldingEditor: Tempest PaigeStylist: Brittany BorsMakeup Artist: Brittany BorsModel: Brittany Bors


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  • Model Tempest Paige shows off Rainbow Tutu ($60), Present Ribbon Hairbow ($25) and Sweet Rabbit Cutsew ($50), all made by Roobin Joobin of Pinkly Ever After

    Designer Spotlight

    Young Toronto-based designer Robin talks about her sweet pastel indie clothing brand Pinkly Ever After.

    Q: So, what were your inspirations that caused you to start mak-ing your own clothes?A: My initial inspiration is magical girl animes I watched when I was a little girl. Ive always wanted to be a magical girl and dress up like those anime characters. As I was growing up, I also liked kpop and jpop idols and their dresses as well. Combination of these two and the japanese street fashion is my base for ideas.

    Q: Where did you get the name Pinkly Ever After?I got the name when I was studying English by fairy tale books when I was in middle school student in Korea. It sounded cute to me how most of the fairy tale books end with so they lived hap-pily ever after and I got my idea from the fairy tale book ending. I wanted to make clothes for girls who read fairy tale books and stay pure and hopeful even in the cruel reality as they grow up. I wanted to make something for grown-up girls with childs heart. But happily ever after didnt sound quite original and it didnt describe where I come from well enough and I realized that most of my designs have pink in them so I combined happily and pink

    Q: Does your own personal style influence the type of clothes you make?I make clothes for this girl in my head. She is free spirited, happy and lighthearted. Shes about late teen and she doesnt care what others say. I always keep her in mind when I design. I am not sure how much my personal style effects my designs but this girl in my head is the ultimate girl figure that I want to become. I design for my own ideal girl type, if that makes sense?

    Q: What is your personal favorite piece that youve made?My favorite piece I made is Rainbow Tutu. Its very colorful and fluffy and loud and fun. It can be worn with sweet lolita, fairykei, casual cute style or idol fashion. I like how versatile it is and also its the most popular item in my shop as well~

    Q: What advice would you give to aspiring designers about to graduate High-School?I am always so careful about these advice because Im only just starting myself as well. I would say...... hanging on to what you love no matter what will pay off someday. I think if you dont give up even when things are rough, things wll come through. There really is market for anything and anybody so even if you dont succeed on what you do at once, dont give up~

    Rainbow Sherbet dress, made by Robin

  • Lifes a Drag...with JizzaBella!

    I sat down with local Drag extraordinaire JizzaBella, who is currently audition-ing to be a part of RuPauls Drag Race season 6. I asked the glamazon diva a few questions on her ca-reer and asked her for any advice she had for future wannabe Queens.

    Photographer: Tiffany Spaulding

    Photographer: Andrew JuddJizzaBella glaming herself up before a performance

    Q: How would you describe Jizzabella?How would I describe JizzaBella? hmmm well thats always interesting because I feel that I am a random person. I like to associate myself to anything that surrounds me. She is very outgoing and likes to make new friends...very determined to get what she wants and when she wants. She is genuine and is the life of the partyQ: What originally got you into drag?I started doing drag when I was a freshman in college, it was the student college drag show and I was asked to take part in it, since then, I have tried to better myself from that hotmess show and try to make myself more of a diva.

    Q: Favorite fashion style?My favorite fashion style is 90s cocktail or any-thing like Fran Fine from the Nanny, FRAN DRESCHER REALNESS! but I am open to trying crazy stuff and going with the flow.

    Q: Who is your favorite celebrity, alive or dead?My favorite celeb icon is Sophia Loren, she is just soo pretty!

    Q: Who or what are your drag inspirations?:I take my inspirations from queens of the past but also from the fly on the wall. Both are just interesting in their own way and I try to see what it took to get where they are now. Strong heart-ed, Queens are what this world needs because it keeps things alive and exciting.

    Q: Any last words to our readers?If you ever, EVER, want to do drag, make sure you think about it first, because Drag can be a lot of fun, it can be exciting to meet new people, but its addicting. I have spent tons of money on Drag but that is because I do it more professionally. If you are trying to do it as a small hobby, really think about it, because once you put the heels on, you are never taking them off! Have a wonderful day my loves and remember if you aint WERKIN IT, well you betta sit down because no one got time for that!

  • Tora-con 2013Held at the Rochester Institute of Technology every year, the anime convention Toracon brings in almost 2,000 attendees annually. Con goers will dress in cosplay of their favorite char-acters. Here are a few of the talented cosplayers spotted at toracon this year!

    Kat (L) cosplays Neliel from the anime Bleach and Brittany (R) is wearing a rave outfit

    Who-mania! Despite not being an anime, the BBC show Doctor who is frequently cosplayed at anime conventions. Joey (L) and Nick (R) both cosplay the 10th Doctor

    Adorable local cosplayer Aara Leecosplays Ma-doka from the anime Madoka Magi

    Cosplay trio! Joanna (L) is a clockwork doll, Julia (M) is a feminine Batman and Renee (R) is a sexy Iron Man

    Nick (L) is dressed as R from the movie Warm Bodies and Chad (R) is dressed as the 11th Doctor

    The talented RIT cosplay troupe poses for photos after performing their annual scripted Cosplay Chess show at To-ra-Con.

    Brittany Bors wearing a sexy female version of Dante from the video game series Devil May Cry

    Artist alley

  • Refuse to be Usual!

    Nicky Hwang opened her ebay store in 2014. Nearly 10 years later, she now has over 42,000 sales with an-other 1, 600 on heretsy account. She is one of the most popular sellers of Asian-style alter-native clothing.I asked Nicky a few questions on her business and style

    Photographer: Tiffany SpauldingModel: Tempest PaigeTights, Tutu and Poncho are from Refuse to be Usual

    Interview with Nicky HwangQ: Where did you get the name Refuse to be Usual? The name Refuse to be Usual popped out when I was required to gave a name to my ebay store opened in 2004. At the time i hadnt even started selling clothes yet, but in the back of my head I already knew that no matter what I do, it will be different. I am very thankful for this name. it has been keeping me strong since and remind-ing me to always succeed the person I was yesterday.

    Q: What got you into alternative fashion and how old were you?besides my own personal problem of refuse to be usual, it must be the alternative music that got me into alterna-tive fashion and I am always 24 in Nickys year. haha!!

    Q: What is your favorite type of alternative fashion? Grunge, vintage, deconstruct/reconstruct, victorian era, japanese fashion, goth, punk, rocker, kawaii, lolita, for-rest-kei. A whole lot!

    Q: What influences your personal style and store?My personal style is casual and minimal. It has to be quick to put on and comfortable so I can get ready for my hectic life. also, it probably has something to do with 10 years of living in the sunny, healthy, laid-back California. My store style on the other hand is entirely opposite. I am litera