Techcomm Careers October 2014 Update


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Presentation delivered by a professional technical communicator to students in a technical writing class


  • 1. Careers in Technical Communication Presentation for Dr. Liz Angelis Classes Towson University, October 2014 Presented by Carolyn Klinger
  • 2. Agenda Techcomm definition Career security Paths to careers in techcomm Society for Technical Communication
  • 3. Technical Communication is Contributing to business goals by designing and enhancing internal communications and by reusing content in cost-effective ways.
  • 4. Technical Communication also is Communicating about technical or specialized topics by using technology, including emerging new media
  • 5. STC Body of Knowledge Go to the STC collaboration site at to learn, contribute, and add to your online portfolio.
  • 6. Techcomm is Interdisciplinary
  • 7. Disciplines Technical writing & editing Content strategy Information architecture Advertising & marketing communication Science writing (and ghost writing) Medical writing Work for nonprofit organizations (grant proposals, etc.) Usability and accessibility Instructional design Indexing
  • 8. Technical Writing & Editing Hardware and software documentation Policies and procedures White papers Textbooks Proposals Marketing materials Video scripts Magazine articles Copy editing for publishers
  • 9. Medical Writing Editing or ghost-writing articles for medical journals Patient-oriented websites Flyers describing illnesses and treatments, for doctors offices Medical transcription Instructions for prescription medication Marketing materials and web sites Instructions for using medical devices such as X-ray machines Biotech
  • 10. Work for Nonprofit Organizations Grant proposals Fund-raising collaterals Literature for clients of the nonprofit groups Web site design, content, and maintenance
  • 11. Advertising & Marketing Communications Advertising Print Radio TV Billboards Web sites Social media Marketing collateral Brochures Flyers Fact sheets Trade show graphics Narrated video Web sites
  • 12. Career Security Job market for techcomm is huge Technology is always a growth market Smart companies know that their communication with their customers can make or break them
  • 13. Tech Writing is One of the Best Jobs in America
  • 14. BLS Tracks Salary and Outlook
  • 15. Tech Writing Employment is Growing
  • 16. Growing Job Market States with the most high tech and industry jobs have the most techcommjobs There are 46,100+ technical writers in the U.S.! (according to the 2012-2013 STC Salary Database)
  • 17. Annual STC Salary Database Data are from the 2012-2013 STC Salary Database
  • 18. Data are from the 2012-2013 STC Salary Database, which is drawn from data reported by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • 19. Local Industries Biotech/Medical/Science Computer hardware Computer software Computer networking and security Consumer products Telecommunications Finance Academia Government/Defense/Aerospace Nonprofit organizations
  • 20. Local Jobs from .
  • 21. Paths to Careers in Techcomm
  • 22. Develop Core Skills Writing accurately Writing clearly Writing concisely Writing coherently Writing creatively Tapping diverse media Crossing boundaries and cultures
  • 23. On-the-Job Training
  • 24. Degree Programs B.A. in techcomm M.A. in techcomm Ph.D. in techcomm Undergraduate minor in techcomm A certificate based on a given number of courses in techcomm
  • 25. Joining STC
  • 26. Benefits of Membership Affiliation (geographic or virtual) with an STC student chapter Affiliation (geographic or virtual) with an STC geographic chapter Affiliation with one STC special interest group (SIG) Access to salary scales, job listings, and other valuable intellectual property on the international STC web site Opportunities to expand your network and build skills through volunteering
  • 27. Benefits of Membership (Cont.) Eligibility for STC student mentoring programs Professional networking Online access to industry-leading professional publications Reduced rates for STC conferences, webinars (plus free webinars), and certification in technical communication
  • 28. Membership Levels Student $75/year New Technical Communicator $160/year Classic $225/year
  • 29. Your Local Chapter is
  • 30. Thank You! Contact me: @cklinger