Teaser trailer vs theatrical trailer

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Transcript of Teaser trailer vs theatrical trailer

Teaser trailer Vs Theatrical trailerBy Halima Alek

Teaser trailerTeasers and trailers are all part of the drip-feed of information about a film in the build-up to a films release. Its all designed to create awareness and a kind of excited suspense in the minds of the audience, so that when the film is finally available, they will flock to it. A great example is the campaign for Gone Girl, which released a cryptic poster first and then a teaser and then a full trailer. In a teaser trailer the producers are trying to tease the viewer, leaving them wanting to see more.Teaser trailers usually last for a minute or less or maybe slightly more. They usually come out about a year before the actual film comes out as the producers are still in the process of editing it.

Theatrical trailerThe difference between a theatrical trailer and a teaser trailer is that a theatrical trailer is usually 2 and a half minute long. They feature more footage and clips of what is in the film. They are usually released closer to the time when the actual film is coming out.