Teaching listening to young learners

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  2. 2. By Randi Bagus 122122007 Dera Sartika 122122008 Sandra C 122122009 Lira Nurjanah 122122011 Widia Amelia N 122122013 Susi Nurul Alifah 122122020 Winda Widia 122122019 Usep Sahid A 122122049 6.A
  3. 3. What is listening? Listening is the consicous processing ofthe auditory stimuli that have been preceived through hearing.
  4. 4. Listening vs Hearing
  5. 5. What children listen to Outdoor Indoor If children live in area where are animals
  6. 6. Listening as one of four language skills 1. Listening 2. Speaking 3. Reading 4. writing
  7. 7. Listening as a Foundation for Other Skills
  8. 8. Background to the teaching of listening Learning channels are : - auditory - tactile - visual
  9. 9. Auditory are those who learn best through hearing things. read a story aloud likes oral reports enjoys music using audio tapes for language practice is good at expalining
  10. 10. Tactile Learners are those Learn by touching and manipulating objects (real).
  11. 11. The development of listening skills Reading skills Listening skills toprepare children to read Auditory patterns
  12. 12. Classroom techniques and activities Total Physical Response (TPR) activies - TPR songs and finger plays - TPR storytelling - TPR Yes/No Cards -TPR drawing Syllable Clapping Rhyming word activities Minimal Pairs
  13. 13. Listening in the classroom Childrens coursebook Listen and do something Incorporate listening with reading