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Teaching and Learning Framework. College Overview. *Hoppers Crossing Secondary College since 1984 in Western Suburbs *1396 students *SFO approximately 0.75 *150 Staff *15% of students from EAL background *35% of Year 7 intake Below NMS *VCE median Study Score 26. Teaching and Learning. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Teaching and Learning Framework

  • *Hoppers Crossing Secondary College since 1984 in Western Suburbs *1396 students*SFO approximately 0.75*150 Staff*15% of students from EAL background*35% of Year 7 intake Below NMS*VCE median Study Score 26

  • *HCSC Teaching and Learning Framework*Common Instructional Model (GANAG)*Formative Assessment/Summative Assessment*Professional Learning Walks*Student Feedback*Coaching Model*Performance & Development Plans

  • When looking at Hatties work: Effect Size*Feedback (teacher) 1.13

    Cognitive Ability (student) 1.04

    *Instructional Quality (teacher) 1.00

    Direct Instruction (teacher) 0.82

  • Pollock Classroom Instruction that Works

    *Finding similarities and differences can increase student achievement by 45% (1.61)*Summarizing and Note Taking increases student achievement by 34% (1.00)Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition increases student achievement by 29% (0.89)Assigning Homework and Practice increases student achievement by 28% (0.77)

  • *KLA Directors/Coaches in English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science and EAL*All 15 Leading Teachers & PCO*Feedback provided specifically around:Learning GoalTeacher QuestioningHigh Yield StrategiesGoal Review

  • *KLA Directors (LTs) of :English, Humanities, Mathematics, Science and EAL*16 X 71 minute Time Allowance*Term 1 observations across KLA*Term 2, 3 & 4 specific coaching with 5 to 6 staff*Feedback to teacher (48 hours)

  • *Other (LTs) assigned Performance and Development Team *LT undertakes 2 X PLW per term with each teacher (20 minutes)*Each classroom teacher undertakes 1 X 71 minute full classroom visit of LT per Term.

  • *Student feedback on a Unit of Work*Focusing on:What have I learned?The things that helped me to learn were.I need my teacher to help me with.My suggestions to help improve the teaching are..Strengths and Areas for Improvement

  • *Every lesson*Linked to the Learning Goal of the lesson*Focussing on Prior Knowledge and Effort*Ratings 1 5 *Provides feedback to teacher both preceding the class and post the class *Encourages teachers to Check for Understanding

  • *3 Classes to demonstrate Learning Growth

    *Professional Learning Walk documentation

    *Student Feedback

    *Classroom Teacher Expectations