Teaching Adult Learners

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Teaching Adult Learners Presented by: Yvette Dupree

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Teaching Adult Learners. Presented by: Yvette Dupree. Characteristics of Adult Learners. Experienced and knowledgeable E stablished values, beliefs, and opinions Results-oriented Problem-centered Self-directed Skeptical. Activity. Adult Learning Styles. Presentations. Trending. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teaching Adult Learners Presented by: Yvette Dupree

Shortened version of a presentation given on adult learning1Characteristics of Adult LearnersExperienced and knowledgeable Established values, beliefs, and opinionsResults-oriented Problem-centeredSelf-directedSkeptical

Make your purpose clear increased variation in learning stylesExpect to be treated as adultsExperienced and knowledgeable Established values, beliefs, and opinionsInterested in straightforward how-toProblem-centered approach to learningSelf-directed learners Interested in straightforward how-tothey are more self-guided in their learning they bring more, and expect to bring more, to a learning situation because of their wider experience - and can take more away they require learning "to make sense" - they will not perform a learning activity just because the instructor said to do it


Visual and Auditory Learner Activity 3Adult Learning StylesLearning StylesCharacteristicsTeaching StrategiesVisualVisual illustrations or demonstrations Graphics & illustrationsImagesDemonstrationsAuditorySpeaking, repetition LecturesDiscussionsPodcasts KinestheticTouch or manipulation of objects Note taking Examination of objectsParticipation in activities

EnvironmentalSurroundings that match learner preferences (room temperature, lighting, seating, etc.)online learning

4Presentations Classic Trending Power Point Print Articles LectureOverheadsDVDs EmailPrezi Blogs Debate Projectors Podcasts Tweets & Posts

There are many ways to reach adult learners , classic and new methods can be used. 5Teaching Strategies Use participants as resourcesEncourage debate and discussionAddress multiple learning styles Utilize different teaching methods Be respectfulEngage

RememberPassion PurposeClarity SimplicityCollaboration