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  • The relaxing world of the spa

    Timeless Ceremonies of AsiA’s fAvouriTe Drink

    Indonesia’s finest city bites

    J U

    L Y

    - S E

    P T

    E M

    B E

    R 2

    0 15

    A S

    C O

    T T

    L IV

    IN G

    Tea time

  • A s c o t t L I V I N G 0 1

    Contents There’s so much to do this issue you’ll find difficulty fitting it all in. To make the most of your free time let Ascott Living guide you through the best entertainment across the globe

    JULy - SEPTEmbEr 2015

    04 World At A Glance A whistle-stop tour of five cities of discovery. In this issue we’ll guide you around Hangzhou, Manila, Munich, Seoul and Singapore

    cover story There’s something elegant about the quiet and measured movements of a traditional tea ceremony. Most Asian countries have their unique and symbolic take on this globally renowned, leisurely afternoon affair, as Ascott Living discovers


    12 Wellness From the Japanese onsen to the natural hot springs of China, spas have a healthy global heritage of helping you to relax

    22 Events Prepare to be wowed by the best gourmet galas the world has to offer. Ascott Living gives you a heads up on the forthcoming foodie calendar so that you won’t miss a bite

    11 shopping Today’s timepieces are so much more than an instrument for merely telling the time. Modern wrist wear has come a long way from the sundials of old. Take a minute to read our guide

    travel The metropolis of Jakarta and its sleepier sister Surabaya are havens for foodies that like to discover something new. Work up a hunger with our insider’s guide to the insatiable appetite of Indonesia


    28 Big Bite Breakfast is the best meal of the day. We look at the most delicious dishes to enjoy at sunrise across the world

    27 the Walk A few hours in Suzhou is time well spent. Ascott Living guides you around the scenic lakes and gardens of this cultural hotspot — with time to stop on the way

    34 Ascott News What’s happening in the world of Ascott, from bespoke guest experiences to new openings in Vietnam, Sabah and the UAEco

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    Be us


    Shenzen Heng An Xing Text i le Science & Technology Limited | Tel: +86 755 25126000 Website: www.haxgroup.com | E-mail: [email protected] | Fax: +86 755 25120680

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  • A s c o t t L I V I N G 30 2 A s c o t t L I V I N G

    Discovering new and exciting dishes is one of the perks of travel. From humble street food to fine dining, the globe offers a host of delicious possibilities. With gastronomy as this issue’s theme, Ascott Living has worked up an appetite for some tasty treats across the world. The saying is that you should eat breakfast like a king, eat

    lunch like a prince and eat dinner like a pauper. Taking that saying at face value, dive into our Big Bite feature (page 28) for a detailed look at the first meal of the day: breakfast and how it differs around the world. Whether you prefer a full plate or a simple croissant to start your day, this is not a feature to read when hungry. While breakfast might be the most important meal of the day in some cultures, in Indonesia, food is a constant thought. If you’re travelling to either the bustling capital of Jakarta or its sleepier sister Surabaya, make time on your travels to enjoy some of the finest culinary treats the country has to offer, with our insider’s guide (page 14). As the world becomes more food obsessed, festivals and gastronomic galas are popping up nearly every month. Get a taste (page 22) of some of the best food events in the world, from a fair dedicated to Italian white truffles to a Balinese buffet you can share with monkeys. We also look at the fascinating tiny dishes of banchan (page 8). The best versions of this Korean side dish are hotly contested and it’s easy to see why. Travel never fails to be exciting and the journey can be as much fun as the arrival: find out how to get there in style with our line-up of the best airline seats (page 5). Even transit time can be fun if you’ve got the right guide. Whether you’re shopping for watches (page 11), or waiting for a connecting flight in Dubai, we’ll show you how to make the most of it (page 9) — even if you only have four hours to spare.

    Culture There’s nothing quite like the solemn culture of an Asian tea ceremony to take this humble drink to new, loftier dimensions. Discover the history of this fascinating tradition of tea drinking (page 24). While reflecting on the traditions of the past we should be mindful of the future. Find out how to be eco friendly when you travel (page 6).

    Welcome Dive in to a delicious issue of Ascott Living

    Local Grab our map and take a morning stroll around Suzhou with its intriguing gardens and age-old water features (page 27). We’ve also got a handy guide to the latest goings on and things to do in Hangzhou, Manila, Munich, Seoul and Singapore, whether you’re a lone traveller or have a family in tow (page 4).

    Wellness The spa industry is growing year on year. We’re all looking for a state of relaxation, from the traditional healing properties of the Japanese onsen and the natural hot springs of China, to the latest spas. Find out the treatment that suits you best and where you can find it (page 12).

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  • Least leggy China Southern Airlines wins the award for least leg pitch

    – the distance between two rows of seats – with a mere 73.66 centimetres between rows in some planes. United’s

    Boeing 757-200s boast a massive 93.98 centimetres.

    Snazziest The Emirates A380 first class suite feels more like a snazzy hotel room

    than a seat. It boasts a fully stocked minibar, wardrobe and a vanity mirror. A few steps away from your seat, meanwhile, is an in-plane marble-lined shower spa, offered exclusively to suite passengers.

    Friendliest Thomson Airways, the UK’s third-largest airline, has big plans.

    Over the next five years they’re looking to introduce round table-like seating, with parents and offspring sitting face to face.

    Lets hope this cuts down on the number of screaming kids.

    Revolutionary You may soon be reclining in Panasonic’s new economy class seating system, the JAZZ, in a host of airlines. They feature large 13.3 inch (33.7 centimetres) touchscreens, near field

    communication systems for mobile payments, customised mood lighting and wireless charging pads. The seat frame is made from airy carbon fibre and magnesium, allowing airlines to shave weight and free up floor space for carry-on luggage.

    A S c o t t L I V I N G 0 5

    Plane Envious. Airplane Seats

    shop Tea, silk and freshwater pearls are just some of the must buys in Hangzhou to take home. Head to Wulin Road, for an authentic local shopping experience.

    Manila Seoul In detail: Munich Known the world over for the beery delights of Oktoberfest (which actually starts in September), the calendar mainstay since 1589, Munich attracts some six million people for that festival alone. But this romantic city is so much more than the home of alcoholic merriment. Walking around the cobbled streets is a visitor’s dream, as most of the roads are pedestrianised, a state remaining from when traffic was banned from the roads for the 1972 Olympics. Just a 90-minute drive from the Alps in one direction and an ho