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Taylor Swifts website has a very simple structure with a moving image as the main focal point on the website. The pictures have information about her new songs and interviews and is a way of promotion. It tells you where you can purchase or listen to her songs to. The images used are not trying to make her look like a sex symbol, she looks very girly and feminine in the clothes that she wears. She plays the guitar and is quite natural looking without heavy make-up and has chosen very natural locations which gives the impression her music is going to be quite slow. Taylor Swifts old website is the image in the bottom right corner and she has transformed her style and look to appeal to a wider

target audience. She use to have a school girl image and appeal to a younger target market from 12-17 (rough school years)

she is now trying to appeal to an older

market by dressing more sophisticated

and fashionable. By having a range of

pictures on her website it will appeal to

different people such as the photo with

her guitar showing the type of music

she will be making and her style by

showing the clothes that she wears. Her

new target audience is aimed at people

between 17-30.

This is Taylor Swifts new album covers which are all very similar because they all have the same style of writing. The images of her looking down suggest shes shy or upset which gives you an insight into what her music is going to be like. The middle album cover shows her style and choice of clothing where people might find her a fashion icon or know what her music will be like based on her style. She looks very grown up in how she dresses and very mature which is very different from her old school girl style. Her new target audience is aimed at girls between the ages of 13-30.