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  • 1. T h e Ba s i c s Arrive early Give us a wave Allow passengers to exit the bus
  • 2. T h e Co s t YOU PAY HALF!!! Pay with exact change only .50/ride with Student ID 10 Ride Half-Fare $4.00 Day Pass Half-Fare $1.50 3 Day Pass Half-Fare $4.00 31 Day Pass Half-Fare $15.00
  • 3. T h e Do s Stand behind the line to keep the aisles clear Keep arms, legs, head inside the vehicle at all times Give up your front seat to Senior passengers Passengers with disabilities Pregnant passengers
  • 4. T h e Do n t s Dont eat or drink Dont play loud music or carry on a loud cell phone conversation Dont stand up before the bus has stopped
  • 5. F u n S t u f f Silver City Galleria: Stores, Restaurants, and a Movie Theater Shaws, Stop & Shop, and CVS McDonalds, KFC, etc Wal-Mart
  • 6. i l i t i e s Route 18 goes into Norton & Attleboro Go to the Attleboro T station to go to Boston! Stop at the Attleboro bus shelter and hop on Routes 10 or 12 to the Emerald Square Mall
  • 7. = Taunton Housing = McDonalds = Hannaford Authority
  • 8. = Taunton = Girls Inc. Career Center = Stop @ = Parker Middle = KFC Longmeadow & School Dean = Taunton Parks & = McDonalds Recreation
  • 9. = Taunton City Hall = Pole School = Department of Public Works Marian Manor = JCPenney Silver Robertson on MassHealth City Galleria the River
  • 10. F l e x Ro u t e s You can take EITHER Route 7 or 8 Stop at The Green for: First Taunton Group Taunton YMCA Stop on Main Street for: Community Care Services Homes for Our Troops Stop at Bloom Bus Terminal (the end) for: Pride Inc.
  • 11. T h e E x i t If you are unsure about ANYTHING Ask your driver One block before your stop Pull the cord above the window Exit the bus Cross the street AFTER the bus departs ENJOY YOUR DAY AT WORK!
  • 12. We b s i t e WWW.GATRA.ORG Welcome Aboard!
  • 13. Qu e s t i o n s