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  • Outline
    • Introduction Of Tata Company
    • The seeds of Dream
    • The Nano Project
    • Plant Of Tata Nano in Sanand
    • Deal Of Tata Nano
    • Cheers for Rajkot Auto parts Industry
    • Anatomy
    • Advantages of The Wonder Car
    • Challenges to Tata Nano
    • Conclusion
  • Flow Of Presentation 1)Harshil Shah
    • Introduction
    • The Seeds Of Dream
    2) Hinali Shah
    • About the NANO Project
    • Plant Of Tata Nano
    3) Khelan Shah
    • Deal Of Tata Nano
    • Cheers For Rajkot Industry
    4) Rikin Shah
    • Anatomy
    • Advantages
    5) Bijal Shah
    • Challenges
    • Conclusion
    • Mr. Ratan tata is the chairman of the TATA company
    • It is diversified in 90 companies like Tata steel, Tata salt, Tata chemicals, Tata motors, Titan, Tata Telecom etc
    • This company is serving INDIA for over 130 years
    • This company continuously upgrades technology with tie ups & collaboration with global companies
    • The dream stared when Ratan Tata saw a family of four people (Husband, wife & two children) going on two-wheeler on heavy rain in highly risky conditionsBut in India its a very common scene.
    • Mr. Ratan Tata said, I observed families riding on two-wheelers - the father driving the scooter, his young kid standing in front of him, his wife seated behind him holding a little baby. It led me to wonder for such a car which is safe & affordable to any middle class family.
  • The NANO Project
    • Gujarat has hit a jackpot in the form of NANO after controversy in Singur
    • In this controversy farmers of Singur opposed Tata company because they did not want to sell their land
    • Mamta Banerjee also supported them & opposed for this project. So, Mr. Ratan Tata decided to divert project in Gujarat.
    • Mr. Narendra Modi encouraged Gujarat for this project
    • Mr. Modi wants Gujarat to shine on the global map
    • Mr. Tata bought 1162 acres land for this grand project.
    • With the help of this project there will be employment opportunities for 10,000 people (approx).
    • Initially, Tata Motors will produce 2.5-3 lakh cars annually and expand up to 5 lakh cars per annum.
  • Tata Nano Plant In Sanand
    • The Tata Nano project location in Sanand boasts of close connectivity to National Highway-8 connecting Rajkot and Ahmedabad.
    • The Nano site is also close to the proposed Dholera port, which is being set up as an industrial development project as part of the implementation of Delhi-Mumbai freight corridor.
  • Deal Of Tata Nano
    • A loan of Rs. 9750 Crore & that too at an amazingly soft at 0.1% simple rate of interest.
    • Repayment of this loan @ 0.1% over 20 years.
    • They got 100% exemption on electricity duty.
    • The 1100 Crores Land comes highly subsidies without any stamp duty registration and transfer charges.
    • The payment for land would be made in eight equal annual instalment at a compound interest of 8% p.a.
  • Nano to bring cheer to Rajkots auto parts industry
    • Rajkot has biggest automobile parts indutry so, Tata gave auto parts contract to Rajkots auto part industry
    • Rajkot is a hub for the auto parts ancillary units and will be happy to supply parts to Tata
    • There are 100 such units in Rajkot GIDC estate at Metoda with an annual turnover of Rs 1,500 crore.
    • Out of these, the supply to Tata comes to Rs 200 crore per annum, and supports around 50 units in a major way
  • Anatomy of Nano Car
    • Price: 1.2 lakh onwards
    • Engine: 624cc, twin-cylinder
    • Gearbox: 4-speed manual
    • Top Speed: 95-100kmph (Speculated)
    • Length 3100mm
    • Width 1500mm
    • Height 1600mm
    • Wheelbase 2230mm.
  • Various colors of The Wonder Car
    • Nano will give more mileage in less petrol
    • Many Automobile companies will get the benefit from this infrastructure
    • Nano will create Job opportunity for the 10,000 people (approx)
    • Its like DREAM COME TRUE for middle class people
    • It will help for the employment of Engineers, their skill development & creation of trained manpower
    • It will also help to Shipping industries & Air-line industries
    • The Prices of land near project area also go up in now-a-days
    • Because of this wonder car there is also development of roads near Sanand
    • It will also helps in development of Schools & Hospitals
    • Tata had come to Gujarat not just to make money, but to contribute to the state development & public welfare
    • Educational institutes see window to start new Automobile courses in Ahmedabad
    • Tatas are going to start An Auto academy & Driving school along with the Nano manufacturing
  • Challenges to Tata Nano
    • Political issues in Gujarat.
    • Fuel price hikes is the most important challenge for Nano.
    • Increase in material cost like steel and tires.
  • Conclusion
    • Nano really proved cheapest car of the industry
    • Nano definitely helps to come true for middle man s dream
    • Some hidden minus points of nano are there, still It is beneficial to Gujarat as a state development.
    • Brand Gujarat gets a big boosts internationally due to Nano Project.