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Jan 12

1 MBA CLASS of 2013s Initiative Presents


First Specialized Online Magazine of Amity Business School




[FEATURED ARTICLESBirth of ZooZoo Scenenario of Marketing in India Post 1991 Marketing Manager of the Month Mr. Atul Sobti

ALSO LOOK OUT FORQuiz, Spotlight Ad, Oppurtunities & lots more



Y]HAPPY NEW YEARThe December holidays are the highlight of the winter for me. Im a huge fan of cold and foggy weather. I like being free, holidaying, and spending time with my family while enjoying the serene beauty of the occasional sunrise and sunsets. The warmth of the hot espresso coffee and the decorations of the Christmas balls all around, makes this season irresistible. Well, it sets my grey matter to a switch on mode and gives a green light to the creative bent of my mind. This was the time when I was appointed to be a part of the first ever online marketing magazine of Amity Business School, a new initiative taken up by a friend of mine, who brainstormed and conceptualized this initiative along with his four friends and I just couldnt say NO. Well, why would I? For me, this is one of the most exciting and informative opportunity in Amity Business School. We, as the team of Markmity and students of Amity Business School, promise to deliver countless opportunities to you as well. In other words, this our New Year gift to Amity Business School Dear readers, welcome to Markmity, a new monthly magazine about the flourishing and dynamic marketing industry in the world. This is the first time that Amity Business School takes an initiative to publish a marketing magazine of its own, and I feel honoured to be a part of the same. Its time to express your big fat Philip Kotler books and once again, redefine, marketing. Markmity, the conjoint of Marketing & Amity, promises to make this journey of readership, a fruitful one. Another reason that I couldnt resist this opportunity is that Team Markmity is a group of fun loving people who are chasing their


dreams day in and day out. Marketing runs in their blood and they dont hesitate in admitting that we would like to make big in this field. Around 20 years ago, I, along with my family bought an Ambassador and charted a course for Sufdarjung Enclave, New Delhi. I still remember the big, huge, bulky car then. Yet, it was a status symbol to have a car that time. But now, things have changed, with the launch of Tata Nano, a mere 1 lakh car and concise for a nuclear family. Wont it be interesting to understand what marketing strategies were followed by the Tatas, how it bombed initially and what all have been changed since then? With this issue our Guest Editor Siddharth Kapur will give an insight about change in marketing scenario after 1991 when India opened itself to Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization. Finally, Sukrit Vig, MBA General Class of 2013, our second guest editor of this issue will uncover advertising strategies undertook by Vodafone. The Quiz-Zation, Brandfare and Marketing Samachar adds to broaden your knowledge of marketing. With this issue, we also introduce the concept of Marketing Manager of The Month. An Industrial Mentor would be added to our slate of regular columnists. Readers will be familiar with him, and he would take us to the journey of marketing ups and downs and the issues taken up, the strategies followed, in the industry. Truly its been a wonderful experience, and an honor, to be able to bring to you the best information we can find, from some of the brightest minds in the industry, to aid and entertain you. So, thank you, all of you, for everything. Thank you to those who have written articles for the magazine, to our wonderful columnists, and to everyone from Amity who has graciously offered their time and resources to make the pilot issue of magazine. Most importantly, thank you to the entire magazine team at Amity Business School for being such a dedicated and passionate group of folks! Its been my pleasure working with you every day, and I look forward to continuing to work with you. Were all part of something amazing, and I cant wait to see the progress we in the management industry experience in the next 5 years, in the next 10 years, and beyond. I know that Markmity Magazine will be there helping us out each step of the way. Small thoughts can turn into big changes. In putting this issue together, I was amazed at the number of small steps we all have taken, and continue to take, in our individual lives that benefit the business school, our thinking ability and


our intellect. Each of our staffers shared many more ideas than we had room for in the short magazine MARKMITY. I hope itll get you thinking of new ideas, as well. Happy Reading

TEAM MARKMITYEditor Creative Team Guest Editor

TEAM MARKMITY TEAM MARKMITYSukrit Vig Siddharth Kapur Ishita Arora absmarkmity1113@gm ail.com


Class of 2013 Class of 2013 Class of 2013 Class of 2013 Class of 2013 Class of 2013

E-Mail ID

EXPRESSION OF GRATITUDEWe would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Hon'ble founder chairman Dr A. K. Chauhan for his blessings. We would like to thanks Hon'ble ADG Sir Dr Sanjay Srivastava, who helped us in living our dreams to create a forever value for Amity Business School. We alos extend our gratitude to our Program Director Dr Sanjeev Bansal for his blessings. We would like to extend our deep sense of gratitude to Club and Committee Head Dr Himani Sharma for her valuable inputs. We, sincerely thanks, our Program Leader Dr., Rajnish Ratna(MBA) and Mr Hargovind Kakkar(MBA-M&S) for their support. We would like to thank Mrs Varsha Khattri, Team Leader of Marketing Club for supporting this initiative. Last but not the least, we would like to thank our teachers, families and friends for their support. This magazine is a collaborative effort involving all the excellent team members. We thank each and everyone one of them for the part they play in bringing the issue out. In order to repay debt of gratitude, we ensure to create this legacy, which will be passed on to generations to come. We will ensure maximum quality and innovation to bring laurels to Amity Business School. As a promise of innovating with every edition, we will keep one page blank to express our desire to expand.


Our Vision To foster a culture, where people express marketing in writing after research. To innovate on every issue of this magazine by adding special features on monthly basis. To foster capable and enterprising managers. To become hotspot for recruiters from famous media houses. To encourage spirit of innovation, risk and responsibility. To foster a culture of e-Magazine among other departments Finance, Information Technology, Human Resouce, Operations. To develop a sense of belongingness for our college. We believe that we are the system and it is our responsibilities to add value to it, instead of being observer.

Thankyou Team Markmity

Wanna Work With us?First of all, thanks for downloading this e-Magazine and reaching 5th page of this magazine. Jokes Apart, this is what defines us. As stated in editor notes, we are group of fun loving people who are chasing their dreams day in and day out. Marketing runs in our blood and we dont hesitate in admitting that we would like to make big in this field. We believe that we are crucial part of this system


(Amity Business School) and its our moral responsibility to take it to new heights. We believe there is more to MBA than grades and marks. This emarketing magazine is an outcome of our shared values and goals. We are looking for more like-minded, ambitious and selfless people who are ready to contribute to this initiative and make our college magazine at par with premiere Business schools magazine. You can be Guest Editor by 1) Contributing an article, amazing marketing facts, stats, pictures etc., which you feel relevant to be published. It should be an original work free from plagiarism. 2) If you have flair for writing coupled with love for marketing, contact us, we will guide you on topics you can cover. 3) If you are good at animation, logo designing etc. As a return, we will make you guest editor of an upcoming edition of the magazine With this, you boost your writing skills, knowledge and of course, C.V. Apart from this, if you have any achievements at business school level, feel free to share. We will publicize your name as an achiever. Also, if you have any initiative or idea, we will help you to materialize it. So, what are you waiting for? Don your writer cap and become part of this first ever initiative. E-mail your contribution to


Initiative starts with an ICONTENT


You & I in this beautiful world by Guest Editor Sukrit Vig 7 (An article about how Vodafone made itsplace into our hearts)

The Marketing Manager of The Month

11Marketing Manager to overcome challenges)

(It covers strategies devised by a

Spotlight Advertisement


(It salutes innovative marketing campaigns which inspires us to think out-of-the-box)

Marketing in India Post LPG by Guest Editor Siddharth Kapur 16 (An article on change in marketingscenario post 1991 reforms)

QuiZ-Zation(This will test your MIQ )


COVER STORY - Tata Nano Returns




(It covers brands endorsed by a celebrity)

Answers of QuiZ-Zation



Vodafone Essar is a member of the Vodafone Group and commenced operations in 1994 when its predecessor Hutchison Telecom acquired the cellular license for Mumbai