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This task was design to guide a reading class for kids at first grade.

Transcript of Task based project on reading comprehension

  • 2. The Colombus American School is a bilingual private institution located in Rivera. It has 367 students, from primary and secondary. This task project was applied with children from first grade. Language level: false beginners Skills: reading, speaking and writing Hours: 4 Numer of students: 25
  • 3. I work with students from first grade. I am a home room teacher in charge of 25 students. My students range in ages between 6 and 7 years old. They belong to a high socio economical status. Most of them have had the opportunity to travel abroad or take english courses after school.
  • 4. I have been teaching at this school for two years in first grade, which has given me a lot experience to see the importance of introducing children to literacy at an early age, so learners can learn more about vocabulary, reinforce their reading comprehension, get the identification of important events, sequences and improve the other language skills. Based on my experience and knowing the english level of the school I decided to guide this task to use content based reading and applied word recognition exercises and reading aloud strategies in order to improve the reading comprehesion of my students.
  • 5. To improve the reading comprehension of the students in first grade by using content based reading To apply reading aloud strategies and word recognition exercises to promote the reading comprehension.
  • 6. Where the frogs come from? Pre- reading While reading Post reading
  • 7. Task 1: Pre- reading Bring to class slides of pictures of different kind of frogs in Colombia. Ask students to describe them orally, using colors, size, parts of the body. Here students can practice structures with verb to be. Show learners a video of frogs to have fun and ask them to identify events, feelings. Video of Two frogs
  • 8. Nymphargus were discovered in the hills fo Tacarcuna Harlequin frog of the Atelopus Genus
  • 9. Nymphargus Genus discovered in the Mountain of the Darien in Colombia Rain frog. Pristimantis Genus
  • 10. Poison frog. Salamander Poison frog of the Dendrobatidae family
  • 11. Task 2 Show flashcards to introduce new vocabulary such as egg, tapole, pop out, frog Ask students to repeat it. Stick on the board the flash cards and ask students to point out them.
  • 12. Task 3: While- reading Review vocabulary Distribute the books in pairs Read aloud the story slowly, students follow the text Stop. Make sure students understand the reading Ask some volunteers to read aloud part of the story
  • 13. Task 4: Post- Reading Show students the frog life cycle and ask them to retell the story based on that. Write next to each step a short sentence telling the changes of the frog. Distribute a worksheet related to the story. Here students identify main events, characters, setting, vocabulary. Distribute strips of construction paper and ask students to draw the metamorphosis of the frog Then students will make a chain with the strips of construction paper. Volunteers will describe the metamorphosis of the frogs.
  • 14. Tadpoles have big bodies and long tails. Frogs come from eggs. Tadpoles grow back legs Tadpole become in frogs Tadpoles grow front legs