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Mithycal creatures

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Goal: To describe creatures physical apperance.To follow instructions to draw creatures. Input: Shapes, animal body parts and possessive (s form).

Require background knowledge: Animal names, human body parts.Verbs such as: draw, add, Start, connect.Adjetives: big, small

Procedures.1. As a pre task talk to students about what a myth is and which one they know.

The word myth comes from the Greek word mythos and means story or legend. Myths were passed down from generation to generation as a way of explaining nature and the universe. There mythical creatures stories from many different places. Some are scary, some are beautiful, some arepeculiar, but all are imaginary.

Students can tell to the class the ones they know about from their own country or from the world.

2. Ask students in advance to come to class with these materials: a pencil an eraser a pencil sharpener lots of paper colored pencils3. Teacher can play soft music to get a relaxed atmosphere

4. Teach the input to startCircleTriangleRectanglecirclesquareoval


5. Give to students the information about each creature, students must take notes in their notebooks.

6. Lets start to draw1. Draw a small egg for the head, a big circle and a smaller circle for the body. 2 Draw curved lines for eyes. Add two curved neck lines. Draw two linesto connect the bodycircles.

3. Draw a curved line for themouth. Draw a long curved line to begin the wing. Add curved lines to shape the paws.

4. Add more curved lines tofinish the wing shape, add small curves to draw feathers. Drawa long curved line for theother front paw. Draw curved lines for the tail and for the mane.

Start coloring

The story of Pegasus, a horse with eagles wings from Greek mythology. Pegasuswas created by Neptune, the god ofthe sea and given as a gift to a youngman named Bellerophon by the goddess, Athena

1. Draw a small circle for the head and a big oval for the body.Draw a curved line for the long shape of the horses face. Add a small eye and a mouth. Draw two long curving neck lines to connect the head and body. Draw curved lines to begin one front leg and one back leg. Draw the hooves.2. Draw curved lines for the mane, tail and ears. Draw two wings. Draw hooveson all four legs

7. Show many others creatures that students can describe them orally.Teach them a beginning such as. My monster has the

8. As the purpose is a task-project. Students must design their own mixed up monster in order to describe it orally and written form.9. These are some pictures I took from students designs.

The topic was a totally successful, the class was enjoyable and the knowledge was acquired.

This activity was used also in August as a kites design. So they described how they made the kite and described the monster.