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TARGA 3000 V1.5.1 Release NotesSeptember, 2002SUMMARY: Thank you for choosing the TARGA 3000 System. TARGA 3000 version 1.5.1 brings the following new features to the TARGA platform: Full support for Adobe Premiere v6.5 New version of Pinnacle Hollywood FX PLUS Updated version of Pipeline ProVTR Software

IMPORTANT NOTE: TARGA 3000 v1.5.1 is targeted for Adobe Premiere 6.5. To obtain your copy of Premiere 6.5, please see Premiere 6.5 upgrades at the end of this document. TARGA 3000 v1.5.1 is also targeted towards updated hardware revisions of the TARGA 3108 board. In order to determine your board revision, please run the TARGA Board Monitor in the Pinnacle Systems directory. For existing users, in order to obtain updated copies of Hollywood FX PLUS, please see Hollywood FX upgrades at the end of this document. WHATS NEW IN ADOBE PREMIERE 6.5: o Software Real-Time Preview: Renders the timeline "on the fly", previewing to the computer screen per the speed of CPU and hard disks. Premiere will render effects in real time within the timeline. In order to accommodate for this, Premiere will systematically drop frames in order to keep pace. Used primarily during editing, the timeline is rendered on export for full quality. Note also that the behavior of scrubbing in the timeline has changed. The default behavior is for Premiere to render the frame it is sitting on, Option or Alt-key overrides rendering. MPEG-2 Encoding: Export MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files directly from Premiere's timeline using the Adobe MPEG Encoder for output to DVD, Super Video CD, Video CD, and cDVD. Presets are provided for common output configurations or more advanced users can customize settings for even more options. New Titler: This titler allows you to create broadcast-quality title sequences. It will ship with over 300 pre-designed templates including still layouts, rolls, and crawls. Alternatively, you can create your own templates and styles, save them, and share them. Import text directly 09/05/02 Page 1 of 19



Pinnacle Systems TARGA 3000 Release Notes

from text files, map textures onto text, apply multi-colored gradients, emboss, or beveled edges, drop shadows, and transparency. o New Plug-ins for Audio & After Effects: Three industry-standard DirectX audio plug-ins from TC Works are now included: TC Reverb for powerful environmental effects, TC EQ for fine equalization, and TC Dynamics for compression and expansion of sound sources. For After Effects users, Premiere 6.5 is bundled with 5 new plug-in filters for Blend, Channel Blur, Directional Blur, Ramp, and Lightning. Support for Windows XP: In addition to Windows NT and 2000, Adobe Premiere 6.5 will support the Windows XP operating system.


KEY FEATURES IN PINNACLE SYSTEMS HOLLYWOOD FX PLUS: 288 FX presets in dozens of categories Lighting control the direction of the light and shine Shadows control shadow direction Motion Blur add real motion blur to give transitions greater realism Motion Trails add motion trails to any 3D object Anti-aliasing more control over the quality of edges Live Video Preview for viewing the video transition play inside Hollywood FX. Customize flight paths, morphing and transparency of objects Control the hold time at the start and end of the effect to change the timing of FX Advanced animation controls with envelope editing using f-curves Creation and editing of effects morph amount

UPDATED PIPELINE PROVTR SOFTWARE DRIVERS: The following updated version of the Pipeline ProVTR software drivers have been enhanced for Adobe Premiere 6.5 compatibility. It is highly recommended to read through the ProVTR user guide and release notes prior to use.

TARGA 3000 v1.5.1 INSTALLATION TIPS: Windows XP: At the time of this release, the TARGA 3000 v1.5.1 drivers were not digitally signed for the Windows XP operating system. Although thoroughly tested by Pinnacle Systems, these drivers are not officially certified with this operating system. In the event that v1.5.1 is used on the XP operating system, a manual driver registration will be required for this operating system to detect the TARGA 3000 hardware.

Pinnacle Systems TARGA 3000 Release Notes

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For example, Upon completion of the TARGA 3000 v1.5.1 drivers, you are required to reboot. Once your system has rebooted, please be aware of this scenario in the event that you are using the Windows XP Operating system: a.) Upon rebooting, Windows XP Hardware Wizard will detect a new Multimedia Controller. b.) Windows Hardware Wizard will first detect the TARGA Audio DSP codec on the board (see example below)

c.) d.) e.) f.)

Click the next button to install/update the drivers automatically. Click the finish button (next dialog) once Windows XP completes this process. Repeat this process for the TARGA HUB3 codec, as well as the TARGA DVX Codec. To confirm that the drivers have been updated and installed correctly, Windows XP will flash a Hardware has been installed correctly and is ready to use balloon on the right side of the task bar. You are now ready to use these drivers in Windows XP.

Pinnacle Systems TARGA 3000 Release Notes

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Windows 2000 Users: QuickTime Settings Option THIS ADVISORY APPLIES TO ALL CERTIFIED WORKSTATIONS WORKING UNDER WINDOWS 2000 Summary: By default, Windows 2000 automatically sets the QuickTime video settings to Direct Draw mode. The majority of certified video cards support Direct Draw mode, and this is why this setting is selected by default. By contrast, the TARGA 3000 video overlay drivers (which enable video preview for playback and capture) has a known conflict with QuickTime settings set to Direct Draw mode. We recommend that prior to launching Premiere, Speed Razor or edit, please check these settings first. Symptoms that QuickTime is set improperly: Capture hangs consistently Overall instability in Premiere How to access the QuickTime settings: 1. Exit all open applications 2. Open up the control panels (Start->settings->control panels) 3. Open up the QuickTime settings 4. Navigate to the About QuickTime sub-menu 5. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and select Video Settings 6. If the radio button is enabled for Other Settings (Direct Draw), please click on the Safe Mode (GDI Only) 7. Click ok and reboot your system 8. Relaunch Premiere, Speed Razor or edit and continue

Pinnacle Systems TARGA 3000 Release Notes

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QuickTime Video Settings Dialog Image for Safe Mode (GDI Only)

Before You Install: Pinnacle Systems recommends that any previous versions of TARGA 3000 be uninstalled prior to installing version 1.5.1. This can be accomplished two ways. Either un-install using the uninstaller within the Windows control panels, or by running the version 1.5.1 installer. If you select method #2, the installer will prompt you to uninstall any previous version of T3K before it continues with the installation process. There are a few things you should know before doing this: a.) For Windows 2000 systems, it is highly recommended to upgrade your system to Service Pack 2 and Direct X 8.0a. Service Pack 2 will allow for better compatibility on some systems. DirectX8.0a with the DV patch will improve Premiere 6.0 and DV playback performance. b.) Be sure to use the same Windows NT / 2000 login for installing and running T3K. Using a different login may cause incorrect operation. c.) Pinnacle Systems recommends workstations to have at least 512 MB of RAM. This will enhance overall editing performance, especially with large projects. d.) Although both Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 are supported, Pinnacle Systems recommends Windows 2000 for optimal performance. Pinnacle Systems TARGA 3000 Release Notes 09/05/02 Page 5 of 19

e.) If you have both Adobe Premiere 5.1C and Adobe Premiere 6 installed on your system, it is highly recommended that you do not install previous versions of TARGA drivers on top of this release. Doing so may cause a problem with drivers not being installed to the correct directories. f.) Instructions for installing the TARGA 3000 Updated Effects and Graphics: At the root of the TARGA 3000 1.5.1 installation CD, there is a folder named "T3K Updated Effects and Graphics" The T3K Updated Effects and Graphics will add Picture in Picture (PIP) Style filters, masks and textures to the TARGA Effects factory. These filters use various effect tree constructs, ranging from very simple to quite complex. Most of these filters are static, and are designed to be used as a starting point for your own customized PIP effects. All static PIP filters and transitions will also have their picons updated to a Peach color. This will make it easier to identify static PIP effects when using the picker. A Luma key filter has also been added. Please read the filter description before using this filter. Steps to follow 1) Double click on T3K Updated Effects and Graphics.exe which is inside the T3K Updated Effects and Graphics folder of the TARGA 3000 v1.5 installation CD. 2) Allow the files to extract to C:\temp\T3K temp delete when finished\. If you do not have 130 MB of free space, choose another location for the file extraction. 3) After the files are extracted, copy the 3 folders (Filters, Transitions and Graphics) to your installed path for TARGA 3000. Example: C:\Program Files\Pinnacle Systems\TARGA 3000\ 4) When asked to overwrite files, choose "yes to all". 5) After the files are copied, the "T3K temp delete when finished" folder may be deleted from the temp folder. KEY KNOWN ISSUES: A valid input signal is required on the Pro Digital BOB at all times. Providing the Pro Digital BOB with a signal other than a SDI signal may result in Premiere instability. Do not power on or off a DV device connected to the firewire port during the launch