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Encashing the brand equity- Maggi sauces

ManufacturerParent BrandBRAND EXTENSION

Product Category- Cooking aid/ CondimentsA Condiment is a spice, sauce or other food preparation that is added to food to impart a particular flavor, to enhance its flavor or to complement the dishWithin this category, Maggi Sauces fall in the subcategory of Sauces and Ketchups

Sauces, dressings and condiments grows by 18% to reach INR93 billion in 2014Ketchup is the most popular table sauce in India and it demonstrated strong value growth of 17% in 2014.Ketchup in India is not only consumed with fast food such as burgers and pizzas, but is also an alternative to wet chutneys which is usually served with dosa, chapatis, parathas and samosas. Ketchups is also used to make normal food tastier thus gaining popularity among children

MAGGI- Market position(2014), Prepared dishes & cooking aidsNo. 1 in Instant Noodles

No. 1 Sauces No. 1 Pasta No. 2 in Soups

Sauce Brands - INDIA

NESTLE- Past Performance18%

Sauce and ketchup market- 2005

Nestl India Ltd: Competitive Position 2014

Product typeRetail value shareRankPackaged food market4.3%2Noodles63.1%1Dried processed food15.5%1Baby food68.7%1Soup19.3%2Confectionery11.8%3Pasta2.1%5Sauces, dressings and condiments4.1%6Dairy1.8%13

Maggi Sauce - Rich Tomato(No Onion Garlic), 500 gm Bottle is priced at Rs. 94, more or less at par with competitorPrimarily taste enhancerProduct Line Tomato ketchup, Hot & Sweet, Tomato SauceDistribution network - well spread, easily available in all kirana stores, retail store etc.Television advertisement, hoardings, print ads are used to position the brand as different


PRODUCTMaggi Sauces are primarily taste enhancerLess thickness as compared to Kissan ketchupsTo cater to the diverse Indian palate, MAGGI has a host of variants, including:

The quintessential Rich Tomato Ketchup and Rich Tomato Sauce (No Onion No Garlic)The unique Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli SauceThe tangy and chatkaaredar Imli Pichkoo

priceMaggi Sauce - Rich Tomato(No Onion Garlic), 500 gm Bottle is priced at Rs. 94, more or less at par with competitorMaggi Sauce - Rich Tomato(No Onion Garlic), 1 kg Bottle is priced at Rs. 137.00 MRPMaggi Sauce Hot & Sweet (Tomato Chilli),500 gm is available at Rs. 98.00 MRPMaggi follows a Penetration pricing strategy for the Ketchup segment as it wants to reach out to maximum possible consumers

placeDistribution network - well spread, easily available in all kirana stores, retail store etc.Distribution channel of Nestle to Distributor to Retailer to Consumer, as a chain system is helpful in proper distribution of the product

promotionThe tagline of the brand is Its different and Javed Jaffrey , the brand ambassadorTelevision advertisement, hoardings, print ads are used to position the brand as differentIn 2010, a campaign, 'Hassi Khushi and Maggi Sauce', was launched which saw the ketchup range sport a new tagline, 'Make a Difference',wherecustomers could share jokes with the firm, used on the packaging of products. They could also call up to listen to jokes by Maggi ketchup brand ambassador Javed JaffreyKeeping up with changing times, Maggi also ran a contest on Facebook- Cook different, to engage audience

SEGMENTATIONThe brand extension wanted to capture the brand equity of MaggiIt tries to enter various segments through different means and basisGeographicTaste preferenceEating habits

TARGET segmentIt targets the Middle income and high income groups, the women, as they shop for this product, for the familyThe target segment is primarily of people who consume fast foodUnlike Heinz, it does not position itself as a healthy sauceThe promotion strategy is centred around the idea that its different. Thus, consumers like to opt for it, who are not loyal to a particular condiment brand

POSITIONINGTag Line Its DifferentPositioning- differentiated from the restTarget group- Middle income and high income householdsPromotion- T.V ads, print ads, hoardingsSKU- Bottle- 200 gm, 00 gm, 1Kg - Pichkoo-90 gm, 500 gmSweetnessTanginessThickness- HighThickness- Low


Maggi faces competition from national level players as well as local brands

Consideration SET

Consumer considers Heinz, Del Monte, Kissan, Tops and Maggi while making a choice for the ketchupHowever, Kissan is the alternative preferred by the consumers who favor brand names while making such a purchase decision

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Done By-TANVI TANEJA (PGP 30398) [email protected] MANAGEMENT (SECTION B)

Under the thoughtful and enriching guidance of:Prof. Sameer MathurPh.D. (Carnegie Mellon University)Marketing Professor (IIM Lucknow)