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Diverse Laste informasjoner

Sheet: CGOSPECSheet: Last Info.COMMODITIESSpGr TempCorrection factorShip TypeTank TypePollution catComplianceUSCG compatBoiling pointMelting pointFlash pointHeat adjacentHeat req VHeat req DColourSolubilityUnNrAatrex7.0Absolute alcohol.79015.0.00085NNNNWWY1170.0Hydrocarbon, cloride free tk req.Ethyl alcoholDiffrent grades, diffrent specs-gradesAlcoholVentilate after discharge. No water reg.Alcohol AnhydrousMarpol appendix 3EthanolGrain AlcoholAcetaldehyde.78015.0.00132CYNNNWWYVery poisonous. Higly flammable.Acetic AldehydePresently acceptable on gas tankersAldehydeonlyEthyl AldehydeAcetaldoxime.970YYYWWYMore info required.Not yet classified for shipment.Will require heating, check.Acetic acid1.05020.0.001123.02gDYCLEARY2789.0Be carefull with heat adjecent, productGlacial acetic acidis very color sensitive to heat. FollowEthanolic acidheating instr. carefully.Vinegar acidCheck for N2 requirements. Clean withvarm water, than steam. Be aware ofstrong odor, be sure lines, valves etcare properly cleaned.Poll cat C, but provisionally changedto D. Some countries may not acc. D.Acetic anhydride1.08020.0.001202.02gCYNNWWY1715.0N2 blanket required. Purging priorAcetyl oxideload may be required- CHECKAcetic oxideProduct reacts with varm water toproduce Acetic acid, therefor stow SS.Clean with varm water, ventilate.Product has strong odor.Acetone.79020.0.00111NNNNNWWY1090.0Expect bukhead test . Methanol standard.Clining. Rinse freshwater and ventilate.DmkDow requiere N2 padding, and max. heatDimethyl ketoneadjacent 27C. Shell: No heat adjacent.Acetone cyanohydrin.93020.0.000902.02gAYNNCOL-LESSY1541.0Very poisonous - check IMO/USCGrequirements. Use full protective gearHydroxyisobutyronnitrile-alphawhen handling - have Amyl Nitrile capsulesMethyllactonitrile-2ready. N2 blanketing, purge may be requiredAcetone Cyanohydrinif tank vet. Use plenty if ambient temp.water when cleaning - be carefull with vapor. Can not be stowed, deck tk. without insulation.Acetonitrile.78015.0.001072.02gNYNNCOL-LESSY1648.0Poisonous cargo, absorbed trough skin.EthanenitrileHave Amyl nitrile capcules ready.Ethyl nitrileWW standard reequired. Clean with copioousCyanomethaneamount of ambient temp. water, ventilateMethyl CyanideMarpol annex 3.Acetiphenone1.03020.0.00084DNWWSLIW/W standard. Check if N2 requiered.AcetylbenzeneMay require heating, check.Methyl Phenyl KetoneShould be easy cargo. USCG has classifiedas noncompliance, not yet included in IMO(Chapter 7) Clean with warm water, ventilate.Acetyl Tributyl citrate0.04166666666666666415.0NNWWNW/W standard. No wall wash. Hot wash.Be caarefull stow Zink as zinc pick-upCitroflex A-4may happen. Should be easy product.Classified by USCG as noncompliance, notyet in IMO code.Acidulated oils.8903.0DN34.0DarkSeveral grades from veg. or animal oils.May contain traces of Sulphuric orPhosphoric acids prohibiting coated space.May require circulation before discharge, Bring heat to 60-65 C before discharge,(if shippers agree).Acrolein.84320.0.00116AYNNNcol-lessYPoisonous cargo - Inhibited. Presently notAcraldehydeyellowauthorized for bulk shipments in US waters.Allyl AldehydeFull pritection requiered when handling. VaporPropanal-2may polymerizein vents etc., check. Clean with Acrylaldehydecopious amounts of ambient temp. water first,change to warm water, than steam.Acropol 35.920NWWYW/W standard. hot washMixed linear alcoholGet heating instruction.Acrylamide 50% or less1.05025.02.02gDYNNNWWY2074.0Inhibited. Risk of polymerization above 50C.Acrylic amide 50%No heat, Steam or hot water adjacent.Propenamide 50%Higly toxic. Clean with plenty ambient temp water.Acrylic acid1.05020.0.001083.02gDYWWY2218.0Inhibited. Different grades. Nitrogen purgePropenoic acidand blanket. Ref: STOLT handling manual.Acrolleic acidVinyl Formic acidAcrylonitrile.80015.0.001112.02gBYNNNWWN1093.0Poisonous cargo. Cold wash. Check USCG/AnIMO requirements. Inhibited - No zink tank ifCyanoethyleneinhibitor is ammonia.FumigrainVentoxPropenenitrileAcnAdiponitrile.96020.0.000723.02gDYNNww tosli2205.0Poisonous cargo. Check USCG/IMO requiremAdnyellowN2 may be required. Heat may be requiered Tetramethylene cyanidein cold climate. Preclean with cold water, thenDicyanobutant-1,4warm and ventilate. Use steam if odor problemAircraft turbine fuel A&C.77015.03.0NNNCLEARNHandle as aviation gas. Some shippers mayTurbo fuelnot accept animal/vegetable oils as last cargoCheck grade. SpGr. varies from 0.77-0.83Avoid mild steel. Cold wash.Aircraft turbine fuel B.75015.0NNNCLEARNHandle as aviation gas. Some shippers mayTurbo fuelnot accept animal/vegetable oils as last cargoCheck grade. Avoid mild steel. Cold wash.Alfol alcohol blend 1214.84015.0.000713.02gBYY49.0WWSLI2582.0N2 not required. Color sensitive and may pick up from rust. Slightly soluble in water. Use Stolt A or B as required. IMO shipping name.:Fatty Alcohols (C 12-C 20)Alfol alcohol blend 1216.84015.0.000713.02gBYY43.0WWSLI2582.0N2 not required. Color sensitive and may pick up from rust. Slightly soluble in water. Use Stolt A or B as required. IMO shipping name.:Fatty Alcohols (C 12-C 20)Alfol alcohol blend 1618.84015.0.000713.02gBYY68.0WWSLI2582.0N2 not required. Color sensitive and may pick up from rust. Slightly soluble in water. Use Stolt A or B as required. IMO shipping name.:Fatty Alcohols (C 12-C 20)Alfol alcohol blend 610.83015.0.000713.0 Y NWWSLI2582.0N2 required. Color sensitive and may pick up from rust. Slightly soluble in water. Use Stolt A or B as required. Mixture of Hexyl andDecyl alcohols. Check for poll cat. Alfol alcohol blend 810.83015.0.000713.02g YNWWSLI2582.0N2 required. Color sensitive and may pick up from rust. Slightly soluble in water. Use Stolt A or B as required. Mixture of Octanol andDecyl alcohols. Check for poll cat. Alfol alcohol C-10.83015.0.000713.02gBNWWSLI2582.0N2 not required. Color sensitive and may pick up from rust. Slightly soluble in water. Use Stolt A or B as required. IMO name.:Dodecyl AlcoholAlfol alcohol C-12.84015.0.000713.02gBYWWSLI2582.0N2 not required. Color sensitive and may pick up from rust. Slightly soluble in water. Use Stolt A or B as required. IMO name:Decyl Alcohol (All Isomer)Alfol alcohol C-14.84015.0.000713.0 NNWWSLI2582.0N2 not required. Color sensitive and may pick up from rust. Slightly soluble in water. Use Stolt A or B as required. IMO name: Alcohol C-14Alfol alcohol C-16.84015.0.000713.0 NNWWSLI2582.0N2 not required. Color sensitive and may pick up from rust. Slightly soluble in water. Use Stolt A or B as required. IMO name: Alcohol C-16Alfol alcohol C-18.84015.0.000713.0 NNWWSLI2582.0N2 not required. Color sensitive and may pick up from rust. Slightly soluble in water. Use Stolt A or B as required. IMO name: C-18Alfol alcohol C-6.82015.0.000713.0 NN NWWSLI2582.0N2 not required. Color sensitive and may pick up from rust. Slightly soluble in water. Use Stolt A or B as required. IMO name: Hexanol-1 or Hexyl alcoholAlfol alcohol C-8.82015.0.000713.02gCY NNWWSLI2582.0N2 not required. Color sensitive and may pick up from rust. Slightly soluble in water. Use Stolt A or B as required. IMO name: Octanol (all Isomers)Alfol phthalate 610p.97015.0.000713.0NNNWWSLIWater sensative. Check grade. Warm wash.Alfol plasticizerMarpol appendix 3.RepoxalAlfol phthalate 810p.970 3.0 N34.0 Water sensative. Check grade. Warm wash.Alfol plasticizerMarpol appendix 3.RepoxalAlkyd paint resin (Dupont)1.00015.03.0NNamberNOA drying produkt like paint. Thouch dry in 1 h.Drying oil alkyd ResinToulene or xylene have some effect. Strong caustic have no effect,. No class but should beIMO 3. Noncomplance.Alkyl benzene sulfonic acid1.0003.02gCYYYYwhite toYCompliance cargo, IMO chapter 6 USCG# 00Dodecyl benzene sulfonic acidyellowbut incompatible with #1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,15,16,19,Sulfamins,30,34 and 37. High viscosity. Several diffrent Marlon ASgrades, check. Some grades may require highheat. Handle and clean as Sulphuric acid.Alkyl Diphenyl1.06015.03.0NYYHeat transfer medium. Get spec. beforebooking.This is Diphenyl and Diphenyl Ether mix, not listed in the IMO code. Most probablya cat A substance.Alkyl phenol polyether glycol1.06220.0NN lightw/w standard. Check if heating id requieredyellowPriduct is not classified for shipment.Alkyl Phtahlate-norm.97015.03.0NNNwwNSanticizer. Water sensitive. N2 blanket maySanticizer 711be required. No wall wash. Warm wash.N-Alkyl phthalateA mixture of Diepthyl Phthalate and Diundecylphthalate. Not listed in IMO code.Alkyl pyridine, low boiling.94015.0.00854Y49.0AMBNNbrownSLIToxic and corrosive. Not yet classified.Clean with cold water first, than hot water andsteam.Alkylated-n, aniline.95820.03.02g YNNwhite toSLIPoisonous cargo. herbicide. Water whitebrownstandard required. Cold wash followed by hot.Classified by USCG with Adiponnitrile as ref.cargo. Correct name: 2-Ethyl-6-Methyl-N- (1-Methyl-2-methoxyethyl 1) Aniline. No IMO-codeAllyl alcohol 98%.85020.0.000642.02gBYNNNwwY1098.0Poisonous cargo. . W/w standard. Check USCG/Propen 1-01-2IMO requirements. Acid wash req. after fat/vegVinyl carbinoloils. Cold wash.Allyl chloride.94015.0.001332.02gBYNN wwN1100.0Poisonous cargo. Check USCG/IMO req. N2Blanket and purge, no steam or hot wash.Product decomposes in presence of water.NOTE: Dow does not accept zink coating.Alpha Olefinsw/w Standard required. Normally no wallwashAlpha Olefins C-10.7403.02GBNNwwNAvoid adjacent heat. only slightly soluble inAlpha Olefins C-14.760 NYNwwNwater, therefore use Stolt A or B as required.Alpha Olefins C-18.7903.02GBNNwwNAlpha Olefins C-6.7003.02GBY-26.0NNwwNAlpha Olefins C-7.7003.02GBY-26.0NNwwNAlpha Olefins C-8710.03.02GBYNwwNAlpha Olefins C-9.7403.02GBYNwwNAlpha Olefins 10/13.7603.02GBYNwwNAlpha Olefins 10/14.7603.02GBYNwwNAlpha Olefins 11/12.7603.02GBYNwwNAlpha Olefins 11/14.7703.02GBYNwwNAlpha Olefins 12/14.7603.02GBYNwwNAlpha Olefins 13/14.7803.02GBYNwwNAlpha Olefins 14/15.7603.02GBYNwwNAlpha Olefins 14/16. Alpha Olefins 14/18.760NNwwNAlpha Olefins 15/16.790NNwwNAlpha Olefins 15/18.800NNwwNAlpha Olefins 16/18.760NwwNAlpha Olefins 6/7.7003.02gBY-23.0NNwwNAlpha Olefins 6/8.7003.02gBY38.0NwwNAlpha Olefins 6/8/10.71015.03.02gBYNOwwNOAlpha Olefins 8/10.7203.02gBYNwwNAlpha Olefins 8/9.7403.02gBYNwwNOlefins (shell) 124Alphenol 79.83020.0.000753.02gcYNwwThis is an isooctyl Alcohol from ICI. (C-7/C-9).Avoid adjacent heat, but can take 50C for a veryshort periode. Strict inspection, but no wallwash.Warm wash, ventilate. Correct IMO name isOctanol(all Isomers) Compliance cargo becauseof pollution hazards.Aluminum solution.920-23.0Sensitive to air and light. Get spec. and handlinginstruction prior to booking. N2 purge and blank-eting is must. Not listed in the IMO code.Aluminum sulfate solution1.30015.0NNYCoating resistancy is for a 30% solution. May becorrosive to SS, therefore carry inerted and dry.Aluminum sulfate liquidClean immediatedly after discharged, using plentwater. Marpol app. 3. Not compatible with 5-11.Aminoethylethanolamine1.03025.0.000773.02gDYNwwNw/w standard. Avoid heat adjacent. Cold washAminoethyl amino ethanol-2-2followed by hot and steam. May requiere some Hydroxyethylethylenediamine-n-bheat in cold climate. Dow allows max. 43C adjac.Hydroxyethyl-1,2-ethanediamine-nAminoethyl ethanol-2-nAminoethylpiperazine-n.98315.0.000803.02gDY93.0yellowY2815.0Most probably SS stow only, although CamrexPiperazineethanine-1says Camkote N is ok. Check for possible heat1-(2-Aminethyl)piperazinerequirements. Should be handled as an Amine.Clean with warm water, ventilate.Ammonina anhydrous.639.00130NYNNwwYGas Code.Liquid aminoAmmonium bisulfite 70%3.02gYambNNYellowComplToxic and corrosive.Gives off Sulfur -dioxide gasif heated above 65C. Compliance cgo. with Cyclohexylamine as ref. cargo. compatibility #43 but not compatible with #1,3,4,and 5. Clean withcold water, be sure all cgo. residues are removedbefore final cling. with steam. Not listed in IMO.Ammonium Hydroxide 28%.90015.0.00023.02gCYNNwwY2672.0w/w standard. Very low boiling point. Flush deck Aqua ammonia (ammonia water)in tropic climate. Note: Check concentration eachAqueius ammoniabooking. Stripping with piston pumps may causeHousehold ammoniaproblen because of the high vapour pressure.Ammoniun nitrate solution 93% or less2.01gDY2426.0Compliance cargo.IMO chapter 6 with very specialrequierements. Very high heat. Can stow in solid Norway saltpeteraustenitic stainless steel tanks only. Not assignedto any compatibility group. contact USCG.Amonium polyphosphate1.43015.0.00030N43.0YNNYMore infos needed. not listed in IMO.Ammonium Sulfide solution (45%or less).99215.0.000342.02gBYNNNgreenY2683.0Compliance cargo, requiers cooling or pressureKI-310 Depressantishtk. Alkaline solution. ph9,5. Doubthfull in Zinc, but Ammonium Bisulfideshould be ok in Phenolic. Clean with Plenty waterAt ambient Temp.Ammonium Thiosulphate 60% or less1.34015.03.02gCN34.0-5.0YYclearYCheck concentration/grade each time.Ammonium hyposilphiteHeating nay be reequired. Warm wash.Amyl acetate.88020.0.000963.02gCNNNww toN1104.0w/w standard, no bulkhead test. Warm wash, Pentyl Acetateyellowsteam and ventilate, IMO list tree different grades:Banana oilNormal, secondary and commercial.PearoilAmyl ester-nAmyl alcohol-norm.81020.0.00071DNNwwsli1105.0MEOH standard. No wall wash, but UCC has odorAmyl alcohol-1spec. After discharge ventilate tank dry, no waterButyl carbinol-nwashing necessary. IMO lists 4 different grades:Pentyl Alcoholnormal, secondary, tertiary and primary.Amylene hydratePentanol-1N-amyl alcoholAmyl alcohol, Primary.80015.0.00616DNNNNwwsli1105.0Sensitive cgo from UCC. Mixture of 1-pentanol,Primary amyl alcohol2-methylbutanol and some 3-methylbutanol. wwPrimer amylalcoholstandard. Nitrogen may be req. Warm wash, vent.Primer amyl alcoholAmylene Hydrate.8103.0DN35.0NNwwsli1105.0ww standard, no bulkhead test. Warm flush, vent.Dimethyl ethyl carbinolCorrect IMO name is tert-Amyl AlcoholMethyl-2-butanol-2Pentanol, tertAmyl alcohol-tertAn/Styrene copolymer in polyether polyol1.04020.03.0NN20.0NNNEasy product. no problems reported. Marpol annex 3, noncomplianxe as per tripartiteagreement USA/Brasil/Liberia.Anchovy oil.950DNpalesliSemi drying oil. No adjacent heat. Do not steam or tohot wash adjacent tanks. Check FFA before stowbrownin zinc. Prewash eith ambient water soonest after discharge. Use Stolt C for final cleaning,and LACon dried spots.Anhydrous alcoholNo infoSynthetic alcoholAniline1.02015.0.000802.02gCYNNNwwsli1547.0Poisonous cargo, absorbed through skin. wwAmino benzenepalestandard req. If stowing Zinc tank must be 100%Aniline oilbrowndry and N2 blanket during voyage. Aniline is colorBlue oilsensitive to oxygen and light. Clean with ambient Phentylaminewater first, than hot and steam - vent.Anivax (Paraffin exon).870DN162.0offExxon product.Check.ParaffinwhitesliAnthracene oil1.2402.02gAYY65.0brownDifficult cargo. Very toxic, a Known carcinogen.Coal tar fractionCompliance cargo because of pollution hazardsAvoid coated space. must have full specs. andheating req prior bookingAntifreeze (Glycol based)1.120YNclearYww standard. Wall wash may be required.Check each grade. Warm washApple concentrate1.350NN20.0NNpaleVery high cleanliness required. Tank must be yellowstearlized. N2 required. Color sensitive to light. Believe only SS tanks will be acceptable.Aroma C-9.92215.02.02gAYNNbrownsliPrewash cargo. Tripartite agreement USA/LiberiaC-9 Resin oil feedstockand Holland. To be carried under n.o.s. #4.Aromatic resin feedstockMixture of aromaatic hydrocarbons with mainC-9 resinfeedcompoonents Vinyl Toulene and Indene. tox. Inhib.Asphalt1.00020.0NN33.0148.0brownNProblem cargo High heat. Difficult cleaning.Asphalt cementsblkSeveral grades. Marpol annex 1.Asphalt BitumenBitumenConsult Ops. dep beefore bookingPetrolium asphaltAsphalt blending stocks flux1.000NN33.0YbrownNProblem cargo High heat. Difficult cleaning.Asphaltum oilblkSeveral grades. Marpol annex 1.Flux oilPetroleum TailingsConsult Ops. dep beefore bookingResidual oilRoad oilAsphalt blending stocks Residue1.000NN33.0YbrownNProblem cargo High heat. Difficult cleaning.Carpeting mediumblkSeveral grades. Marpol annex 1.Petroleum asphaltPetroleum pitchConsult Ops. dep beefore bookingPetroleum ResidueResidual asphaltRoad binderAsphalt cutback.960NN33.026.049.0blkNDifferent grades, some req heat. Difficult cleaningback to ww standard. Consult. Gen .Ops priorto booking. Marpol annex 1.Atmospheric gas oil.870NN33.0NNdarkGet specs. Handle as other gas oils.Vaccum Gas OilMarpol annex 1.Aviation gas.650NN33.0NNclCheck lead content and if contains dye. MSC not Sky chieforngaccepting animal/veg oils as last cargo. If coatingPremier 93redstained - contact SNI. Run acid wash test to checkRegular 81blufor dye. Marpol annex 1.Hydro crackateBabassu oil.920DN148.049.0YellowNCheck FFA if stowing Zinc. Non drying oil. GetBrazilian palm oilheating instructions. Clean as for Palmoil.Benzene.8880 15.0.001003.02gCYNNww topart1114.0Poisonous cargo. Check USCG/IMO req.Vaporyellowlyreturn maybe requiered. ww standard. Wall washBenzolmay be req.(Exxon) depending last cargo.BenzoleNote: Check freezing point, may be req. in coldclimate. Correct IMO name: Benzene and mixtures.having 10% benzene or more.Benzene Sulphonyl chloride1.37815.0.000723.02gDYYYYclearN2225.0SS stow only tk and product must be 100% water-Benzene sulfonechloridefree. Avesta detected corrosion after 14 days withBenzene sulfonic (acid) chlorideproduct whitch contained only 100 ppm water.N2 purging and blanketing req. Get heating instr.and exact water content in ppm. Clean with plenty luke warm water. Spray Stolt A or B.Rewash donot leave slop in the tank.Benzoyl chloride1.21220.0YNNNclearNToxic and very irritating to eyes and respatory tractUse protection. See remarks 2 and 4 in Avesta book. Reacts with water and moisture to produceHCL., use N2 blanket. Clean with plenty cold waterflush with fresh and steam. Donot collect slop onboard.Passivation rec. Not listed in IMO.Benzyl chloride1.1002.02gBYNNwwN1738.0ww standard. Cargo hydrolisis with water to formBenzenecarbonyl chlorideacids. Consult coating residtency list. Do not useAlpha chloro toulenecoated tk as slop tk. Cold wash.Bitumen oil.91216.0.00080NN33.0NNblkSimilar to fuel oil #6, but heating not req. No clean-ing problems reported. Avoid stowing zinc.Marpol annex 1Black waxy residueDifficult product stay away.Brake fluid1.000.000783.0DNNNoff-sliGlycol ether mix. PH 10-12. ww standard. Hot wash.Ucon 7o r 3white Correct IMO name: Brake fluid base mix.Breaxit 7896 (exxon).9903.0NtanNww standard. Get specs . For each shipmentSynthetic resinMust have correct chemical nameBtx.860.000923.02gBYNwwYBenzene, toulene, xylene mix. ww stndard. Check Btx mixtureBenzene content. If Benzene content is 10% ormore itis a category B if less than 10% it is C.See IMO code for correct shipping name.Butadiene (inhibited).62020.0.00180YNNc-lessNReq cooliing to -30CBlethyleneor pressure tk.Butadiene-1,3BivinylDivinylVinylethyleneButane.580YNReq cooliing to -20cButane-nor pressure tk.N-BuraneButyl acetate-norm.88015.0.001013.02gCYNNwwsli1123.0ww standard - dry. Cold wash followed by steam.Butyl ester-sConsult resistency list when stowing Zinc.Butyl ethanoateButyl ester-sN-butyl acetateButyl acrylate-norm.90015.0.000102.02gDYNwwsli2348.0Inhibited ww standard - dry. Cold wash followed by Butyl 2-propenoatehot. Use Stolt C to remove odor. Celanese req. N-butyl acrylatewall wash.Butyl alcohol-norm.81015.0.000633.0NNNwwnegl1120.0ww standard. Hot wash. Celanese req wall wash.Butanol-1and odor test. N2 may be req. by some skippers.N-butyl alcoholMarpol appendix 3Butanol-nN-butanolButyl alcohol-sec.80015.0.000633.0NNwwnegl1120.0ww standard Hot washButanol-2Marpol appendix 3S-butyl alcoholButanol-sButyl alcohol-tert.77015.0.000633.0Nwwnegl1120.0ww standard. N2 may be req. This grade mayButanol-3require heat. Hot wash.T-butyl alcoholMarpol appendix 3Butyl benzyl phthalate1.12025.02.02gAYNclearsliww standard. N2 req. Hot wash.BbpCargo is water sensative.Santicizer 160Palatinol b.b.Butyl ether.77020.0.000853.02gCY25.0Nc-lessN1149.0ww "plus" standard. N2 blanket while loading,Dibutyl ether-ntransit and discharging. Cold wash followed by hotand steam.Butyl Methacrylate Monomer.89525.03.02gDYNwwNww standard. Inhibited. Heat and moisture and/orMethacrylic acid butyl esteroxidation may cause polymerization. Cold washButyl methacrylatefollowed by hot. Use Stolt C for odor.Butyl 2-methacrylateButyl-alpha-methyl acrylate-nButyl-2-methyl-2PropenoateButyl-a-Methyl acrylateButyl phenol-ortho/sec.980wwww standard. Hot wash. Heat req. get instructions.not yet classified for shipment.Butyl phenol-ortho/tert.980wwNww standard. Heating may be req. Handle and clean as phenol. Hot wash. Not yet classifiedfor shipment.Butylamine-norm.74020.0.000902.02gCYNNNc-lessYww standard. N2 recommended. Cold wash.Aminobutane-1Mono-n-butylamineNonylamineButylamine-sec.72020.02.02gCYNNwhiteYZinc pickup in zinc tks. N2 recommended.Cold w.Butylamine-tert.70020.0.000902.02gCYNNNc-lessYAvoid heat adjacent,Aminioisobutane-2(B.p. 45C). Cold wash.Amino-2-methylpropane-1Trimethylamino methaneButylene.59520.0Yc-lessNGas code.Butene-1Ethyl ethyleneButene 2-transIsobuteneButene 2-cisButylene-cisButylene-transButylene-AButylene glycol-1,31.0103.0DNNclearYww standard. N2 normally req. Two grades;Butanediol-1,3Technical and food. Food grade may req. wall wash. Cold wash. Must be on ships COF.Butylene glycol-1,41.03.0DNwwYww standard. No wall wash. N2 usually req.Butanediol-1,4Cold wash Must be on ships COF.Dihydroxylbutane-1,4TetramethyleneglycolBurylene oxide-1,2.83015.0.001132.02gCY-26.0NNNwwp-ly3022.0Cargo of particular hazard . Check USCG/IMOButene oxide-1requirements. Consult SNI handling manual.Epoxybutane-1,2Classed as propylene oxide except that coolingButylene oxide-anot required.Butyraldehyde.80615.0.001043.02gBYNNNwwY1129.0N2 blanket required. Reacte with air. Cold wash asGlutar aldehyde solutionsoon as possible after discharge.Butyric aldehydeButyl aldehydeButyric acid-norm.96020.0.000993.02gBYNNclearY2820.0Corrosive liquid, handle as an organic acid. cleanButyric acidwith plenty cold water, do not leve slops in tank.Butanoic acidButaric acidEthyl acetic acidPropane carboxylic acidPropyl formic acidN-butyric acidButyrolactone1.14015.0.000953.0DNNNc-lessYww standard. Acid wall wash may ve required if last cargo is oil or fats. Cold wash. Not assignedany compatibility #, but uncompatible with groups1 through 9. Must be on ships COF.Butyl/decyl/cetyl-eicosy metacrylate mix3.02gDY50.0NNNwwneglInhibited Carry and handle like any other acrylateNoheat adjacent. USCG name: Butyl Metacrylate,Decyl Metacrylate, Cetyl-Eicosy Metacrylate Mix.IMO name: Left row.Should be easy cgo.full specs.C-5 streams (cont 15%or more isoprene).70515.03.02gY30.0NNNclearNLow flash, low boiling and vapor press. Req. purgC5/C10 streamsand vapor return, must be carried under positiveC5/C10 MixturesN2 pressure. USCG classified as compliance withPyrolysis gasolineIsoprene as ref. -cargo. (cooling req) Inhibited.Stow only SS. Clean as lowflash gasoline.Calcium bromide 58%1.71515.0.000743.0NNNNwhiteYFull spec. req. prior to shipping. SS manufacturerAlkaline earth halidesay no. We have carried in SS with no problemsMarpol appendix 3.Calcium carbonate oil.9603.02gBY157.060.0YtanNGet specs. and heating instructions. Hot wash.Hi-grade kerosene 55%USCG classified as Calcium Carboxylate.Mineral oil 55%Not yet assigned any compatibility #.Calcium Sulfonate 40%Calcium carbonate 40%Calcium chloride liquor1.35020.03.02gDNNwwAvaiting more specs. Camcote N and EP for 50%solution.Calcium chloride 35%1.0003.0DN43.0wwYFull spec. required prior to shipping. Should be easy cargo.Calcium hydroxide 50%1.100DNYNgreysliGet full specs. and heating req. Hot wash.Slaked limewwMust be on ships COF:Caustic limeChamphor oil.92025.03.02gBYNwwsli1130.0Note: TLV only 2ppm.Liquid impure camphorbrownClean: Cold wash followed by hot and steam.Liquid gum camphorblueUse Stolt C for spot cleaning.Caprolactam solution1.02077.03.0DNNyel/brnYCheck % solution. Warm Wash.Aminocaproic LactamHexahydro-2h-azepin-2-oneKetohexame-2Caprolactam-eCaprylic Acid.90015.03.0N34.0ambNNclearsliSensitive product, handle with care. may req. Octylic acidheat in cold climate, get heating instructions. DoOctoic acidnot stow adjacent to high heat. N2 blanket may beOctanoic acidasked for. Coated tanks must be in good conditionCarbolic oil1.0702.02gAYY67.0lightNTreat and handle as phenol. Heat req: 65.6 to Middle oilbrown71.1C. hot wash soon as possible after discharge.Liquefied phenolUse Stolt A or B for spots.Carbon Black feedstock.98057.03.02gBYY57.0darkNConsult SNI handling manual.Aromatic tarbrownVery difficult to clean.Aromatic concentrateArotarCarbon disulfide1.25025.0.001482.01gAYNNclearsli1131.0Cargo of particular hazard. Check USCG/IMOCarbon bisulfiderequirements. We are not able to handle on present tonnage - consult Gen Ops.Carbon tetrachloride1.6022gBY37.0NNclearp-ly1846.0ww standard. Cold wash. Avoid stow oils/fats asBenzinoformwhitelast cargo. Acid wall wash before presenting tksNecatorinaif oils/fats are last cargo. Toxic and narcotic, Perchloromethaneabsorbed through skin. DuPoint and ICI haveTetrachloromethanespecial req. for last cargo, coating etc.Carbon tetCadura ester.97015.0.000783.02gBYNpaleYww sstandard. N2 blanket req. Acid wall wash if Glycidyl ester of versatic acidoils/fats last cargo. Color sensitive. Warm wash.Classified as Glycidyl ester of versatic acid.Cashew nutshell oil.9203.02gDY40.0veryp-lyToxic. Get heating instructions. hot wash, use StoltCardanoldarkC for spots. Skin irritant like poision ivy.Castor oil.960DNpalesliww "plus" Standard for medicine grade. Note: Ricirus oillightLoading Bombay may require tank(s) to be sprayeTurkey oilyellowdown with product prior to loading. Check FFA ifAlzarin oilzinc. Semi-Drying. Cold wash immediatly afterdischarge. Inspect and use Stolt C for final cleaningMust be on ships COF.Castor oil fatty acid3.0DN34.0Must have full specs. this product before shipping.Unregulated. Should be similiar to other fatty acidsderived from veg. oils. Must be on ships COF.Caustic potash 45%1.50020.0.000703.02gCYYNoffY1814.0Handle as Caustic Soda 50%. More aggressivPotassium hydroxide lyewhitefor coatings at higer temp. - check.Caustic soda 50%1.53615.0.000683.02gCYYYYwhiteY1134.0Shippers may have iron spec, in which case mustCaustic sodagreyhave "perfect" coating. Mercury steel okay for Sodium hydroxidealuminum grade. Mercury or rayon grades req.Liquified caustic sodaperfect coated tks or stainless steel. Heating Caustic soda liquiddependent on trade, from no heat in warm climateLiquid causticsodato 43C in cold climate.Caustic soda liquifiedLiq.caustic sodaCaustic soda 70%Y5.0Special tks req. Check with Ops .Dep.Cellosolve acetate.97420.0.001093.02gCYNNwwsliww standard. UCC require odor test. N2 req. inmost cases. Cold wash, steam and vent.Ceelosolve solvent.93020.0.000903.0DNNNwwYww standard. UCC very strict on odor specs.Ethoxyethanol-2Clean with amb temp water vent.Cetyl Eicosyl Methacrylate.8603.02gNY149.0NNNwwNww standard. Clean as MMM. Stow away from heatbrownInhibited.China clay slurry1.760NN43.03.0greyContact Gen Ops before booking. Will req.specialKaolin slurrypumps. Marpol annex 3.Chlorine1.560-35.0NYgr-yelGas code.Chloroacetic acid 80 % or less1.5802.02gCYclearY1750.0Can not handle at the present time.Monochloroacetic acidltRequirers special llining like glass.Chloroacetic acidyellowChlorobenzene.001082.02gBYNclearN1134.0ww srandard.Check resistency list prior to stowMonochlorobenzeneSS. Cold wash. Toxic by inhalation and skin abs.McbBenzene chloridePhenyl chlorideChloroform (Technical)1.49615.0.001863.02gBY37.0NNclearsli1888.0ww "plus" required . Acid wall wash if oils/fats lastTrichloromethanecargo. N2 purging, blanketing. cold WashAmyl chloroform-dowChlorohydrin (crude)1.1802.02gDY33.0NNwwYPoisonous cargo. Hygrosonic ww standard.Crude epichlorohydrinCold wash.Chloronitrobenzene-ortho1.3602.02gBYY60.0yellowN1578.0Get specs. prior stow SS. Highly toxic.Chloronitro benzene-2Hot wash.Chloroprene1.000CY59.0-20.0NNwwsliww standard. Inhibited Note; Low BP. Cold wash.Chlorobutadiene-1,3-2Not yet assigned to any compability group.Compliance cargo.Note: This product has been deleted from the IMO code as it has never beencarried in bulk. nor is it expected to be carried in b:Chloropropionic acid 21.2503.02gCYYMust have special handl.req. approved by USCG.Chloropropionic acid 33.02gCY200.0YMust have special handl.req. approved by USCG.Chlorosulfonic acid 1.7501.02gCYpale-yY1754.0Must have special handl.req. approved by USCG.Chlorotoulene-meta1.0003.02gBY37.0ww2238.0ww staandard. N2 blanket req. out from Japan.Chloromethylbenzen-metaLow heat adjacent (38C). Hot wash.Chlorotoulene-mixed1.0002.02gAYwwsli2238.0ww staandard. N2 blanket req. out from Japan.Chloromethylbenzen-mxLow heat adjacent (38C). Hot wash.Chlorotoulene-ortho1.0003.02gAY37.0wwsli2238.0ww staandard. N2 blanket req. out from Japan.Chloromethylbenzen-oLow heat adjacent (38C). Hot wash.Chlorotoulene-para1.0002.02gBYwwsli2238.0ww staandard. N2 blanket req. out from Japan.Chloromethylbenzen-pLow heat adjacent (38C). Hot wash.Choline chloride 70%1.10020.0NN29.0NwwYww standard. No heat adjacent for coated tks.Cold washClarified oil.85020.0NN33.0Light fuel oil (diesel). More info req.Clay liquid1.750NNNYGet spec. prior to booking. Could create some problems depending on specs. Marpol apendix 3Clean petroleum product, unleadedNN33.0General trm for product or clean trade.Unl.cppCpp unleadedUnl cpp und 2.5 npaUnleaded cppCpp. unlCoal oilNN33.0SOil derived from coal. More info. req.before carriagrequirements ccan be established.Coal slurry1.20015.03.0NambNNblkCan not handle with standard framo pumps asYvery erosive to seals etc. chk with Ops Dep.Coal tar1.0003.02gAYY57.0lightYDifferent grades. Get specs. and contact general toOps. important thaan heating is kept high and Crude solvent naphthablksteady. Variation in temmp. will drop salt/sedimentto bottom. great cleaning probllems if back to wwproducts. Better stay away.Coco acid oil (crude).90057.03.02gCNY57.0drkYGet specs. and heating instruction. Check if sedim.before discharge port. Hot wash and Stolt C or LacAcidulated 0ilIf white powder use Stolt E. Mayhave to circulateduring voy.Coco dimethylamineHave no info.Coco fatty acid (Manila).9003.02gCNY30.0darkNDiffrent grades, check. Hot wash and Stolt C orCoconut oil fatty acidLAC.Coco fatty acid (P&G).9003.02gCNcreamyNAvoid escessive heat. (100F). N2 blanket.Coconut oil fatty acidwhiteColor sensative Hot wash and Stolt C or LAC.Coco fatty acid C8/C10.90030.0.000703.02gCN34.0YSensitive product from UNICHEM. Heating instruct.must be strictly followed. Max. temp variance is 3deg. C/day UNICHEM accepts only good coatedor SS tks.Coco fattty acid distilled C12/ C18.87444.0.000703.0DN34.0YSensitive product from UNICHEM. Heating instruct.Coco fattty acid distilled C12/ C18must be strictly followed. Max. temp variance is 3deg. C/day UNICHEM accepts only good coatedor SS tks. Min discharge temp 40C.Coco fattty acid distilled C6/ C10.88336.0.000703.0CN34.0YSensitive product from UNICHEM. Heating instruct.Coco fattty acid distilled C6/ C10must be strictly followed. Max. temp variance is 3deg. C/day UNICHEM accepts only good coatedor SS tks. Min discharge temp 35C.Coco fattty acid distilled C6/ C18.88237.0.000703.02gCN34.0YSensitive product from UNICHEM. Heating instruct.Coco fattty acid distilled C6/ C18must be strictly followed. Max. temp variance is 3deg. C/day UNICHEM accepts only good coatedor SS tks. Coco fatty acid split undistilled C6/C18.90028.0.000603.02gCN34.0YSensitive product from UNICHEM. Heating instruct.Coco fatty acid distilled C6/C18must be strictly followed. Max. temp variance is 3deg. C/day UNICHEM accepts only good coatedor SS tks. Min discharge temp 35C.Coco fatty acid whole distilled C8/C18.88037.0.000703.02gCN34.0whiteSensitive product from UNICHEM. Heating instruct.must be strictly followed. Max. temp variance is 3deg. C/day UNICHEM accepts only good coatedor SS tks. Min discharge temp 34C.Min voy temp 30 C.Coco fatty alcohol (P&G).82026.0.00060NwwNDiffferent grades, check N2 may be required.DodecylHot wash. Pullution category depending on Lauryl alcoholC-chain.Coco fatty alcohol C12/C14.82730.0.000603.0BN20.0Very sensitive product from UNICHEM. Coated tksmust have no rust or stains Min./max. temp. voy:26/31 C. Min/max. temp. disch.: 31/36 C. Max.temp. variance 3C/day. N2 blanket reguired.Coco fatty alcohol C12/C18.82830.0.000603.0BN20.0Very sensitive product from UNICHEM. Coated tksmust have no rust or stains Min./max. temp. voy:30/35 C. Min/max. temp. disch.: 30/35 C. Max.temp. variance 3C/day. N2 blanket reguired.Coco fatty alcohol C16/C18.81461.0.000503.0BN20.0Very sensitive product from UNICHEM. Coated tksmust have no rust or stains Min./max. temp. voy:55/58 C. Min/max. temp. disch.: 62/67 C. Max.temp. variance 3C/day. N2 blanket reguired.Coco glycerine crude1.21649.0.000603.0NN20.0YVery sensitive product from UNICHEM.Heating instructions must be strictly followed, max.tempchange 3C/day. Min max temp disch. 45/50 C.Unichem will accept only good coated or SS tks.Marpol appendix 3.Coco glycerine refined1.24055.0.000603.0NN20.0YVery sensitive product from UNICHEM. DessicatorInstructions must be strictly followed,max tempvariation pr day 3C. Voy. min 30C max50 C.Disch 50 C, max 55CUnichem will accept only good coated or SS tks.Marpol appendix 3.Coco methyl esters 1270.8703.0DNNpaleNGet heating insturctions. Hot wash.Methyl esterCoco methyl esters 1295.860DNNpaleNGet heating insturctions. Hot wash.Methyl esterCoco methyl esters 810.87077.0DNNpaleNGet heating insturctions. Hot wash.Methyl esterwwCocoa butter substitute.9053.0DN34.031.0whiteNLow FFA, but check always. Max disch. temp 45CClean as for a refined vegoil.Coconut oil50.0DNY50.0pale/ltDiffrent grades, check. Get heating instructions.Brn/wHot wash. Use Stolt C or LAC as required.Coconut oil, cochin type.92125.03.0DN34.025.0Cochin coconut oilCorn oil.91020.03.0DNNNpaleNCrude and refined.Hot water wash. use Stolt C forMizae oilyellowspots. Strict inspection for refined grade.Corn syrup1.40037.0NN34.0clearww standaard. Strict inspection. Amjjbient wash followed by hot wash. Marpol appendix 3.Cottonseed acid oil.90057.03.0CNY57.0drk toww standard. Heat req. Check acid content ifAcidulated oilblkcoated space. Semi-drying. Use Stolt LAC for spotCottonseed oil.91725.03.0DNY26.0yellow-NSemi drying. Heat may be req. depending trade.drk-redCleaning: Ambient wash (max 50C). Use Stolt LACfor spots. (If white powder- inject Stolt E.Cottonseed oil stearine.9003.0DNpaleNSemi drying. Heat may be req. depending trade.Cleaning: Ambient wash (max 50C). Use Stolt LACfor spots. (If white powder- inject Stolt E.Creosote1.00015.0.000753.02gAYY37.0yellowsliGet specs. and heating instructions. Keep heatto blkhigh 60-70C minimum. Warm wash (not hot). injectCreosote oilStolt B. for about 3/4 hours. Mix solution Stolt B,Dead oilaprox. 5% and recirculate for about 3 h. Inspectand use Stolt B for spots. Creosote wood is cat. ACreosote coal tar is cat. CCreosol-m/p MSK1.00015.0.000892.02gAYtanply2076.0Heat required. Voy: 15C Disch: 27CCresylic acidAmbient wash followed by heat and steam.HydroxytoluuenesUse Stolt A or B for spots.MethylphenolsOxytoluenesTar acidsCreosol-orto (midland)1.00015.0.000892.02gAYtanply2076.0Heat required. Voy: 15C Disch: 27CCresylic acidAmbient wash followed by heat and steam.HydroxytoluuenesUse Stolt A or B for spots.MethylphenolsOxytoluenesTar acidsCreosol-orto (special)1.00015.0.000892.02gAYclearply2076.0Heat required. Voy: 38C Disch: 54CCresylic acidAmbient wash followed by heat and steam.HydroxytoluuenesUse Stolt A or B for spots.MethylphenolsOxytoluenesTar acidsCreosol-para (chicago)1.00015.0.000892.02gAYlightply2076.0Heat required. Voy: 40C Disch: 50CCresylic acidAmbient wash followed by heat and steam.HydroxytoluuenesUse Stolt A or B for spots.MethylphenolsOxytoluenesTar acidsCreosol-para (msk/japan)1.00015.0.000892.02gAYlightply2076.0Heat required. Voy: 32C Disch: 40CCresylic acidAmbient wash followed by heat and steam.HydroxytoluuenesUse Stolt A or B for spots.MethylphenolsOxytoluenesTar acidsCreosol-para/ortho (DOW)1.00015.0.000892.02gAYlightply2076.0Heat required. Voy: 52C Disch: 60CCresylic acidAmbient wash followed by heat and steam.HydroxytoluuenesUse Stolt A or B for spots.MethylphenolsOxytoluenesTar acidsCresylic acid1.030 .000732.02gAYclear tosliCheck grade. May req. heating. Check phenolMethyl phenol-2yellowcontent. N2 blanket may be required. Hot wash.Cresylic acid tar1.03015.02.02gAY150.0YYYblksliA mixtures of creosols, Naphtalenes and paraffinhydrocarbons. Carry and handle as Creosols.Mixed creosols and hydrocarbon oilNot yet in the Code, but should be same asCresylic creosote-25 % tar acidCreosols.Crotonaldehyde.85020.0.001012.02gBYNNNwwsli1143.0ww standard. N2 blanket req. Cold washMethylacrolein-bimmediatly after discharge followed by hot waterCrotenaldehydethan steam and ventilate. Strong odor, may haveCrotonic Aldehydeto use Stolt C.Butanal-trans-2Crude amines3.02gYMore info. req. Handles like amines.Crude industrial alcohol.81020.0.000853.0NNNNwwY1170.0Ethyl allcohol with amall amounts of inedible add.CIAAlways check as coatings may not be resistance,typical ex. is Cia with 3% Diethyl Ether and 8%water whitch can not go Phenoline and Phenguard.Crude oil.98015.0NNdrkSCheck grade and heat req. Cleaning could beproblematic depending grade.Crude solvent naphtha.830NNpale toAlways get specs. Handle and clean aas naphtaCumerone oildrk/redS.G. varies. Check for Benzene contentCtla polymer Exxon.990YdrkNHeat req. Dries on bulkheads. Voy 21-27CDisch: 60-65C Exxon recommends N2 blanket.Synthetic resinAvoid Zinc. Cleaning: Warm wash, max 50C,Hydrocarbon unsaturatedimmediately after discharge for abt. 4 h. Changeto hot 80-85C for abt. 3h. Spray with Stolt A or BLeave for 2h and rinse with hot waater.Use Stolt A or B for spots.Cumene.86015.0.000863.02gBNNNwwN1918.0ww standard. Check max. allowed for heat adj.CumolNot all shippers agree to 55C. Cold wash followedIsopropylbenzeneby hot. Strong odor. IMO name IsopropylbenzeneCycododecatriene,1,5,9.84015.03.02gBYNNDu pont product. Zinc should be ok. TripartiteCddtagreement betweem USA/Liberia Holland, reference cgo is Vinyl Toluene exept pol cat.Cyclohexane.78015.0.000933.02gCYwwN1145.0ww standard. May req. heating in cold climmate.HexahydrobenzeneCold wash.HexamethyleneHexanaphtheneCyclohexane oxidation product acid water1.10015.0NYYMay haave to agitate ir circulate through washing machines during dish. if too much sediments. Do Acid waternot let temp. drop below 60C. Cllean with hot waterSour water(fresh if available). Obtain full specs. each time asEp 306 acid watercomposition may vary. Classified by USCG asmoncoompliance. not yet IMO code.Cyclohexanedimethanol 1,4Get fulll specs. Cold wash. Not yet classified.Cyclohexanol, Technical.95015.0.000803.02gCYwwsliww standard. Check melting point, pure gradesHexalinmay req. heating. Warm wash.HexahydropenolCyclohexal alcoholHydroxycyclohexaneCyclohexanone.95015.0.000803.02gDYNNpale toN1915.0ww standard. Acid wall wash may be reguired ifCyclo hexanonewhiteoils/fats are last cargo. Avoid heat adj. Cold wash.Cyclohexyl acetate.970148.0580.0wwN2243.0ww standard. Cold wash. Not yet classified, butproably a compliance cargo.Cyclohexyl chloride.99215.0142.032.0clearMore infos. necessary.Not yet classified for bulkCyclohexylamine.87025.0.000903.02gCYwwY2357.0ww standard. N2 blanket recommended. AminocyclohexaneCold wash.HexahydroanilineCymene-meta.862DNNNwwNww standard. Cold wash. Only the para gradeIsopropyltoluenelisted by IMO.CymolMethylpropylbenzeneIsopropyltoluolCymene-ortho.875DNNNwwNww standard. Cold wash. Only the para gradeIsopropyltoluenelisted by IMO.CymolMethylpropylbenzeneIsopropyltoluolCymene-para.8553.02gDNNNwwN2046.0ww standard. Cold wash.IsopropyltolueneCymolMethylpropylbenzeneIsopropyltoluolD-D soil fumigant1.20015.0.000622.02gBYNNNstrawNPoisonous cargo. See remarks in SS and coating resistancy lists before stow. Compliance cargo.Vidden-dIMO chapter 6 with special req.4.9, 4.13, 4.14 and Dichloropropene/Dichloropropane mixtures4.17. Classified as: Dchloropropene/Dichloro-propane mixtures. Clean with cold water severalhours. Use Stolt A or B if odor problems. Vent.several hours before entering tank.De-monomer (R&H).8703.02gyNNlight brNInhibited No heat adjaacent. Cold wash.Decaldehyde.830??cl/paleNww standard. N2 and dessicators may be req.Aldehyde C-10yellowAir sensative. Hot wash. Not listed by IMO.CapraldehydeCapric aldehydeDecanalDecyl aldehyde-nDecyl aldehyde-NDecalin.87020.0NNww1147.0ww standard. Cold wash. Not yet classified.Correct chemical name DecahydronapthaleneDecane-n.7303.0DNNNcolorww standard. Cold wash.Decyl hydridelessAvoid adjacent heat.Decanol-1.83015.0.000683.02gBYwwNww standard. Max 50C adjacent. Get heating Alcohol C-10instructions. Hot wash. Use Stolt A or B for spotsCapric alcoholCargo is classed as N-Decyl AlcoholDytol S-91Lorol 22NonylcarbinolDecyl alcohol-nDecene-1.7403.02gBYNNcolorNww standard. May req. odor spec. Avoid heatDecene-alessadjacent. Cold wash.DecyleneDecyl acrylate.9002.02gAY228.0NNNInhibited. Cleaning: Cold wash folloed by hotand steam.Decylbenzene-norm.85520.03.0DY107.0NNwhiteNHandle as BenzenePhenyldecane-1N-decylbenzeneDeg monobutyl ether.96025.03.0NNNwwYww"plus" standard. N2 blanket nay be req.Butyl carbitol uccWarm wash.EktasolveMarpol appendix 3.Butoxydiethylene glycolDiglycol monobutyl etherDowanol doPoly solve dbDeg monoethyl ether.990.000843.0NNNwwww standard- Warm wash.Carbitol solvent uccMarpol appendix 3.Dioxytol shellDegme ExxonDowanol deDiethylene glycol ethyl etherEthoxy-ethoxy-2 ethanol-2 Ethoxy diglycolPoly-solve deDegmonobutyletheracetate.9803.0NNNcolor5.0ww standard. Cold wash.Butyl carbitol acetatelessMarpol appendix 3.Ektasolve db acetateDehydol LS-2 (Henkel)1.00015.0.000713.02gBYNNclearneglHandle and clean as for normal fatty alcohol.Ethoxylated fatty alcoholDetergent alkylate1.2003.0N65.0NlightsliCheck PH before stowing Zinc. Warm washNot listed by IMO.Dextrose solution1.200NN100.0clearww "plus" standard. Edible product and may reqCorn sugar solutionsterilized tank - check. Probably SS stow onlyGlucose solutionReq. high heat, check. Clean with hot water.Grape sugar solutionMarpol appendix 3.Di 2-ethylhexyl phthalate.9863.0NNNclearNww standaard. N2 blanket may be req. as productDopwater sensitive. Clean with hot water. If next cargoDiethyl hexyl phthalatereq. hydrocarbon wall wash cleaning could beFlexol dop uccdifficult- check. Marpol appendix 3.Dioctyl phthalateDi(2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid.97720.03.02gCY?NNyellowN1902.0have no record we never carried.Dioctyl phosphoric acidProduct is corrosive and floats on water. Clean withDehpanecessary.Di-n-Butylamine.7603.02gCYNNww2.0ww standard. No bulkhead test. N2 blanket req.Butaramine-1Most shippers req. SS stow Avoid heat adjacent.DibutylamineClean with warm water.Di-n-Hexyl adipate.7603.0DN162.0wwsliPlasticizier slightly souble in water. Easy productSanticizer #367Clean with hot water.Di-n-Propylamine.74015.0.000963.02gCY17.0NNwwplyVapor return may ge required in some ports. CleanPropyl-1-propanamine-n-nwith cold water followed by warm.Di-glycidyl ether of bisphenol a.9803.02gBYYorangeNww standard. Hot wash followed by steam.Epoxy resinsHeating: voy: 49 Disch: 60/65. Heating req. variesEpi-rez 510 (Celanese)depending upon manufacturer - check!Epikote 828 shellPrewash because of viscosity.Der 331 (Dow)Epikote 828Shell epikote 828Di- glycolamine1.05020.0wwMore info. req. Corrosive liquid. check coatingresistancy. has not been classified for bulk shipm.Clean with warm water.Di-isobutyl phthalate1.04015.03.02gBY385.0???clearHave no record on this product low toxcity.DibpCombustible. Should be easy cargo.Di-2-ethylhexyl adipate.9203.0DN196.0YNpaleNPlasticizer. ww standard. Warm wash. DifficultAdipol-2-ehclaercleaning if next cargo req. hydrocarbon wall-wash.Ethylhexyl ester-2-bisAdipic acidDiacetone alcohol.940.000883.0DNNww1148.0ww standard. May req. acid wall wash dependingDiacetoneon last cargo. Three grades this product - check.hydroxy-4-methyl-2-pentanone-4Cold wash.TyrantonDibasic esters1.09220.03.02gBYNNwwNMix of dimerhyl adipate dimerhyl, glutarate andDBEdimethyl succinate. Tripartite agreement USA/Liberia and Belgium. Use n.o.s. entry 11, checkcargo file for details. Not listedby coating res. list.Dibutyl maleate.990120.0NNwwww standaard. N2 blanket req. in most casesDbmWarm wash, use Stolt A or B if req. product notyet classified for bulk shipment - expect non complDibutyl phthalate1.04015.0.000712.02gAYNww4.0N2 blanket req. Color sensitive. Wash with max.Dbp50C water. Use Stolt A or B if oily film remains.Palatinol cButyl phthalatePhthalic acidDibutyl esterRc plasticizer dbpWitcizer 300Dichlorobenzene-meta1.30015.03.02gBYNNwwN1592.0Toxic cargo. be sure to check whitch isomer asseverall of then with different handling req.Coatingsresistancy based on low heat and dry conditions,Check. Water blanket may be req. in whitch casecoating no good. Clean with warm water. Handleproduct with care - skin absorbent. For further infos.check with Cargo ManagerDichlorobenzene-meta/ortho1.30015.03.02gBYNNwwN1592.0Toxic - Skin absorbent.For more infos. se comments underDichlorobenzene-meta.Dichlorobenzene-para1.45015.03.02gBYwwN1592.0Toxic - Skin absorbent.For more infos. se comments underDichlorobenzene-meta.Dichlorobenzene-para/ortho1.30015.03.02gBYamberN1592.0Toxic - Skin absorbent.For more infos. se comments underDichlorobenzene-meta.Dichlorobenzene, ortho1.30015.03.02gBYYNNwwnegl1592.0Toxic - Skin absorbent.Dichlorobenzene, 1.2For more infos. se comments underDichlorobenzene-meta.Dichloroethane-1,11.17417.03.02gBYNNc-lesssli2362.0Do not steam or hot water wash adjasent bulkheadEthylene dichlorideWash with ambient water. Same as EDC.EDCDichloroethyl ehter1.22020.0.001182.02gBYNNNyellowsli1916.0Check chlorides, water before stowing SS. CouldDichloroethyl ehter-2,2be problematic in zinc after oils/fats. ProductDichlorodiethyl ehteris colorsensitive. Clean with warm water, ventilate.Di-2-chloroethyl ehterClorexDceeDichloroethyl ehter-bChloroethyl2ethyl-bisDichloroisopropyl eth-2,21.11420.02.02gCYNNNltN2490.0Handle as an ether. Toxic by inhalation. Dow notyellowaccepting zinc. Color sensirive. Cold wash and stmDichloronitrobenzene-1,21.4002.02gBYY54.0ltNCheck SS manufacturer before booking SS. AvoidDichloronitrobenzene-3,4yellowsingle skin in cold climate. High heat req. get exactDichloronitrobenzene-oinstructions. Clean tank soonesst after discharge using hot waater.Dichlorophenol-mixed1.000129.0Nltneglww standard. Cold wash. Avoid heat adjacentyellowNot yet classified for bulk shipment.Diclorophenol-2,41.4002.02gAYYY whitesli2021.0Get spec. prior to booking stainless steeel. Highheat req. check. Clean with hot water and steam.Dichlorophenoxy acetic acid-2,4NToxic. Not yet classified for bulk shipments. CouldDimetyl ammonium #6be problematic in SS if temperature exceed 30CCheck. Clean with hot water and steam.Dichloropropane-1,21.230 2.02gBYNNwwN1279.0Check SS manufacturer each shipment. Clean withPropylene dichlorideambient water and steam.Dichloropropene-1,31.22315.0.001322.02gBYNNNwhiteN2047.0Check SS manufacturer each shipment. Clean withTelone 2 (Dow)toambient water and steam.Dichloropropylene-1,3yellowTelone II (Dow)Dichloropropionic acid-2,21.40020.03.02gDYwhiteYN2 blanket recommended when SS sstow as tankDalapon 99% puretoatmosphere must be absolutely dry in order toDcpatanavoid pitting. Get heating instructions. Clean with Dcpa-2,2warm water and steam.2.2 DcpaDicyclopentadiene.97815.0.000953.0NNYN40.0wwNNormally no heat req. during voyage, discharge Dcpd38 to 43 C. Clean with hot water, use STolt A or B Dicyfor spots. Strong odorResin oil 60 (Dow)Pollution category: Appendix IIIDiesel fuel 2.87015.0.000803.0NNNNNLtinsolPetrolium distillateamberHandle and carry as diesel oils.DieselDiesel ignition improver 3.96020.0.000932.02gBY34.0NNClearneglCorrect IMO name: Octyl Nitrates (All Isomers).Dii-3ltCompatibikity #34, but incompatible with #1 Octyl nitrate (all isomers)strawSpecial req. for decktks. - Check before stow.Mixed octyl nitratesCarboline says Phenolline 373 Ok, but have not 2-Ethyl-Hexyl nitratestested, we have carried in Camkote N with no Octyl nitrate mixturesproblem. Clean with cold water, ventilate.Ethyl Dii-3Diesel oil.84116.0NYNNlt brnNMany different grades - check. Hot wash.Use Stolt A or B as req:Diethanolamine1.09815.0.000683.02gNYYwwYww standard. Get heating instructions. Hot wash soonest after discharge. Be sure shippers acceptDeacoated space. Dow asks for N2 padding. Pollutioncategory: Appendix III.Diethanolamine salt of 2,4dichlorophen- Herbicide concentrare from Basf. Toxic. SS stow.oxyde acetic acid.1.28020.03.02gAY90.0?NNamberYprefferrable. Compliance cargo Heating may bereq. in cold climate. Clean with warm water for 3h2.4 - D-amineVentilate 3h minimum before tankentry.Diethyl benzene.8703.02gCYNwwN2049.0Easy cargo. Clean with ambient temp water andventilate.Diethyl carbonate.980NwwNww standard. Cold wash. Avoid heat adjacent.Ethyl carbonateNot yet classified for bulk shipment should beEutinnoncompliance.Diethyl ethanolamine.8903.02gCYNc-lessY2686.0ww standard. Cold wash, steam. May req N2 blankDiethylaminoethanolDiethyl ether.710.001142.01gNYNNwwCargo of paricular hazard. Cooling reqAnesthesia ethertank type is 1g. See Imo for special req.Diethyl oxideEthoxythaneSulphuric etherDiethyl sulfate1.1802.02gBYNNwwN1594.0Complete dry tk req. N2 purge and blanket may Ethyl sulfatebe req. Cold wash. Steam for odor.Diethylamine.710.001063.02gCYNNwwY1154.0Must be dry if stow Zinc. check N2 blanket req.Diethylene Glycol1.11315.0.000713.0NN48.0NNwwYMay req. bulkhead test. Good coating is req.DegN2 blanket for slack tank. Warm wash. Dow reqHydroxylethyl-2 ether-bisN2 padding. Pollution cat. Annex III.DiglycolDihydroxylether-bOxa-1 5-pentanadiol-3Diethylene triamine.95415.0.000733.02gDYyellowY2079.0SS stow recommended. N2 blanket for slack tk.Diaminodiethylamin-2,2Cold wash, steam for odor. Dow req. N2 padding Amino ethyl-2-amine-bisand calls this product Ethylene amine 1302.Dihepthyl phthalate.99420.03.0NNNwwNSimilar to Dop. N2 should be used on slacktanks. Warm wash.Diisobutyl carbinol.8103.0NNc-lessNEasy cargo. ww standard. no bulkhead tests.Dimethyl-4-Hepthanol-2,6Clean with warm water, ventilate. Not yet classifiedDiisobutyl ketone.810.000803.0NNNwwsli1157.0ww standard. Acid wash may be requiredDibkdepending on last cargo. Odor specificationDiisopropylacetone-symis required . Cold wash.Dimethyl4heptatone-2,6IsovalderoneDiisobutylamine.7402.02gCY28.0NNwwsli2361.0ww standard. Cold wash. folloed by hot and steam.DibaUse Nitrogen if stow in Zinc.Diisobutylene.72020.0.000823.02gBY-7.0NNwwN2050.0ww standard. Cold wash, ventilate. No heatTrimethyl-1-pentene-2,4,4adjacent. Higly flammable, moderate toxicDiisodecyl phthalate.9603.0NNclearNComplete dry tank req. N2 purging and blanketDidp-fexol 10/10may be required. Product to produce Phtaliclinevol dl 911pAcid and Alcohol. Clean with warm waterPhthalic acid, bis-8-methyl nonyl esterand ventilate.Plasticizer dopDiisononyl phthalate.9703.0NNNwwNww standard. Heat adjacent max. 120F. Colorsensative. N2 may be required on slack tanks.Jayflex dinp ExxonTanks must be absolutlydry before loading.Cleanwith warm water, ventilate.Diisooctyl Adipate.92425.03.0NN187.0YYstrawNFull spec. req. prior booking. Should be easy Didpcargo. Tank must be absolutly dry before loading.DioaZinc stow limit to max 100 ppm water.Clean with warm water, ventilate.Diisooctyl phthalate.9703.0NNNc-lessNComplete dry tank. N2 purge and blanket may beFlexol-diop uccrequired. Clean with warm water, ventilate.diop-linevol dl79lDiopDiisopropanolamine1.02215.03.02gCYYc-lessYGet exact heating instructions each time. CleanDihydroxydipropylamine-2,2whitewith warm/hot water soonest after dixcharge.Iminodi-2-propanol-1,1yellowSteam tank and lines for odor Dow asks for N2DipaPadding.Diisopropyl benzene.85520.02.02gAYNwwNCheck which grade (meta or para). ww standardClean with warm water and ventilate.Correct IMO name; Diisopropylbenzene (allisomers)Diisopropyl naphthalene.99520.0.000933.0NNwwww standard. Avoid heat adjacent hot wash and Kmc-113steam.Kmc oilMarpol appendix 3.Diisopropylamine.71031.0.009502.02gCY-1.0NNwwY1158.0Highly toxic. Use proective equipment whenhandling. Avoid heat adjacent. Clean with cold waterthan steam tank and all lines etc.Diluents (Benzene, hydrocarbon mixtures)3.02gCY32.0NNNwwN1114.0Carry this product as Benzene Hydrocarbon mixtureindicate Benzene content. A compliance cargo ifBenzene Hydrocarbon mixturesBenzene cont. 10% or more. S.G. and other charac-teristics depends on mix, check. handle as Benzene.Clean with cold water, steam and ventilate.Check BCH code for correct shipping name.Dimetyl acetamine-n,n.93625.03.02gDY77.0NNwwYGet spec. before booking. Highly toxic. Tlv is 10ppmDmacListed as cat B in Marpol, later proposed as cat DAcetic acid, dimethyl amideCheck ship`s COF for correct category. Clean withcold/warm water and ventilateDinethyl adipate1.06820.03.02gBYYwwsliCompliance cargo. Have no record we have carriedbefore. Heating may be req., check. Product not Methyl adipatelisted in coating resistency lists, must probably test,SS belived ok. Clean with warm water. Stolt A or B.Dimethyl Glutarate1.09115.03.02gCY?NNwwsliCompliance cargo because of pollution hazard.SS not tested but belived ok. Carboline testedZinc and phenoline at 24C and OK, but same testfailed at 54C. Consult paint manufacturer before stowcoated. Clean with warm water. Stolt A or B as ness:Dimethyl phthalate1.1903.02gCY NwwNSimiliar to DOP. N2 should be used on slacktanks. Warm wash.Dimethyl polysiloxane.96020.03.0NNYYc-lessNDefoaming agent from Dow. Easy cargo withh noDow corning 2-0406 intermediatespecial req. Check hearing in cold climates.Poly dimethylsiloxaneClean with warm water, vent. IMO name PolysiloxaneDimethyl succinate1.12115.03.0NYYYwwsliReq. heating, get heating instr. SS stow proably OKcoatings must be tested. Classified by USCG as anMethyl succinatenoncompliance cargo. Clean with warm water,use Stolt A or B as nessary.Dimethyl sulfate1.33215.0NNNwwsliHighly toxic product. Strong irritant. absorbed throughskin. A known carcinogen which induces tumors inMethyl sulfateanimals. TLV only 0.1ppm. Not yet classified for bulkDMSMust have special handling/cleaning instructions.Dimethyl-2,2-octanoic acid.91520.0 NNNyellowNNon compliance cargo. SS stow should be ok.Coatings dobtfull. Most probably colorsensative asNeo-decanoic acida inhibitor is added for color protection. Cold waterwash,followed by warm. Ssteam for odor.Dinethylamine salt of 2,4 dichloropphenox-1.24015.03.02gAY105.040.0NNbrownYww standard. Warm wash. product is toxic and must yacetic acid solbe handled with care. Not assigned to any compat.Herbicide U-46-D (BASF)group. but incompatible with groups 1,2,3,4,5,11,12,U-46-D fluid 720 G/Land 16Dimethylamine salt of4-chloro-2methylp-1.11615.03.02gAY40.0YYbrownYww standard. Warm wash. product is toxic .enoxyaceticacid sol.U-46-M Herbicide (BASF)U-46-M fluid 665 G/LDimethylamine 25%.8803.02gCY-17.0NNwwY1160.0Check concentration as carriage requirements diffrent above 45% consentration. Compliance N-Methylmethanamine 25%cargo with IMO special req. 4.9-4.12.2-4.17-4.12.2DMA 25%ww standard, no bulkhead test. No heat adjacent. Vapor return during loading/discharge. Cold wash.ventilate.Dimethylamine 40%.8963.02gCY-16.0YNwwY1160.0Check concentration. ww standard. (55% to 65%N-Methylmethanamine 40%solution require cooling) No heat adjacent. VaporDMA40%return during loading/transfer. Cold wash,ventilate.Dimethylamine 50%.85320.02.02gCY-23.0NNNwwY1160.0Check concentration. ww standard. No heat adjac.N-Methylmethanamine 50%Vapor return during loading transfer. Cold wash, ventDMA 50%Highly flammable - avoid breathing vapor IMOclassify this product in three categories:1. 45% or les2. above 45% but max 55%. 3. above 55% but max65% - this one req cooling.Dimethylcyclohexylamine-n,n.85020.02.02gCY`?NNwwsli2264.0SS untested but belived to be ok. All coatingsDimethylcyclohexylamine-n,nuntested but none belived to be suitable. Handleas an amine. Clean with warm water. As product onlyslightlly soluble in water, Stolt A or B may be req.Dimethylethanolamine.8873.02gDYNNc-lessY2051.0ww standard. MOst shippers req. SS tank. N2Dimethylaminoethanolpurging and blanketing normally req. Clean with Deanolwarm water, steam tank and lines, ventilate.Dimethylformamide.9503.02gDYNNwwY2265.0Wall wash may be required. (chlorides and hydroc)Dimethylformamide n-nClean with cold water, ventilate.DMFDimethylhydrolyzate.9603.0NNYYclearsliProduct classified as Polysiloxane. Easy product,Polysiloxaneno bulkhead test req. May req. some heating - checkSiloxaneClean with warm water, steam and ventilate. If Dow corning 2-0406 intermediatenecessary use Stolt A or B for spots.DimethylhydrosinateInhibited. Spec. req. before booking. Cold washfollowed by hot and steam. Not classifiedDinitrotoluene-2,41.3002.02gBYyellowN1600.0Higly toxic, absorbed through skin. Correct IMO DNTtoname Dinitrotoluene (molten).Dinitrotoluol-2,4redOily liquied. Clean with warm water, use Stolt A or BMethyl-2,4-dinitrobenzene-1for final cleaning. Melting p. and viscosity infos nededDionyl phthalate.9803.0NNNwwEster of Nonyl phenol. Handle as a plastiziser. N2Dinopol Plasticizierblanket normally req. Clean with warm water, vent.DNPEasy product. Marpol appendix 3Ester of nonyl alcoholEasy product. Marpol appendix 3Dioxane-1,41.03025.02.02gDYYYc-lessY1165.0Toxix . absorbed through skin. Tankwill be purged toDiethylene oxide0,1% oxygen, positive pressure of N2 during voyage.DioxanVery sensitive to moisture. Inhibited with BHT.Dioxane-pClean with ambient temp. water, ventilate and steam.May req. require heating in cold climate.Dipentene.8403.02gCYNpale N2052.0Oil grade, 48C adjacent ok. Turpentine grade, noOrange oil, dimonenetoheat adjacent. Warm wash, use Stolt A or B for spotsLimonenewwCompliance cargo because of pollution hazards.Mentha-1,8-diene-pPhellandreneTerpineneTerpodiene-1.8-dDiphenyl oxide1.0703.0NY46.0wwNTpxic by inhalation. Not yet classified, but shouldDiphenyl etherbe noncompliance. Heating required. check.Phenyl etherClean with warm water, ventilate.Phenoxy benzeneDiphenyl oxide, Diphenyl phenyl ether mix1.11515.03.02gAY?NNNHeat transfer media from Dow. Should be easyDowtherm Gproduct. Not in any coating resistancy lists, but should be ok for all. Clean with warm water, ventilate.Diphenyl/diphenyl oxide mixtures1.0602.02gAY33.0wwShould be easy cargo. Heat transfer fluid. Getheating instructions. Compliance cargo because ofpollution hazards. Clean with warm water, steamand ventilate.Diphenyl. Crude1.080 50.0.000802.02gAYYstrawNCompliance because of pollution hazards. Compo-sition: Dphenyl 67% Naphtalene 3% Aromatic C-9 8%, Aromatic C-10 22%. Carriage req could change if composition significantly different. High heat, check exact requirements. Clean with hot water,use Stolt A or B if necessary.Diphenylmethane diisocyanate1.23025.0.000982.02gBYyellowN2489.0Consult Stolt handling Manual.MdiNo zinc if inhibited with ammonia.Carwinate 125 mMultrathane MNacconate 300Vilrathane 4300Dipropylene glycol1.02515.0.000753.0NNNNwwYVery fine glycol which may req. wall wash test.Zinc stow may not be acceptable - check.Dow requiere N2 padding. Poll cat. Appendix IIIDistillate Flashed feed stocks.75015.03.0NNNc-lessNGet specs. prior booking. Not listed in coatingresistancy lists, but should be ok all. Classified byPetroleum distillateUSCG as noncompl, not listed IMO code.Clean with warm water, ventilate.Distillate straight run.7313.0N33.0Nc-lessNGet specs. prior booking. Not listed in coatingresistancy lists, but should be ok all. Classified byPetroleum distillateUSCG as noncompl, not listed IMO code.Clean with warm water, ventilate.Diundecyl phthalate3.0NN34.0Have limited infos. this product, must have full specsShould be easy cargo. Marpol appendix 3.DobanolsDobanols EX 23-2.9103.0NYclearDobanols are high grade Fatty Alcohols witch req.Dobanols EX 23-6,6.9603.0NYcleargood coated and cleaned tanks. Dobanols are Dobanols EX 235-3.9203.0NYclearcolorsensitive for heat and instructions must be Dobanols EX 25-3.9303.0NYclearstrictly followed. Heat adjacent normally acceptedDobanols EX 25-7.9703.0NYwhiteCheck each grade. Clean as for coconut oil.Dobanols EX 25-9.9803.0NYwhiteUncertain as to pollution categories.Dobanols EX 45-11.9903.0NYwhiteDobanols EX 45-181.0203.0NYY58.0whiteDobanols EX 45-7.9603.0NYwhiteDobanols EX 91-6.9803.0NYclearDobanols EX 91-6.9903.0NYclearDobanols EX 91-81.0003.0NYclearDobanols EX 23.8303.0NwwDobanols EX 25.8303.0NwwDobanols EX 29.8303.0N20.060.0wwDobanols EX 35.8303.0N20.070.0wwDobanols EX 45.8303.0NwwDobanols EX 91.8303.0NNNwwDodecane.7503.0NN?NclearNww standard. easy cargo. Marpol appendix 3.Clean with warm water, ventilate Product is not misc-ible with water, may have to use Stolt A or B for final cleaning.Dodecanol.83024.03.02gBYYYc-lessYFatty alcohol. Get heating instructions. Color sensi-Dodecyl alcoholtive for heat, heat caregully. clean with warm waterLauryl alcoholuse Stolt C for spots. Compliance cargo becauseCoco fatty alcoholof poll. hazards.Dodecyl diphenyl oxide disulfonate so.1.17515.0.000583.02gBYYww standard. easy product from Dow. Clean with warm water, ventilate. mix compl with water.Dowfax 2a1Dow req. N2 padding. Viscosity and melting pointinfos req.Dodecyl methacrylate.87015.03.02gNYNNNdrkNww standard. no bulkhead test. inhibited..amberNo adjacent heat. Clean with cold water immediatlyLauryl methacrylateafter discharge, than warm water, steam for odorand ventilate. Marpol appendix 3.Dodecyl/pentadecyl methacrylate mixture.8603.02gNYNamberNww standard. no bulkhead test. inhibited..No adjacent heat. Clean with cold water first, than followed by warm, steam for odor. Marp.app. 3.Dodecylbenzene.8003.02gCYNwwNww standard. Warm wash. Avoid high heat adjacentDobane shelllIf next cargo req. wall wash for hydrocarbons, sprayAlkyl benzene hansentank with Stolt A or B, rinse and steam.Alkane ChevronAlkylate MonsantoAlkyl benzol ConocoNeolene ConocoNalkylene conocoDetergent alkylate Rohm & GambleEscane imperialUcane alkylate uccMarlican HuelsLinear alkyl benzene Procter & GamblePhenyldodecane-1LaurylbenzeneLinear alkyl benzeneDodecylphenol.94020.01.02gAYstrawyww standard req. Product is very color sensitive forrapid temperature changes. heat carefully. Cleanwith hot water, if odor problem, steam and ventilate.Dp SC-0590.95021.03.02gBY34.0100.0NA mixture of Texacos pentanediols and Tall oil.Tripartite agreement between USA/Liberia andShurcoalAustralia. Must be carried under n.o.s. entry 11.Prewash caargo unless heated to above 65C checkWarm water, Stolt C if necessary.Drilling oil.81415.0.000803.0NNNNwwneglHandle as Kerosene Marpol annex 1Mud oilDrilling mud oilEpichlorohydrin1.18515.0.001232.02gCYNNwwsli2023.0Poisinous cargo. Max heat adjacent 90f (Dow). EpiGet specification before booking and consult SS/Epoxyproopane-3coating resist. lists. Clean with ambient temp. waterChloromethyloxiraneventilate.Propylene oxide-gPropylene oxide-2Epoxy fatty acid ester henkel.98015.03.0NNNyellowNww standaard .Hot wash. Use Stolt C for spots.Epoxy fatty acid ester monsanto.94035.03.0NpaleNww standard. easy product. Get heating instructions.Clean with warm water, use Stolt C for spots.Ethane.450NYNNNc-lessNGas codeMethylethaneDimethylEthanolamine-mono1.01815.0.000753.02gDYwwY2491.0ww standard. no wall wash test. Get heating instructioMeaSome shippers like DOW will not accept Phenolic.ColamineClean with warm water, ventilate. DOW req.N2.Aminoethanol-2Hydroxethylamine-2Ethoxylated alcohol1.00031.03.0NwwNthis is a fine grade Fatty Alcohol which req. good coated tank. Get heating instructions and heat Dobanol 98-8 Reprocessedcarefullly. There is several different grades, checkClean with earm eater, ude Stolt C if necessary.Could be compliance cargo and prewash.Check grade and composition.Ethoxytriglycol1.0203.0DNNNwwNww standare, no bulkhead test. Handle as other Glycol ether uccGlycol ethers. Clean with ambient temp. water.Dowanol teCorrect IMO name; Triethylene Glycol ethyl ether.Ethoxytriethylene GlycolTriethylene glycol monoethyletherTriglycol monoethyletherEthylacetate.90020.0.001203.0NNNwwww standard. (Celanese req bulkheadtest. filter).Ethyl esterN2 blanket recommended on slack tank.Acetic esterClean with ambient temp water, ventilate.Acetic estherEthyl ethanoateViegar naphthaEthyl acetoacetate1.03015.03.0DNNNNwwYVery clean tank as used as afood additive. ColdAcetoacetic acid, Ethyl esterwash followed by warm. use steam for odor.Ethyl 3 oxobutanoateButanoic acid, 3-oxo ethyletherDiacetic esterEthyl acrylate-mono.920.001102.02gBYNNNwwY1917.0Inhibited. Vapor return. Cold wash followed by hotEAMand steam.Ethyl esterEthyl 2-propenoateEthyl acrylateEthyl alcohol.810.000853.0NNNNwwY1170.0Portable grades, very strict inspection. Wall Wash. - clorides, hydrocarbon, permanganate, and odor.EthanolBe sure to check specs. as many diff. grades Grain alcoholdepending on use. Coatings resist. differ dependingDenatured alcoholon specs. Normally, ventilation is sufficient for cleanif stowing Epoxy or Phenplic ventilation is a mustCheck.Ethyl amyl ketone.8193.02gCY18.059.0NNNwwNww standard, easy product. Clean with warm waterVentilate.Ethyl benzene.87015.0.000883.02gCYNNwwsli1175.0Acid wash may be req. if last cargo oils or fats,checkEBClean with ambient temp. water, ventilate. Dow willPhentylethanepurge tank prior loading to 8% oxygen.EthylbenzeneEthylbenzolEthyl butanol.83020.03.0NNNc-lessNww standaard, no bulkhead test. Avoid heat adjac.Ethylbutyl alcohol-2Clean with ambient temp. water, ventilate.Hexyl alcohol-secListed by USCG, but not by IMO.Pentyl carbinol-secPseudohexyl alcoholEthyl butylamine-norm.7003.02gCYNNNwwp.lyww standard Colorsensitive for heat, avoid heatadjacent. Clean with warm water, ventilate.Ethyl cloride.920YNNNc-lessNReq, cooling, unable to handle.ClorethaneCheck with Gen ops.MonochlorethaneEthyl chlorothioformate1.19020.02.02gYNNNamberNProblem cargo. Reacts with water to form HCl: acidSs and coating manuf. advises against carriageUSCG comp cargo w/Trimethylhexamethylene EctfDiisocyanate aas ref. cargo. IMO special req.Changed to 4.9-4.12.1;(with addition of steel)-4.13-4.14-4.15 and 4.17. Must have special carriage andcleaning nstr. for this product. Not listed IMO.Ethyl cyclo hexane.78820.03.0DNNNNwwMoore info req. Should be easy cargo. Not yet assigtemp water, ventilate.Ethyl glycol di-ethyl ether.098020.0208.096.0NNwwYMore info req. Not yet classified for shipment, butshould be noncompliance.Ethyl methacrylate (Inhibited).9103.02gDY21.0NNNwwNInhibited. ww standard. No heat adjacent. Clean withEyhyl-2-methacrylatecold water first, then warm water and steam for odor.Ethyl a-methylmethacrylateEthyl 2-methyl-2 propenoateMethacrylic acid, ethylesterEthyl-2-chloro acetanilde-6.970160.056.0ltMore info req. Hasnot been classified foryellowbulk shipment.Ethyl-2-propylacrolein-3.85015.03.02gBY68.0NNNyellowNww standard. No bulkhead test. Clean with cold wEthylhexenal-2water, then warm and steam for odor.Ethyl-3-propylacrylaldehydeEthylamine - pure.69015.02.01gCYNNNwwYCooling or pressurized tank required, Cooling closeAminoethaneto zero centigrade will be required. dobthfull if we Monoethylaminecan handle, maybe on our K-40.MeaClean with cold water, ventilate.Ethylamine 70 %.79020.02.02gCYNNNwwYCheck % solution, get boiling point and vapor pressAminoethaneIn this case with a 70% solution we may be able Monoethylaminecarry without cooling - check. Carbozinc may be OKMea 70%exept for salting and discoloration. Clean with coldwater, ventilate.Ethylcyclohexylamine-norm.8403.02gDYNNNwwp-lyww standard. No heat adjacent. Zinc stow may be Poly cat 8OK. provided absolutley dry. Other coatings nottested. Clean with cold water. Steam if odor problemEthylene bottoms1.045ltMore info req. brownKind of Lub oil?Ethylene chlorohydrin1.21020.0.00162.02gCYNNc-lessY1135.0Toxic ww standard. See remarks in SS resistancy Chloroethanol-2list. Clean with ambient temp. water, ventilate.Chlorethanol-2Chlorethyl alcohol-2Ethylene chlorhydrinGlycol chlorohydrinEthylene cyanohydrin1.04720.03.02gDYNNc-lessYToxic. ww standard, no bulkhead test. Avoid heatCyanoethanol-2yel-brnadjacent. Clean with ambient temp, water,ventilateGlycol cyanohydrinHydroxy Propanenitrile-3Ethylene diamine.90215.0.000982.02gCYwwY1604.0ww standard. May require low heating in cold climateDiamino ethane-1,2Clean with warm water, steam if odor problems. DowEthanediamine-1,2request N2 padd. and heating between 30and 38C.EDAEthylene dibromide2.17025.0.002102.02gBYwwY1605.0Very toxic. High gravity cargo, check dischargeBromofumecondition .- -Do Not Load To Fast. Heat may beDibromo ethane-1,2required. (15C+) Warm wash.Dowfume 40, w-10, w-15, w-40Ethylene BromideEDBDibromide ethane-symGlycol dibromideEthylene dichloride1.25815.0.001462.02gBYNNwwp-ly1184.0ww standard , no bulkhead test. Check coatingBrocideresistancy if stowing in epoxy or phenolic - there Dichloroethane-1,2may have been changes. Clean with ambient temp.Dutch oilwater, ventilate.DOW max heat adjacent 30CEDCEthylene chlorideGlycol dichlorideDutch liquidEthylene dichloride, crude1.30015.0.001462.02gBYNNwwnegl1184.0Not classified as such. but carry and handle as Edc.Mixture of several diff chlorinated solvents.Pollutioncategory should be B. Coatings may be OK, but EDC Bottomscarry SS until tested. composition May change. askfor breakdown as well as water content each time.Ethylene glycol1.11515.0.000703.0NNNNclearYww "plus" standard.Check grades. Fiber gradeDihydroxyethane-1,2req. wall wash, very strict inspection and excellentEthane diol-1,2coating cond. Avoide xcess heat adjacent . N2 may Ethylene dihydratebe req. anyway use N2 on slack tks. Clean with ambGlycolwater. Pollution category Appendix III.Monoethylene glycolMegEthylene glycol Fibre gradeEthylene glycol diacetate1.1103.0NNNwwsliN2 blanket nay be req. Slack tks must have N2.Glycol Diacetateww standard. no bulkhead test. Clean with warmEthylene acetatewater , ventilate Not listed by IMO.Ethylene diacetateEthylene glycol mono phenyl ether1.10920.03.0DNYYYwwp-lyww "plus" standard. May req. heat in cold climate-Phenoxyethanol-2Dow requiresSS. Cold wash. Correct imo name:Phenyl cellosolveEthylene Glycol Phenyl EtherEthylene glycol monobuyl ether.900.000883.0NNYNNwwsli2369.0ww standard, easy cargo. Clean with cold water,Butoxyethanol-2ventilate. Correct IMO name: Ethylene glycol butylButyl cellosolveether.Dowanol EBGlycol Butyl etherPoly-solv EBButyl oxitol ShellButyl glycol HuelsEgmbeEthylene glycol Monobutyl eter acetate.94020.03.0DNNNwwnww standard. Avoid heat adjaacent.Butoxyethanol acetate-2 N2 blanket recommended. Clean with ambientButoxyethyl acetate-2temp water, ventilate. Correct IMO name:Butyl cellosolve acetateEthylene glycol butyl ether acetate.Glycol Monobutyl ether acetateCellosolve acetate uccEthylene glycol monobutyl ether mixture1.00015.0.000833.0DN8.0ambNNclearY2369.0Contains approx. 80% Glycol ethers. ww standard.Ethylene glycol bottomsUse warn water, ventilate. -ship as Ethylene GlycolBrake fluid baseButyl ether.Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether.930.000873.0DBNNwwY1171.0UCC req. wall wash and odor test. N2 normally req.Dowanol eeVery sensitive product. ww standard. Cold rinse or Ethoxy ethanol-2only ventilate. Correct IMO name 2-EthoxyethanolEthylene Glycol ethyl etherGlycol monoethyl etherPoly-solv eeCellosolve solv eeOxitol ethyl ShellExithoxol ICIEthoxy ethanol BasfEgmeeEthylene glycol monoethyl ether acetate.9703.02gCYNNwwN2 req. for slack tanks.UCC require wall wash.Cellosolve acetate UCCww standard. Cold rinse or only ventilate.Eg acetate HuelsCorrect IMO name 2-Ethoxyethyl AcetateEktasolve eastmanEthoxyethanol acetate-2Ethoxyethyl acetate-2glycol monoethyl ether acetatePoly-solv ee acetateEthylene glycol monomethyl ether.960.000893.0DNNNwwY1188.0Good coated tamk required, will pickup Fe.Jet fuel additive UCCMoisture sensative. Maximum adjacent heat is 38C.Methyl oxitol ShellCold wash. Correct IMO name; Ethylene GlycolJeffersol #4Methyl Ether.Dowanol E MGlycol monomethyl etherMethoxyethanol-2Poly-solv E MEthylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate1.0003.0DNYYwwY1189.0ww "plus"standard. UCC requires wall wash and Methyl cellosolve acetateodor test. Cold wash. Crrect IMO name:Ethylene Glycol Methyl Ether Acetate.Ethylene oxide.87020.0YNNNc-lessY2983.0Gas codeEpoxyethaneEthylene oxide/propylene oxide mix2.01gDY16.0NNN2983.0Tank type IG required. See SNi handling manual forP.O. Cooling required. Should be able to handle on the K-40. Must have full specs. before booking.Decktks must have insulation.Ethylene/Vinyl acetate copolymer1.05020.03.0NNYNNmilkyYNot liste in any resistancy lists, but should be OK inwhiteSS and all coatings. Tank must be cleaned immed-Resyn 1800 (25-1800)iatley after discharge with cold water. If left uncleancould end up with dried resin on bulkheads, in linesand valves etc. Stolt C or Lac should be best forspots etc. Pollution Appendix 3Ethylenenemine.83220.0NNNclearMore info required. Presently not authorized in bulkDimethyleneiminein US waters. Known carcinogen.Ethylhexaldehyde.82020.03.0Nc-less1191.0Full specs. and heating insstructions req. Will requierButylethylacetaldehydehigh heat. USCG classified as noncompliance.Ethylcaproaldehyde-2Ethylhexaldehyde-2Ethylhexanal-2OctylaldehydeEthylhexoic acid-2.90020.03.0DN127.0NNNclearsliSS stowage and N2 recommended. Color sensat-Octanoic acidive. Clean with ambient temp water, ventilate.Ethyl hexanoic acid-2Butylethylacetic acid2-ethylhexanoic acidEthylhexanoic acid-2Ethylhexanoic acidEthylhexoic acid2-ethylhexoic acidEthylhexyl acetate-2.89020.03.0DN.-3882.0YNNwwsli1262.0ww standard, strict inspection bu no bulkhead test.N2 blanket recommended on slack tanks.IMO usesOctyl AcetateOctyl acetate as proper name for this product.Clean with ambient temp. water, ventilate.Ethylhexyl acrylate-2 (Inhibited).8903.02gDYNNpaleNInhibited. ww standard, but Celanese require wall Ethylhexyl ester-2wash. No heat adjacent. Clean with ambient waterEthylhexyl-2-propenoate-2first, then warm water and steam for odor.2 -Ethyl hexyl acrylateEthylhexyl acrylate2 eh acrylateEthylhexyl alcohol-2.8303.0CNNNwwNww standard. Avoid heat adjacent. Cold wash Octyl alcohol followed by hot and steam to remove strong odor.Ethylhexanol-2IMO name: Octanol all isomersDi-ethylhexyl alcohol2 ethyl hexanolEthylhexyl alcohol2-ethylhexyl alcohol2-Eh2-ethyl hexanol2Ethylhexyl alcoholEtylhexyl tallate.95020.03.0N34.0202.0paleNMore info required. Should be easy product.USCGCroplas E Hyellowclassified as noncompliance, notyet in IMO code.Ethylhexylamine-2.7902.02gBYNNwwY2276.0ww atandard, no bulkhead test. Color sensative.Avoid heat adjacent. Clean with ambient temp. water, than steam for odor.Ethylidene chloride1.185.001363.02gBYNNww2362.0ww standard. N2 required. Corrosive when in Dichloroethane 1-1contact with water or moisture. Must have full specs.Chlorinated hydrochloric etherbefore booking.Ethylidene-5-norbornene-2.89020.03.02gBYNNNyellowNww standard. N2 purging and blanket required.ENBProduct is inhibited to prevent oxidation.Ethylidene bicyclo (2.2.1) hepteneClean with cold water, ventilate.Eucalyptus oil.92525.0 N-15.0Must have full specs. this product. Should be noEucalyptolproblem Has not been classified for bulk.Cineolbut should be nonregulated.CajeputolExxon solvent mixture enj 1013.810N10.0NNNwwssMix of MIBK, and ACETATE. Handle as Ketone.MIBK/MEK/Acetate mix.ww standard, cold wash probably annex 3 product.but not yet assessed.Fatty acid mixed.8303.0NYpaleNGet specs., And heating instructions. handle asfatty acid. Hot wash, Use Stolt C or Lac as required.Pollution category depends on what kind of mixtureFatty acid synthetic.900NwhiteNGet exact specs. and heating instructions. Handleas fatty acid. Hot wash. Use stolt C or Lac as requir.Not listed by IMO.Fatty alcohol C-12/14.8303.02gBYwwNGet specific grade, heat instructions, etc. ColorLilial 125sensitive.Hot wash. Use Stolt C for film/spotsFatty alcohol C-16/18.8303.0NwwYGet specific grade, heat instructions, etc. Colorsensitive.Hot wash. Use Stolt C for film/spotsFatty alcohol C-6/10.8303.0NNNwwNGet specific grade, heat instructions, etc. Colorsensitive.Hot wash. Use Stolt C for film/spotsFeeric chloride 40 % solution1.44020.0-12.0NNNbrownY2582.0Powerfull oxidizing agent, will dissolve most metals:Fe, Ni, Pb, Hg, Sn, Co, Mg, No good in SS. PhenolicIron chloride 40 % solutionPolyurethane should be ok at ambient temp. 30C.Ferrous chloride 40 % solutionCoatings must bee 100% perfect, not one singlebare spot. All SS material must be remowed(pump,coils etc.) STAY AWAY.Ferrus slufate1.890D64.0YYYgreensliMore info, required. Not yet classified for bulkshipm.CopperasGreen vitriolIron sulfateIron vitriolFish oil.9103.0DNpaleNCheck FFa, heating may be required in cold climateltMany different grades. Drying oils: Use ambient Anchovy oilbrownwash soon after discharge. Use Stolt LAC on driedspots. Be sure to ventilate properly before andduring sweeping.Fish oil solubles1.10015.03.0DNYdrkYHandle as crude fish oil. Check FFA. This is garbagecargo. Be extra careful when sweeping as may giveoff toxic fumes. Use proper protection and ventilationClean with 40C water immediatly after dischargethen recirculate through B/W machines a causticor Stolt C solution. Strong odor could be difficult to removeFlexol epo and jpo.9903.0NclearsliEpoxydiezed soybean oil Get heating instructionsEpoxidized soybean oileach grade. UCC asks for SS stow. Clean with hot water, use Stolt C for spots.Flexol NHDP (UCC).9703.0BNNwwNEpoxydiezed soybean oil Get heating instructionseach grade. Clean with hot water. Fluosilicic acid 17%1.30025.0NNclearYRubber lined tanks only. Inorganic acid.Fluorosilicic acidExtremely corrosive.Hexafluosilicic acidHydrofluosilicic acidSand acidSilico fluoric acidFormaldehyde in solutions 45% or less1.100.000653.02gCY66.0NNNwwYObtan consatration and heating requirements. USCGFormalin fydehas authorized to carry up to 50%, IMO list 45%asFormalith Methamalmax. USCG has also classified a Formaldehyde,MormicaldehydeMethanol mixture containing more than 50% Form-Formolaldehyde. Clean with cold or warm water dependingMethylene oxideon heating, steam for odor.Formaline (Congented)1.200Trade name or synonym for that above.Maphthalene-bFormalinFormamide1.150.000853.0 NNNNwwYHigly corrosive Flush with fresh water first than warmMethanamideseawater to remove oily film.Formic acid (90 to 98 % pure)1.22020.0.001313.02gDYNNNwwY1779.0Higly toxic and corrosive See Stolt handling manualMethanoic acidMay require heat (F.P 8,5C) Use adjacent cargo Formylic acidfor heating. Celanese require clorid and hydrocarbontest. Re Cleaning consult handling manual.Fuel additive shellswim 5x.8803.0N32.0Ywwfuel additive. May require heating. Contains xylene.Fuel additive, Chevron ofa 410.890N676.0Y54.0paleNGet heat inst. Warm/hot wash. Stolt A or B for finish.Fuel additive, Chevron ofa 414.900N66.0YdrkNGet heat inst. Warm/hot wash.Check for sediment Stolt A or B for finish.Fuel oil heavy #6.9803.0N38.0YdrkNCleaning problems Check Gen Ops prior to bookingFuel oil heavy #3.8503.0N38.0YNNdrkNCleaning problems Check Gen Ops prior to bookingFuel oil heavy #4.9503.0N38.0YdrkNCleaning problems Check Gen Ops prior to bookingFuel oil heavy #5960.03.0N38.0YdrkNCleaning problems Check Gen Ops prior to bookingFuel oil residual.97015.03.0NNYNYblkNMost probably same as Fuel oil #6. Difficult to cleanCheck next cargo ex.Fuel oil road1.00025.03.0NN33.0149.0Have no specs on this one probably garbage.Fuel oil transformer0.89115.03.0NN33.0NNclessHave no/very little infos. this product should be okFurfural1.16020.03.02gCYNNclearsli1199.0Derived from sugar canes, corn cobs, oat and riceFuraldehyde-2redishhulls. Always check acid cont. if syowing sinc.FuralStrong odor. Clean with ambient temp water toFurfuraldehyderemove product, than use warm and steam for odorFurforolePyromucic aldehydeQuaker oilBran oilAnt oil artificialFurfuryl Alcohol1.13020.0.000863.02gCNNNclaer2874.0Color sensative. N2 normally required. CompleeFuroneaubinol-2ormoisture free tk required.Cold wash and ventilate.FurfuralcoholpaleFuryl carbinol-aHydroxy methylfuran-2Furyl carbinolFusel oil.81320.0N132.043.0YNNoff-Low flash solvent.Grain oilwhiteEasy cargo. Clean with ambient temp. water, vent.Potato oilIsobutyl carbinolFyrol cef1.43020.0NNNNwwFull spec.require prior to bookingGasohol.75015.0.000853.0NNNNbronzeneglUnleded gasoline with 0.5-4.9% benzene and 10%PetrolEthyl alcohol. Handle and clean as for unleadedMotor spiritsgasolineUnleaded gasoline containing alcoholGasoil Light.8303.0NNNwhNEasy caargo. Clean with hot water aand steam. IfTractor & Auto dieselpalegoing back to sensitive cgo. Use Stolt A or B.GasoilorangGasoline additive asd (shell).890NMore info requiredGasoline additive tba.780NwwNGasoline additive. Belive this is same as tert-butyl.alcoholGasoline aviation 100/130.5903.0N49.0NNclearNAviation gasoline. Check if leaded.Gasoline aviation 115/145.7003.0N49.0NNorangeNAviation gasoline. Check if leaded.Gasoline aviation 91/98.7003.0NYNNNAviation gasoline. Check if leaded.Gasoline blending stock reformate.79320.03.0NN-18.0clessNHot wash. Always check if leaded or dyed. If soconsult Sni,s cleaning instructions.Gasoline blending stocks alkyates.71015.03.0NN-18.0clessNA mixture of methyl, Ethyl and Butyl Ehters. Getexact spsification. Not yet classified, but couldGlycol ether residuebe a compliance cargo ref. Butyl Ehter. Clean with warm water, ventilate.Gasoline china.7203.0N-43.0NNNNNormally died, Need clorox for cleaning ContactSNI for cleaning instructionsGasoline hydro-crakate.6503.0N33.049.0NNN Check if leaded or dyed.Gasoline premier 93.7403.0N33.049.0NNNCheck if leaded or dyed.Gasoline Regular 81.7003.0N33.0NNNHot wash always check if leaded or dyed,if soconsult SNI?s cleaning instructionsGasoline sky chief.7303.0N49.0NNredNHot wash always check if leaded or dyed,if soconsult SNI?s cleaning instructionsGasoline super unleaded.75015.0.000803.0NNNNbronzeneglGravity varies from .70-.77. Contaains .5-4.9%Benzene . Higly flammable.Gluconic acid 50% solution1.24015.0brownHave very little infos on this product. May requireGlycogenic acid 50% solutionheating check. Not yet classified for shipment.Glucose syrup1.560.000803.0NN43.0YYYclearYEdible grad requires perfectly clean tanks. Stow SSyellowif possible. Diffrent grades, always get specs.and heating instructions. Clean with warm/hot waterMarpol appendix 3: Other similar products are Starch and Corn syrup, Fructose or Dextrose.Always contact ops. dep before booking.Glutar aldehyde1.12420.03.02gDYY30.0paleYAvilaable in diffrent solutions, check. USCG and IMOPentamedial solution-1,5yellowhave classified a solution up to 50% Clean with coldwater first, than warm and steam for odor. Glycerin1.26020.0.000623.0NNYclearYCheck FFA if crude grade. Get Heating instructionsGlyceroltoHot wash pollution category: Appendix 3Glycyl AlcoholdrkPropanetriol-1,2,3Trihydroxypropane-1,2,3Glycerin crudeGlycerin SyntheticGlycerineGlycerine CrudeGlycerine RefinedSoaplye GlycerineGlycol ether mixed (EX Australia)1.050N150.0NNblkYa mixture of Methyl, Ethyl and Butyl Ethers. Get exactSpesification. Not yet classified, but could be aGlycol ether residuecompliance cargo. ref Buhyl ehter. Clean with warmwater, ventilate.Glyoxal 40% solution1.28018.0NN38.0NNyellowYww atandard, Color sensative, good coated tk req.BiformalProduct may oxidize to form Formic Acid, there foreBiformylsuggest nitrogen. May require low heat in cold Diformylclimate. Clean with warm water, ventilateEthanedialOxalPolyethylene liquidOxaldehydeGrease A white.9003.0DNY52.0white toCheck grade and get heating instructions.brownHot wash. Use Stolt C for spots:Grease B white.9003.0DNY52.0white toCheck grade and get heating instructions.brownHot wash. Use Stolt C for spots:Grease Brown.9003.0DNY52.0white toCheck grade and get heating instructions.brownHot wash. Use Stolt C for spots:Grease choice white (hog).9003.0DNY52.0white toCheck grade and get heating instructions.brownHot wash. Use Stolt C for spots:Grease choice white (nah).9003.0DNY52.0white toCheck grade and get heating instructions.brownHot wash. Use Stolt C for spots:Grease Fleshing #1.9003.0DNY52.0white toCheck grade and get heating instructions.brownHot wash. Use Stolt C for spots:Grease Fleshing #2.9003.0DNY52.0white toCheck grade and get heating instructions.brownHot wash. Use Stolt C for spots:Grease Horse #1.9003.0DNY52.0white toCheck grade and get heating instructions.brownHot wash. Use Stolt C for spots:Grease House.9003.0DNY52.0white toCheck grade and get heating instructions.brownHot wash. Use Stolt C for spots:Grease Pigskin #1.9003.0DNY52.0white toCheck grade and get heating instructions.brownHot wash. Use Stolt C for spots:Grease Yellow.9003.0DNY52.0white toCheck grade and get heating instructions.brownHot wash. Use Stolt C for spots:Ground nut oil.90025.03.0DNyellowsliHandle as peanut oil. If stow zinc, FFA must bePeanut oilbelow 2,5% Low heat may be required. Clean withhot water, if cleaning chems req - use Stolt C.Gluftene 20/24.79915.0.000803.0NN30.0YYYwwneglAlpha Olefin fraction from GulfGet heating instruction Handl.as Alpha Olefin:Gulftene 24/28.81915.0.000803.0N30.0YYYprimeAlpha Olefin fractions from gulf.Handle as anotherwhiteneglAlpha Olefin. This requires high heat, get instructionsClean with hot water, use Stolt A or B for final clean.Gulftene 30+3.0N30.0YYYstdneglAlpha Olefin fractions from Gulf. Very high heat, wewhitemay not be able to handle. Get full specs.and heating instructions.Heart cut distillate.9003.02gYNNwwNMix of aromatic hydrocarbons, no benzene, from Exxon. Contain E.B: Mineral . Spirits. Styrene. XyleneAromatic HydrocarbonsCompliance because of pollution. Easy product.Clean with cold water, ventilate. Check MarpolClassificationHeating oil #2.870 15.0.000803.0NNNNlightinsolHandle and clean as for diesel oil.Fuel oil #2amberHeavy recyle parrafin (Monsanto).77015.03.0NNNclearNEasy product, handle as normal parrafin.Paraffin wax (Monsanto)Clean with warm water, ventilate. Marpol appendix 3Heptane Exxon-Baytown.73020.03.0NNNNNwwHandle as low flash. Acid wash may be requireddepending last cargo. Clean with cold water, vent.Pollution category : Appendix 3Heptane Standard S G.68020.03.0NNNNNwwNHandle as low flash. Acid wash may be requiredDipropylmethanedepending last cargo. Clean with cold water, vent.Pollution category : Appendix 3Heptanoic acid-norm.9183.0DNNNclearNww standard, no wall wash. SS stow recommended.Enanthic acidColor sensative, use N2: Clean with warm water.Heptyl acid-nPollution category D is only provisionally assigned.Heptoic acidHeptene Mixed.7103.02gCY-10.0NNNwwNHandle as low flash. Acid wash may be requiredif oil/fats last cargo. Clean with cold water, vent.Heptene-1.7003.02gCYNNNwwNHandle as normal low flash solvent.Heptyleneww standard . Acid wash may be requiredif oil/fats last cargo. Clean with cold water, vent.Heptene -2.7043.02gCY-2.0NNNwwN Handle as a normal low flash solvent. ww standard.Acid wash may be required if last cargo oils/fats.Clean with cold water, ventilate.Herbicide (Ciba-Geigy)1.12020.03.02gCY200.0ww standard, easy product. Classified as complia-nce cargo because of poluution hazard. Full nameis: (2-chloro-N-(2-ethyl-6-methyl phenyl)-(2-methoxy-Metolachlor1-methylethyl) acatamide). Clean with cold water,Metolachlor Technicalventilate. Whave sucessfully carried in Phenolineand PhenoguardHerring oil.9203.0DNclearsliDrying oil. Check FFA. Avoid heat adjacent. ColdFish oilyel-drkwash followed by warm. Use Stolt C for spots.Hexachlorocyclopentadiene1.71020.0yel-grHigly toxic, tolerane only 0.01 ppm in air. Not class-yellowified for bulk shipments, will be compiance cargoPerchlorocyclopentadieneWill be difficult to handle, may req,external heating.Must know water content if stow SS. Check with opsDep fo rCleaning handling insstruction.Hexamethylenediamine pure.8603.02gCYYwwsli1783.0Check Gen Ops prior booking. We should ba able Diaminohexane-1,6to handle, only problem could be heating. Also Hmdasee Hexamethylenediamine Solution.Hexamethylenediamine solutions.9003.02gCYYwwsli1783.0Check concentration as may require heating. Heatby external means only. Normally no heating req.Product is color sensative, use N2.Clean with warm water, ventilate.Hexamethyleneimine.8802.02gCY38.0NNNclearp.ly2493.0Celanese require wallwash for clorides and hydro-Azacyclohepthanetocarbons. N2 blanket recommended.HexahydroazepineyellowClean with cold water, ventilate.HomopiperdineHexane-norm.70015.0.000893.0NN-7.0NNNwwN1208.0Acid wash may be required, depending on last cgo.Hexyl HydrideFlush with cold water, ventilate Pollution category:N-HexaneAppendix 3Hexanol.8203.0NNNNNc-lesssli2282.0Tecknical and purified grades. Check for specifica-Amylcarbinoltion. Handle as a normal low flash solvent.Hexyl alcoholClean with cold water, Steam and ventilate Hydroxyhexane-1Marpol Annex 3Hexene-1.6733.02gCY-26.0NNNc-lessNAviod heat adjacent. Do not hot wash or steamadjacent bulkhead. Handle as a normal low flashHexalenesolvent. Flush with cold water ventilate. Compliancecargo because of pollution.Hexene-2.6893.02gCY-21.0NNNwwNAviod heat adjacent. Do not hot wash or steamadjacent bulkhead. Handle as a normal low flashsolvent. Flush with cold water ventilate. Compliancecarg