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  1. 1. Tanjore Paintings ByMrs Janaki Arunagiri
  2. 2. How A Tanjore Painting Looks
  3. 3. What is Tanjore Painting? Tanjore painting is an important form of classical South Indian painting developed in Thanjavur (anglicized as Tanjore) in Tamil Nadu, India. This form has Gods and Goddesses of Hindu mythology as its central theme
  4. 4. Step # 1/7 Prepare the board to make the painting How to make Tanjore Painting?
  5. 5. Natya Ganesha Lord Ganesha: A very popular deity whose blessings are invoked at the beginning of any event ,as he is regarded as the remover of all obstacles Here he is portrayed in a dance (Natya) pose which is a rare posture for Him
  6. 6. Step # 2/7 Sketch the figure and fix the stones
  7. 7. Dhanvanthri Lord Dhanvanthri :This deity is regarded as the Doctor of Medicine, credited with healing powers to cure all diseases
  8. 8. Step # 3/7 Fill around the stone work with a thin mix of gum and chalk powder Inlay and relief work around the stone setting with a thicker mix
  9. 9. Baby Krishna On Banyan Leaf Baby Krishna : Lord Krishna, the popular god is envisioned here in the form of a baby, sucking the big toe, as any child is wont to do. When the entire universe is covered by the Deluge (Pralaya) Baby Krishna preseves all the good things and people in his stomach and lies on a tiny banyan leaf.Note: This is a painting ,pure and simple, without any embellishment of gold foil or glass stones, plain or colored
  10. 10. Step # 4/7 Clean the workand fix the gold foil over the stones and relief work
  11. 11.
    • BabyKrishna.JPG
    Baby Krishna On Banyan Leaf-2 This painting is the same as in previous slide, but with gold foil and glass stones embedded in it like a typical tanjore painting
  12. 12. Step # 5 Cut the gold foil to expose the stone work
  13. 13.
    • Vishnu.JPG
    Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu is one of theTtrinity of Gods, regarded as the Protector ; the other two being Brahma, the Creator and Shiva, the Destroyer. Krishna, featured in the previous two slides is regarded as an incarnation of Vishnu performing his role as protector of the Good and Destroyer of the Evil
  14. 14. Step # 6 Paint the figures and the background
  15. 15. Lord Lakshmi Lord Lakshmi, consort of Vishnu, is the deity of wealth. Worshipping her will usher in prosperity
  16. 16. Step # 7 Check for flaws, correct and fix the glass and the frame
  17. 17. The Gallery
  18. 18. The USP of Tanjore Paintings
    • Fine detailing,
    • exquisite craftsmanship and
    • use of myriad colors
    • makes Tanjore art unique and brilliantly attractive
  19. 19. Acknowledgements
    • This picture project was inspired by
    • Mr. N Srinivasan, himself an ardent Slide Share enthusiast. Our grateful thanks to him
    • Our thanks also go to Mr T K Srinivasan an amateur photographer and Miss Veena Padmanabhan, who captured three paintings each