Tandem Organic Photovoltaics Brian E. Lassiter

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Tandem Organic Photovoltaics Brian E. Lassiter. Organic Photovoltaics. The promise of OPV Materials design Low-temperature processing Lightweight, low-cost materials Roll-to-roll fabrication. 7/12/2012. PARC Talk. 2. Path to Commercialization. Efficiency Lifetime Low-cost fabrication. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Tandem Organic Photovoltaics Brian E. Lassiter

  • Tandem Organic Photovoltaics

    Brian E. Lassiter

    UDC Review

  • Organic PhotovoltaicsThe promise of OPVMaterials designLow-temperature processingLightweight, low-cost materialsRoll-to-roll fabrication*7/12/2012PARC Talk

    UDC Review

  • Path to Commercialization*7/12/2012PARC Talk

    EfficiencyLifetimeLow-cost fabrication

  • State of the Art7/12/2012*PARC Talk

    MaterialArchitectureAbsorption cutoff (nm)p(%)Voc(V)FF(%)Jsc(mA/cm2)This groupDPSQ/C60Bilayer HJ8004.80.96727.2Pandey et al.SubPc:C60Graded HJ6304.21.05498.2Steinmann et al.Merocyanine:C60Bulk HJ6605.80.964712.6Heeger groupDTS(PTTh2)2:PCBMBulk HJ7606.70.785914.4Yang groupPolymer:PCBMBulk HJ7.70.766715.2Yang groupPolymer:FullereneTandem BHJ630, 8208.61.56678.3IndustryUnknownUnknown>10

  • Tandem*Advantages Increased absorption length Decrease thermalization losses

    Design requirements Current must be matched in the subcells optical model7/12/2012PARC Talk

  • Literature*7/12/2012PARC Talk5.2%6.1%

  • Active Materials*7/12/2012PARC TalkDPSQSubPc

  • Device Structure*7/12/2012PARC Talk

  • Optical Modeling*7/12/2012PARC Talk

  • Single-cell devices*7/12/2012PARC Talk

  • Modeling Device Characteristics*7/12/2012PARC Talk

  • Optimization*7/12/2012PARC Talk

  • Device Characteristics*7/12/2012PARC Talk

  • Quantum Efficiency*7/12/2012PARC Talk

  • Device Performance*7/12/2012PARC Talk

    DeviceIlluminationp (%)Voc(V)FF (%)Jsc (mA/cm2)MBack-onlyExperiment4.3 0.11.04488.51.04Back sub-cellCalculation3.01.03496.01.03Front-onlyExperiment4.1 0.10.94716.10.94Front sub-cellCalculation3.80.94715.70.90TandemExperiment6.6 0.11.97546.20.98TandemCalculation6.61.97585.80.98

  • SummaryDeveloped a model to predict tandem J-V characteristicsUtilized solvent vapor annealing to increase DPSQ exciton diffusion length by ~100%Incorporated C70, increasing JSC by >30% for each sub-cellFabricated a tandem device with P = 6.6%

    *7/12/2012PARC Talk

    UDC Review

  • Acknowledgements*7/12/2012PARC TalkOptoelectronic Components and Materials Group

    Supported in part by AFOSR, DOE Sunshot Program, MKE Korea, and Global Photonic Energy Corp.

  • *7/12/2012PARC Talk

  • *7/12/2012PARC Talk

  • Solvent Annealing of DPSQ/C60 cellsDPSQ*Improved bulk crystallinity exciton diffusion ( JSC)Crystalline interfaces polaron recombination (VOC)Optimum bilayer device: Crystalline bulk and disordered D-A interface 7/12/2012PARC Talk

    DeviceCrystallinityVOCJSC [mA cm-2]FFPCEAs CastLeast0.96 V6.1 74%4.3%Pre C60Most0.84 V6.071%3.6%Post C60Middle0.97 V7.772%5.5%

    UDC Review