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  • 1. FeboldFeboldson By : Darcy, Tyanna , and Austen

2. Background informationFeboldFeboldson was invented by a Nebraska lumberdealer named Wayne Carroll. Febold thought he woulddie of loneliness because all his neighbors on the greatplains were moving to California to look for gold. 3. Challenges He wanted people to stay in the Great Plains instead ofmoving to California. He was against nature because it wouldnt rain. 4. Trait # 1-recourceful He told people how to get their fence posts in theground He told the pioneers how to fight prarie weather likedust storms and tornadoes 5. Trait # 2-clever He thought of evaporating the lake He knew to get frogs to make noise to get rain 6. Trait # 3-Determined He didnt give up when the pioneers wanted to leavebecause there was no rain He kept going when the pioneers wanted to leavebecause they couldnt see 7. Exaggerations He hypnotized a frog He evaporated a lake with a bonfire He cut fog into strips with scissors A strip of fog scared away the clouds 8. Settings Lived on the great plains Only one lake for miles Very hard ground