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Presentation about Weston's trash, given by Bob Hoffman, Director of Weston's Dept. of Public Works, on Feb. 8, 2012

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  • 2. Westons Household Waste TrendHousehold Waste Disposal FY2003 thru FY2011 Fiscal Year Tons 2011 2,100 2010 2,147 2009 2,191 2008 2,341 2007 2,512 2006 2,603 2005 2,511 2004 2,531 2003 2,481
  • 3. Westons Recycling TrendRecycling at the Transfer Station FY2003 thru FY2011 Fiscal Year Tons Recycled % of Waste Stream FY2011 972 31.6% FY2010 1,040 32.6% FY2009 1,069 32.8% FY2008 1,138 32.7% FY2007 1,144 31.3% FY2006 1,166 30.9% FY2005 1,125 30.6% FY2004 1,102 30.4% FY2003 1,126 30.2%
  • 4. Tonnage Trend FY2005-20114000350030002500 Total S/W2000 Trash1500 Recycling1000500 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  • 5. Transfer Station Permits FY05-11 FY2011 1,802 FY2010 1,721 FY2009 1,669 FY2008 1,659 FY2007 1,712 FY2006 1,676 FY2005 1,734
  • 6. Number of Permits in Relation to Household Waste and Recycling Tonnage300025002000 Permits1500 Trash1000 Recycling500 0 FY2005 FY2006 FY2007 FY2008 FY2009 FY2010 FY2011
  • 7. Cost* to Dispose of Household WasteFY 2012 Solid Waste Disposal Rates: Solid Waste Disposal = $72.48 per Ton Solid Waste Transportation = $28.50 per Ton Total: $100.98 per Ton* *not including Transfer Station overhead or payroll
  • 8. Trash Disposal Costs* FY2006-2011Fiscal Year Cost per TonFY2011 $99.63FY2010 $96.63FY2009 $95.87FY2008 $114.95FY2007 $133.10FY2006 $127.57*trash disposal costs include waste facility tipping fees and hauling transportation. Doesnot include Transfer Station overhead or payroll.
  • 9. Cost* or Gain of Recycling FY2012Product Net Cost/Ton Net Gain/TonCardboard $5Mixed Paper $5Newspaper $25Glass $86Metal/Aluminum/Tin Cans $220Plastic $74Computers $0Televisions/CRT $10 per unitFreon (CFC) Appliances $0*Cost to the Town highlighted in red
  • 10. Net Cost* To Recycle FY2006-2011 Fiscal Year Cost per Ton 2011 $27.91 2010 $26.07 2009 $32.11 2008 $5.45 2007 $15.76 2006 $24.81*A weighted average cost per ton of all DEP mandated recyclables inclusive of all recycling processingfees, material hauling and recycling revenue and does not include Transfer Station overhead and payroll.Also does not include yard waste.
  • 11. What product is recycled the most? Product % of Total Recycling Cardboard/Mixed Paper 33% Newspaper 26% Glass 15% Metal/Tin/Aluminum 10% Plastic 8% Electronics/TVs 3% Textiles 2% Freon (CFC) Based Appliances 2%
  • 12. Distribution of Recycled materials 2% Cardboard/mixed 3% 2% paper Newspaper 8% Glass 33%10% Metal Plastic15% Electronics Textiles 26% Freon
  • 13. Town Building Recycling InitiativeIn August of 2007 the DPW began to offer recycling pick-up at allmunicipal buildings including schools. The following is theamount processed: FY2011 52 Tons FY2010 50.6 Tons FY2009 49.3 Tons FY2008 43.6 Tons
  • 14. Where does our trash go?Westons trash is hauled to the Wheelabrator Waste to Energy Facilityin Milbury, MA. The solid waste is incinerated on conveyor like gratesthat reduces all waste to a fine ash. The ash is eventually disposed ofat a landfill in Shrewsbury, MA. Air scrubbers and an elaborate filteringsystem eliminate all hazardous toxins and carbons from entering theatmosphere during this process. Any ferrous materials in the waste willsettle out and then can then be recycled. The heat from thisincineration is utilized to produce steam that drives generators toproduce electricity that is purchased by the local utility. This facilityserves 30 communities in MA and can process up to 1,500 tons of solidwaste per day and generate 46,000 kilowatts of renewable energy, theequivalent of supplying the electrical needs of 57,000 homes.
  • 15. Where does our recycling go?Cardboard: is taken to E.L. Harvey in Westborough, MA, compactedinto one ton bales and shipped to Rand Whitney Corp. in Connecticutand converted back to usable cardboard boxes.Mixed Paper: is taken to E.L. Harvey in Westborough, MA, compactedand then shipped to Visi Technologies in Staten Island, NY. It is thenprocessed into box board and chip board and used in boxes forcereal, various food products and other types of packaging.Newspaper: is taken to E.L. Harvey in Westborough, MA and baled. Itis then sent to various paper pulping facilities that will convert it backto future editions of newspapers.
  • 16. Where does our recycling go? CONT..Glass: is taken to Container Recycling Alliance Mfg. inFranklin, MA and sorted by color and processed into colletpellets. The pellets are sold to bottle makers and formulated intonew bottles.Plastic: is taken to E.L. Harvey in Westborough, MA, sorted bytype, baled and then sold to different recyclers. Some examplesare:PET plastic: soda bottles are utilized in making fiber for carpets.HDPE plastic: milk jugs are utilized in the making of childrenstoys, detergent bottles are utilized in the manufacturing of newdetergent bottles and other non-food containing plastic vessels.
  • 17. Where does our recycling go? CONT..Metals : are removed by Framingham Salvage Co. of Framingham, MAand are sorted at their facility;Ferrous metals: (iron, steel) are brought to a mill in Taunton, MA andshredded. From there they are containerized and sold for the highestprice to iron markets in Turkey, China and even