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  • 1. Synergy andConvergence withinSony

2. SynergySynergy is the combination ofdifferent industries to create anadvantageous final out come.Symbiosis is where differentcompanies work together topromote one thing, such asMcDonalds promoting DisneysHigh School Musical.Convergence is where a rangeof media platforms areintegrated within a single pieceof media technology. 3. Convergence is where a range of media platforms areintegrated within a single piece of media technology. 4. Synergy is the combination of different industries to create anadvantageous final out come.E.g. After the release of a new DVD, a CDsoundtrack, games, merchandise etc will be distributed. 5. Sonys headquarters is located in New York City with multipleoffices and stores around the world which offer a variety of SonyMusic products.Sony artists can record their work in either the Sony RecordingStudio located in New York or at multiple recording studios aroundthe world which Sony work with. Sony DADC is a manufacturer of CD, DVDs, UMDs and Blu-Rays. They produce CDs for Sonys own record labels being the major producer for CDs in the US. Sony DADC distribution center in England was destroyed during the 2011 riots. 6. As part of the Sonycorporation, Sony DADCmanufacture and distributeSonys artists. Sony also workwith Apple to allow onlinedistribution of music downloads. Sony artists music is availablein store such as HMV and majorsupermarkets. New releasesare also available to buy on the The artists music is also available throughofficial artist website and youillegal downloading off torrentcan order a copy of the CD off sites, however this is illegal because thesites such as and sites make their money throughAmazon.advertising and non of the profit made goes to the artist. This could actually be seen as a good thing for the artist though because it is still distributing their music and they can still make money through tours, merchandise etc. 7. After already building a fan basethrough popular TV show XFactor, One Direction havesuccessfully marketed their latestalbum by doing the following:Performing on the Teen AwardsRe-performing on the X FactorTouring the UKPerforming on popular US TVOne direction have also beenshow the Today Show featured in a large range of teenmagazines such as SugarNext in line for the group, the band Teen Vogueare said to be booked as the We popmusical act for Saturday Night Live Top of the popson 7th April 2012. They also are setto appear in an episode of popularUS teen comedy iCarly. 8. Britney Spears is American recording artist and entertainer. Shehas released 7 albums while being signed with Jive Records. Hersuccess has lead to multiple perfumes and a clothing line inaddition to a replica doll, calendars, games and Biographies.Her multiple tours have sparked even more opportunities formerchandise including T-shirts, programmes, bags and posters.