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Transcript of synebo talk #1 Salesforce lightning

  • Introduction to Lightning#synebotalk #sfdc #lightning #synebo

    February 24th, 2017

  • Salesforce Lightning

    - Fundamentally new, potentially powerful (but a bit raw) technology, which is able to change Salesforce development.

    What is proposed:

  • Plan Why do we need Lightning?Components.

    What works.What doesnt work.So what do we do?

  • Why do we need Lightning?Give us back our favourite Salesforce Classic!

  • our pain solution

    Classic UI

    Visualforce: stateful, backend-rendered MVC

    Modern UI(e.g. Material, ...)

    SPA:stateless API+ JS app (Aura)

  • Lightning New architecture, which solves problems

    Lightning Design System

    SPA Framework (Aura)

    Lightning Components

  • Developmentmethods

    Get Lightning-ready!

    Lightning-styled Visualforce ()

    Lightning-styled web app (ng-lightning)

    Lightning Components

  • Components approachInterface. Reuse. Matryoshka doll.

  • Where does Lightning components work?One component different platforms

    Lightning Cloud

    Sales Cloud,App Cloud, ...

    Lightning Community

    Napili Template


    Android / iOS

    Lightning Out

    Gmail, Chrome Extension, ...


  • How is Lightning Component designed?Interface.

    Input parameters.




    Subsidiary components (standard and customized)

    -- /aura/

    -- -- /ComponentName/ (Component Bundle)

    -- -- -- /ComponentName.cmp

    -- -- -- /ComponentName.css

    -- -- -- /

    -- -- -- /ComponentNameController.js

    -- -- -- /ComponentNameHelper.js

    -- -- -- /ComponentNameRenderer.js

    -- -- -- /ComponentName.auradoc

  • Component Example
  • Lightning Application:

    Special component of the up level. Almost like a component, but Available under //.app Isolated scope: doesnt cooperate with components beyond an

    app. Supports templates.

  • Where does components allocated

    Code-defined Lightning Apps Configuration-defined lightning apps:

    Custom App Page (Tab) Custom Home Page Custom Record Page

    Visualforce Pages Lightning Quick Actions Lightning Community Pages (Napili) Utility Bar Lightning Console

  • What does Lightning (Aura) cosists of?

    Custom interfaces; Custom events; Interface tokens.

  • So what does eventually work?Fumctional. Development tools.

  • Functional Layouts, apps, tabs almost from box Visualforce / Custom Actions Majority of standard objects Majority of standard functional Lightning-only functional:

    New Deduplication Many-to-many Accounts to Contacts Lead Score (Salesforce Einstein AI) Kanban Board Lightning Community Dashboards

    Visualforce Pages (with restrictions)Majority of things, which work in Classic works (or will work) in Lightning. BUT NOT vice versa.

  • Developer Console IDE MavensMate Salesforce Lightning Inspector Chrome Extension .. console.log()

    Coming soon:

    Lightning API Built-in support of web-frameworks (Angular, )

  • What doesnt work?Functional. Development tools.

  • Functional

    Whats Not Available in Lightning Experience you may find here []

    Some functional in Visualforce For example, navigation with help of PageReference

    Some functional of settings For example, redefinition of standard actions (New, Edit, ...) with help of

    components. You still can redefine them with Visualforce pages. You may add Lightning Actions.

  • Existing issues

    Speed Bugs. Too many bugs. Tools: debugger. Documentation and code samples.

  • So what do we do?

    Used to be Developer Console There was not debugger before There was not Metadata API We didnt have all those fascinating methods in a standard


    You say difficult? We are used to this :)

  • Salesforce Lightning

    New customers choose Lightning Numerous AppExchange downloads of Lightning All new features are available in Lightning Salesforce developer itself introduces lightning as well

    Fundamentally new, potentially powerful (but a bit raw) technology, which is able to change Salesforce development.


  • Lightning First is a foreground strategy for Synebo