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Sympathy Gang (libro 1) de Mauricio Garcia

Transcript of Sympathy Gang

  • sympathy gang

    b o o k 1 of 3

    b o o k 1 of 3



    thy g


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    Mauricio Garca

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    If I had to guess...

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    If I had to guess, then Id guess it started there.


    Follow me,please

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    You have outdone yourselves. Congratulations.

    We feel most honored.

    Consider it a little something to rememberus by.

    Now, be so kind as to explain us your invention.

    By all meansyour excellencies.

    The ouvey, youll see, is really easy to use.

    Please remove all footware while I prepare the spirit.

    Now, each of you take a syringe and inject it by your heel. Like this.

    You will feel the effects of the mix right away.

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    After a few minutes the intense, penetrating pain produced by the substances flowing between your bodies will ease.

    Iio... come here.

    It will be replaced by an unexplicable sensa-tion of belonging that enfeebles reason.

    An irrepressible connection begins,arousing all senses.

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    I could feel what they all felt. I could sense what they sensed.

    Yet, I could look but one thing.There was no actual reason to reach one another, since we all experienced a collective sensitivity.

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    Are you mad at me?

    I had... I experienced some sort of illusion while using the ouvey.

    Its only now by the lights from the road, thatI can hold on to it, its details lingering in my mind.

    As I layed with my eyes fixed at the ceiling, my body started to shiver. I got the feeling that the whole room started to fill with water, cold liquid pouring from all of us.

    My whole self became lighter and lighter, as the room flooded with what was now a sea of sorts.

    It was in this sea that I could perceived the clearest sky above us, and the fixed conditionof the stars on it.

    They were like banks of clouds painfully nailed to the ceiling, whilst our bodies dried out of blood.

    What is it?

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    I would later come to regard both the experience with the ouvey and the illusion I had as ill omens, foreseeing the future reserved for my sister and I in the following months.

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    The following morning Ien and I travelled to the residence of Adi Gul, our grandfather and patriarch of the Line of Gul.

    All our family members hopes were deposited in his wisdom. We were sent to his presence attempting to resolve the conflict that had estranged the House of Gul.

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    Being nothing more than a child, princess Lan received Vin Gul into this world.Born from the sun, he came to us by way of the sea.

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    Particularly, Princess Lan became abnormally attached to Vin.

    The inmediate bond forged between them permanently etwined their destiny, marking this moment as the beginning of a legend. One that came to shape the world.

    Thus, he was took as one of their own by the royal Flore of Lower Tesin.

    Hardly anyone else could understand the odd appeal the King and his daughter felt for him.

  • sympathy gangb o o k 1 of 3

    Mauricio Garca

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    Come on in, then.

    A few years later, Princess Lan was to wed Osbal, monarch of Greater Tesin.

    unable to leave Vin behind, she provided a seat in the Audience for him. There, Osbal too became fond of the skillful lord of Gul, who eventually became appointed Commander of the royal Guard.

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    Should I kill him?

    This was, however, not enough for Vin. Neither his ambitions nor his affections seemed happily fulfilled.

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    You would beexecuted soonafterwards.

    Is thatwhat youwant?

    It will happen either way.Or would you ratherhave us both killed?

    Once Osbal finds out he will kill us both.

    Theres simply noescaping from it.


    I wontaccept that.

    There arestill ways.

    You see now?I have to go backto the hall.

    Even with slimpossibilities of success...

    It makes nodifference Vin.

    Theres still somethingfor me to do.

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    For us.

    I never took youfor a fool Vin.

    dont do so yet.

    Lan, you must remain in your chambers.

    I will start a war tonight.

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    And lord Gul? Hes headed to the Hall now.

    You will get what I promised you, my love.

    Bo, once in there you have to find lord Nir, and Cra, the elder.Tell them to be ready.

    Then head to Glee. A bearded fellow that Illbe standing next to. You will spill a cup of wine over him.

    And you better piss him up.

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    Close the doors.

    Nobody gets out.

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    Its time.

    Laying a finger over a servant of your majesty the King of Tesin, is an act commited only by Saints and fools. Which are you, Glee of Pell?

    Has the Lord of Gullost all reason?

    May I remind himthat we are honor guests of the Kingof Tesin?

    Save your words.I speak not with Pell scum.

    Your offense will be washed only by death.

    What are you doing Gul?

    Im taking retribution, in the name of Tesin.

    You woudl...

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    Stories like this one.

    And the many others that constitute the legend of Vin Gul...

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    ...represent the bare heritage of the Line of Gul. Its not one of rectitude and guidence.

    It is one of regretfulness, and penitence. Its one for you to reflect upon.

    Well have our war.

    Its one for you to live by.

    Iio Gul.

    Ien Gul.

    Who shall it be?It wont be too long before one of you succeed your uncle.Not long before one of you be crowned King of All Men.

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    Its not an easy task for me. Nor is it for the King.

    From the moment your mother gave birth, I was afraid this day would come.

    Where one heir was to be born, two came from the same seed.That, is something I cant allow.

    I know this isnt the kind of reception youexpected, but I tell you this right now:

    Treasure these last moments together.When the time comes, only one of youwill seat in the throne.

    You already know who will it be.The answer has been inside youyour whole life.

    You just need to look for it.

    I found myself overwhelmed with memo-ries of our childhood visits to this place.

    Like the leaf floating on water and the leaf reflection, one could hardly tell the real from the impression between you two.

    Ill be the soft wind that agitates the water, causing no harm to the leaf, but blowing hard enough to expose the reflection.

    Now, I find myself compelled to discover the truth.

    As grandpa Adi continued his chatter, his somber tone of voice gradually faded away.

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    The way a certain spot... a particular light cast upon your eyes, or a sensation in general can take you aback...

    I found my brother and I in front of theoak tree once again. And I no longer felt myself like the woman I pretended out to be.

    Im still the girl who clings to her brothers arms. As we hide from grown ups and promise to marry one day, just like mom and dad.

    Its the ceremony of the pomegranates,and Im still here.

    reminiscences of a lost embrace.

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    Where are you going?

    Im taking a bath.

    May I join you?

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    Is it too hot?

    Its just about right.

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    did you like it back there?

    I mean, there with the ouvey and those guys...

    What did it look like?


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    Leave us.

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    I know.

    Just let me stay close to you.

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    Vin, come forth.

    Im right by your side my lord.

    Like Ive always been.

    Stay that way then, as we pass into history.

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    My King, we need to move now,before we give them any opportunity of...


    GET rEAdY!

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    Is to this soil that we shall give our lives.

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    Youve grown lazy, old man.

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    Rise, my King.

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    LOrd GuL!

    Still wantto go through?

    I can see the entrance to the Fortress of Pell from here, and I havent come this far, Cra...

    We will get there and watch the King seat at the throne of Nor.

    Lets go.

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    Bring Osbal in.

  • 94 95

    We came too late,my Lord.

    Nor, the king of Pell,is already dead....

    by his own blade.

    I guess nothing works out as I had planned.

    This isnt the wayI wanted to kill you either. For what is worth,

    I pictured our battleengaged after theseize of Pell.

    I wanted your greatest triumph tobe your grave.

    But now, youll have to die in infamy.

    You truly are nothingother than a child, Vin.

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    Can you...Can you hear those shouting out there?

    Its barely audible from here, butthose are the menof Tesin dying.

    Me?, thats all I hear.

    Ive been letting themdie for months now,to have this war of yours.

    Then I face this.A dellutional kid, picturing aromantic battle at the end of the world.

    But this is no thrill, Vin.

    This world is far tooold for that.

    Arrest this man.

    dont look that way.

    Or could youpossibly believe...

    What is it you promise these men? Gold, glory? These are noblemen from Tesin!

    They dont care about you, noryour sense of rightf