Symantec: E-Book for Business Critical Services

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E-Book created for Symantec Business Critical Services by Ideba.

Transcript of Symantec: E-Book for Business Critical Services

  • 1. Securing Greater Value Symantec Business Critical Services Premier 2014 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved.

2. Avoid the downtime; avoid the costs Make sure your technology is doing its best, so you can do yours Mean Cost of Downtime for Mission Critical Application by Size of Firm Q: For your organizations most mission critical application, what is your estimated or average cost of downtime per hour? $224,952 1000-4999 (n=106) $498,958 5000-9999 (n=72) $1,659,482 10000+ (n=87) Source: IDC Storage Quickpoll 2013, n=307 Through 2015 80% of outages impacting mission-critical services will be caused by people and process issues. Source: Ronni J. Colville and George Spafford Configuration Management for Virtual and Cloud Infrastructures 3. Symantec Business Critical Services Simplify A single point of contact who acts as your champion within Symantec. Maximize Proactive help from highly experienced technicians who help you maximize the value of your technology investment. Protect Rapid issue resolution and access to technical education for your staff to minimize downtime. 4. Why Business Critical Services Premier is Different Symantec BCS Premier includes: A named services expert designated for your business Rapid response issue resolution by the most experienced technicians Proactive planning and risk management Included access to Symantec technical education 1 2 3 4 5. The Business Critical Account Manager your champion inside Symantec Your Business Critical Account Manager (BCAM) gets to know your business needs. The BCAM Acts as single point of contact for your critical cases Customizes Support Services to fit your business Coordinates more seamless software upgrades and migrations Helps organize staff training/education through Symantec Education Services A trusted advisor with expert access to Symantec resources, the BCAM works to help you succeed. 1 6. Your issues quickly resolved by experienced technicians With Business Critical Services, your issues get expert, priority treatment. Only experienced technicians work to resolve your issues. BCAM oversight helps you get the best Symantec has to offer. When necessary, youll even have onsite engineer response. Once the issue is resolved, youll have case history reports, root cause analysis, and post-mortem analysis to facilitate continual improvement. The end result is reduced risk, less impact from failures, and improved system reliability. 74consider advanced expert services such as escalation management and prioritized support, as well as dedicated technical resources as critical to supporting their business. % of respondents CIO Magazine, The New Reality of Service & Support Value takes center stage 2 7. Proactive planning and management prevents issues and maximizes returns. A Symantec Business Critical Engineer (BCE) works with you to optimize your Symantec environment to suit your business needs. Help minimize downtime by identifying potential issues before they impact performance Use each product feature fully to get the most value from your software investment In addition, Business Critical Services extends the support lifecycle of select product families to give you more time to plan. 3 ...the most effective support strategies focus on maximizing value. MetricNet presentation, HDI Service and Support Conference, April 3, 2014 8. Reduce staff errors, boost staff effectiveness with Symantec Education Services Empower your staff to fully utilize product features and capabilities. Both instructor-led trainings and online courses are included to help your staff get the most from Symantec technology. Staff education will help you: Minimize human error Increase productivity Make fuller, more efficient use of technology Eliminate staff knowledge gaps that hamper productivity Fewer staff errors means less downtime, which results in lower costs. Per capita cost for three root causes of data breaches 157 Malicous criminal attacks 122 System glitches 117 Human factor Consolidated view (n=277). Measured in US$ 4 Ponemon Institute LLC, 2013 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis, May 2013 9. Symantec Support is flexible to suit enterprise needs A named services expert designated for your business Rapid response issue resolution by the most experienced technicians Proactive planning and risk management Included access to Symantec technical education Onsite support assistance Personalized access to a designated engineer with the highest level of technical expertise for a specific product Business Critical Services Premier Remote Product Specialist (RPS) Symantec Business Critical Services 24/7 access to technical support engineers Regular maintenance to keep your environment current Symantec Essential Support 10. Simplicity A named services expert to help you manage your support experience. Stability Experienced technicians to help you tune your Symantec technology. Speed Rapid, priority response by product experts, onsite if necessary. Knowledge Access to instructor-led training and a vast library of online courses. Value Product features optimally utilized to get the most from your technology investment. Peace Experts working with you to help prevent issuesand there to help if they occur. Business Critical Services Premier A rigorous, proactive service offering for the large enterprise