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2013 presentation

Transcript of SXSWedu presentation (w Joelle Alcaidinho)

  • 1.Encouraging Literacy & Young Authors Through Tech Joelle Alcaidinho & Melissa Techman

2. Who we are. Joelle Alcaidinho Independent Educational Technology Consultant Twitter & Pinterest @joelle_writes ADN @joelle Melissa Techman School Librarian @ Albemarle County Public Schools, VA. Twitter & Pinterest: @mtechman 3. Students as Authors: Connected Learning NWP, Online Study Space Mimi Ito, DML Central Report 1st in series of reports on Connected Learning http://dmlhub. net/sites/default/files/Connected_Learning_report.pdf Images:; Aerbook Paris guide: David W. Siu 4. How digital literacy fits with maker culture More opportunities for negotiation when writing, mixing on the web Reinforce and align with open resources Building fluid understanding of context Permeability - creative design needs thinking made visible 5. Writing & making Opportunities for students to: Make thinking visible Make useful products Solve authentic issues See the value of writing Articulate narrative and design decisions Model and share prototyping Gain deeper understanding of habits of mind Image via user sajusa99 6. Quick & simple tools Piclits Drag words or type (freestyle). Useful for very short summaries or character description. Quick comprehension check. 7. Quick and simple tools Bookr Grades 2 and up. Use Safari or Chrome (WebKit) Choose Flickr images, add simple text, get URL. Low on features, can't edit after publishing, no font changes or image re-sizing, etc. Perfect for a fast, short product. 8. Bookr 4th grader's 10 pg eBook made with Bookr 9. Made with Book Creator 10. Simple Book Creator on iPad Requires iPad running iOS 5.0 (some features require 6.0 or later) Complete a project start to finish on the iPad WYSIWYG Interface Creates fixed layout ePubs 11. Book Creator app 12. More Advanced Pages & iBooks Author Require a Mac running @ least 10.7.4 Fairly WYSIWYG, some programming knowledge may be required Following the template in Pages is a bit of a must, very easy to diverge from = errors Pages makes free flowing ePubs which are suitable for a variety of ePub readers iBooks Author creates fixed layout which is suitable for iBooks on iPad only 13. Pages 14. iBooks Author 15. iBooks Author 4th graders: History of Books and Libraries 16. Quite Advanced HTML5 + Newsstand or Solo Book App Supports, text, video, audio, & animation Need basic HTML & CSS knowledge Need an editor to write your pages like TextMate, iWeb, Dreamweaver or Rapidweaver Xcode! WYSIWYG Alternatives: Aerbook & 29th St Publishing Publishing to the App Store will require an iTunes Connect & iOS Developer Account 17. eBook Publishing Services Aerbook Web-based cloud publishing, lots of features, can export as KF8, iBooks, HTML5, as mobile app; one button build for iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook tablet apps. 18. Quite Advanced Newsstand Content lives inside of the Newsstand app on iOS devices Although they don't look like it, they're apps Requires Xcode + content (HTML or ePUB) Subscriptions & servers iOS Developer Account + iTunes Connect Baker eBook Framework 4.0 (open source) Newsstand Publishers like 29th St Publishing 19. Newsstand 20. Trends Credentializing learning - badges one example Hybridization of maker/writer spaces: places for co-creation; linking of physical and virtual arenas Home-grown MOOCs, #etmooc Buying & distributing books is challenging, one reason why schools opt to make their own. Schools leverage MDM to distribute eBooks made in house to their iOS devices. 21. Connecting virtual & real worlds Mitch Resnick, in 1/29/13 TEDx "Let's teach kids to code" 22. Creativity with Digital Publishing Graphic novels DIY math textbooks Science logs Selling & sharing eBooks with the world Mixed media storytelling Enhances school community Student curators Research Infographics 23. Storytelling with data & beyond Students need access to examples and experts. Provide and require "think alouds". Lots of opportunities to edit, integrate. Image NYT Science Writer Richard Corum 24. People to Follow @wfryer Wes Fryer @buffyjhamilton Buffy Hamilton @langwitches Silvia Tolisano @janeinjava Jane Ross @storytellin outstanding Delicious bookmarks @lizcastro Elizabeth Castro @fuglefun Tricia Fuglestad 25. People to Follow Linking a Dropbox folder to a site without a student login. Tip from Tricia Fuglestad @fuglefun National Writing Project members: @poh Paul Oh @hickstro Troy Hicks @seecantrill Christina Cantrill 26. Learn More easily-make-your-own-eb-156395 viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US Vicki Saumell's list of apps, sites http://goo. gl/fd5yw 27. Learn More http://www.viggiosoft. com/blog/blog/2011/10/17/ios-newsstand- tutorial/ 28. Resources/Research Belshaw, Doug. "Why We Need a Learning Standard for Web Literacy | DMLcentral." DMLcentral. N.p., 18 Feb. 2013. Web. 26 Feb. 2013. . Eisner, Nadene, Nell Fleming, Nicole Kaffel, and Janet Vogel. "Research Supporting Digital Storytelling." Digital Storytelling. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, n.d. Web. 25 Feb. 2013. . Digest of research on effects of digital storytelling on reading comprehension as well as motivation. Forthcoming: Hicks, Troy. Crafting Digital Writing. Kajder, S.B. (2006). Bringing the Outside In: Visual Ways to Engage Reluctant Readers. Portland, ME: Stenhouse Publishers. Purcell, Kristin, and Lee Rainie. "Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project." How Teens Do Research in the Digital World. Pew Research Center, 1 Nov. 2012. Web. 04 Mar. 2013. 29. Joelle Alcaidinho @joelle_writes Melissa Techman @mtechman Contact Us