SXSWedu PanelPicker Submission: Online Education is the New Punk Rock

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#edupunk With its DIY ethos, joining a punk band was open to musicians and non-musicians alike, thus democratizing rock music. Similarly, MOOCs made it easy for thousands to enroll in the same course, which increased access to education for students. Unfortunately, the educator is being left behind. Experts are turning to teaching but struggle with technology. How do we empower them, the way punk did youths? The key lies in online education platforms and the collaboration they foster.

Transcript of SXSWedu PanelPicker Submission: Online Education is the New Punk Rock

  • 1. DIYEducation? ! In the 1970s and 80s, the punk rock movements do-it- yourself ethos inspired young people to share unique perspectives with wider audiences through music. ! As a result, punk democratized rock music, and laid the groundwork for dozens of offshoots and genres. ! Is online education poised to have its punk rock moment?
  • 2. Who Do MOOCs Help? ! Although massive open online courses emerged in 2008, they werent well-known for another three years, at which point Stanford University launched three wildly successful MOOCs. ! The instructors who taught them would go on to found Udacity and Coursera, through which they teamed with other institutions to create and proliferate more MOOCs. Courses were offered to degree and non-degree seeking students, regardless of whether they were enrolled in a university. ! Indeed, MOOCs were giving more students access to education, but they changed little about how educators actually teach online.
  • 3. Power to the Educator ! Weve never seen so many potential educators in the course of human history. It has caused newer online educators to think entrepreneurially, creating ways to promote themselves and transmit their course content to a growing number of students. Still, these educators struggle with the technology required to set up online courses and schools, and thus have a hard time reaching students. In order to truly democratize online education, we need to empower the educator. ! Its starting to sound more punk as we go.
  • 4. Theres a Paradigm Brewing ! Punk rock adherents were united by outlook and attitude. With the advent of APIs and open developer platforms, software engineering has become a more collaborative process, often united by a vision. By mirroring this process, open platforms can encourage other innovators to build upon an existing framework. ! Can platforms empower todays online educators?
  • 5. How can we empower our online educators?! Vote for us and nd out at SXSWedu 2015. ! #edupunk