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  • Music Industry 10101: Data as Creative Medium

    Presented by Chaucer Barnes Executive Director, Context Strategy at

  • Over the past 15 years,the ad tech industry has developedrobust and profitable technologies for the application of data.

  • This has led toa speculative boomfor companies like Spotify

  • which are rarely profitable,but generate value

    from the data they collect.

  • Meanwhile, the artistswho draw millions of listeners to these servicesnever see the data they create.

  • Music labels act as intermediaries between artists and digital streaming services

  • and their collusion with these services is under

    increasing scrutiny.

  • A reckoning is coming to the music industrya massive labor dispute

  • pitting artists against labels, labels against

    streaming services, and on and on, ad infinitum.

  • It wont be long before artists begin to demand access to their data.

  • But what happens when we give artists access to the data they generate, individually and collectively?

  • What happens when artists are given the information and the tools to interpret that data, and make it actionable?

  • How does data become art in the right hands?

  • Music Industry 10101 is a primer for the digital rock star, and a preview of the future of the music business.

  • Want to know more? Vote for our session, and well see you in Austin.